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  1. My archwing sucks, personally, so only time I leave the ship is to cannonball into an enemy crewship and teleport back.
  2. To be fair, it is the captain's ship. If it's a choice between letting a rogue crew grief the captain or letting the captain be the tyrant on his own ship, the latter is just unquestionably the fairer choice.
  3. Hull Breaches don't appear until your ship's HP falls below a certain %, right? In that case, wouldn't it be a good thing to have defensive mods anyway so you can reduce how frequently they happen?
  4. If you're Vauban you can set down a quartet of Nervos behind you before you take the pilot seat, then they'll latch and stun any grineer tryin'a come after you. Probably doesn't help much in the higher levels but it's amusing at least.
  5. Same. I use Grendel for RailJacking, not so much for Feast but simply because he's the tankiest boi I have, so I can board a crewship of any level and f***ing DESTROY it completely uncontested. Headcanon: Grendel is not actually a Warframe. He's a cannonball that got hungry and came to life.
  6. Actually, I wish Grendel's tac ability was Feast instead of Nourish, and he could remotely suck in enemies with it. That'd be way handier than a 30 second tiny buff to crew who probably don't need it for killing a boarding party really fast.
  7. I thought about making my own topic about this but it's kinda related. First of all, I agree, and it's not just the Sungem. The Caballero skin also has it's text floating in the air rather than painted on the hull like the regular design does. In addition I'd like to add that the ship's name should have a separate color and not be tied to Tertiary. That's my biggest beef at the moment. I want to have the Tertiary color be black, but then the name is also black and doesn't show up very well...
  8. "Fixed enemies like Sentients being put into a ‘lifted status’ and playing wonky or popping animations because they weren't set up to ragdoll or rise from ragdoll." Did you really have to fix it by just making them immune to it? lol
  9. Some of the old "removed" combos don't actually seem to be gone. I notice with some stances if I hold the attack button after one strike I'll do an old-school charge attack. This is actually pretty annoying because sometimes the game reads my input incorrectly as a held press and then performs this attack in the middle of my combo, which counts as a Heavy Attack that eats up the combo meter I just worked so hard to build up.
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