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  1. With the removal of covert lethality, the lack of balance when it comes to finisher damage is incredibly apparent. Rapiers and hammers have the highest back finisher multiplier while daggers are amoung the lowest. The weapons with the lowest range should compensate with high finisher damage. So why do daggers have the second lowest finisher multipliers in both front and back finishers (fists have the crazy ground finisher so they are fine)? It makes no balance sense. I think finisher multipliers on all weapons need a serious look as finisher builds are very limited. Front finisher builds are forced to use nikanas and back finisher builds are forced to use rapiers and hammers. This is the final major mechanic in melee to not receive a facelift so I think its about time.
  2. Any plans of fixing pet AI? My cat is only useful sometimes due to geting stuck halfway across the map and getting gunned down while running against a wall.
  3. Want to know the real reason I didnt talk about it? Because the people who did got censored by DE. Their posts were locked and hidden less than a day after the stealth nerf.(it's also why I rarely used these forums until now) I didnt feel the need to say it before, but I guess some people need context for a line that does not even pertain to the point of the post.
  4. With the removal of covert lethality' usefullness, I have come to a realization about just how nonsensical the finisher damage multipliers are on some weapons. The highest multipliers are 24x on back finisher(hammers, and rapiers.) With the lowest being a measly 3.2x for daggers. Even with covert lethality they are still below the standard multiplier of 8x. Overnight daggers went from the best finisher weapon, to the worst. This actually makes no sense from a balance perspective. Wouldnt you want the weapons with the shortest reach (daggers, dual daggers,fist weapons) to have the highest finisher multiplier? because in reality they have the lowest (sparring and dual daggers have 6x, Daggers have 3.2x). I think DE should do a balance pass on finishers so fatal teleport ash isnt forced to use hammers and rapiers at high level, and inaros, ivara, equinox etc. Aernt forced to use nikana (16x front finisher multiplier). Finisher damage should get higher the less range a weapon has. It makes balance sense. BONUS Time for a little history lesson for those who weren't around before POE. Abit before POE during the focus 1.0 days, naramon was absolutely broken. On any melee crit you got refreshable 10 second inviz on any frame. It was one of the worst balance descisions in DE's history in my opinion as it almost completely invalidated ash and loki. Eventually DE realized their blunder and started making changes. Funny thing is, instead of nerfing naramon directly, they nerfed stealth damage in general. Before this undocumented nerf, stealth damage multipliers could be maintained on consecutive hits as long as your warframe did not physically touch the enemy. Post nerf, the melee stealth multiplier could only be applied once before a 3 second cooldown was started perventing another stealth hit from happening. this only served to strengthen the maiming strike meta which was at its absolute peak at the time.Funnily enough, the other option for stealth damage, blinds, was not nerfed and stealth multipliers could (and still can) be applied with no cooldown. This undocumented nerf was obviously targeting naramon, but eventually naramon stealth was removed from the game and the nerf was not reverted. Ive waited 2 years to talk about this because I thought it was a bug. Its been too long. Its time for stealth to be returned to its former glory!
  5. Hi. This is my first post here and there are some things i want get get other people's thoughts on. Personally I really like the melee changes overall, but there is still work to be done. Here are some things I want addressed. 1.CO is now additive with pressure point causing some players to stop using perssure point. CO was broken before due to being multiplicative with itself so I think it the calculation of CO should be calculated after pressure point to prevent the strange modding dilemma we have now. It wil also help status melee weapons which are currently quite weak. I think a simmilar calculation change should be applied to blood rush as well, as true steel and sacrificial steel are useless now due to them being additive with blood rush. 2. some stances feel barren (sinking talon for dual daggers, shimmering blight and bleeding willow for polearms etc.) Having only 2 combos. Either combine 2 lackluster stances into one or add new combos to them. I will never use these stances due to lack of options. Also some stances had iconic moves removed (EX: gaia's tragedy rapid punches, vulpine mask rapid stabs). These two examples in particular really bummed me out as those moves were my favorite parts of their respective stances. Also alot of moves don't open up enemies to finishers anymore, but finishers are their own problem. 3. Finisher damage multipers havent changed at all. I dont know if many realize this, but daggers were only used in finisher builds BECAUSE of covert lethality. They actually have one of the lower finisher damage multipliers in-game(about 6x with 8x being the multiplier used by most weapons) even with CL's extra finisher damage, dagger finishers suck now. While finisher builds aern't dead (rapier and hammers have a 36x back finisher multiplier), Daggers are now one of the worst options despite being good when used to slash at stuff. I think dual daggers(which also have a below average finisher multiplier) and daggers should have the highest finisher multiplier to offset their terrible range. Other weapons should also be adjusted for balance purposes. This will serve to make the covert lethality nerf hurt less and increace variety in finisher builds (seriously, I don't feel like a ninja with ash anymore due to using a big ass hammer with fatal teleport) 4. This is not something that pertains to this update, but it's been bothering me for years. Shortly before POE and focus 2.0 came out, stealth was hit with the nerf bat in an undocumented change. Prior to the nerf, you could maintain the stealth damage multiplier on a single target as long as you did not physically touch them with your warframe. After the nerf, only the first hit gets the stealth multiplier no matter what, and you have to wait 5 or so seconds for the multiplier to return before you get another single stealth multiplied hit. What bothered me the most was that NOBODY talked about this. I scoured youtube and these forums the day it was nerfed and I only found 2 posts mentioning it before the threads were closed by mods. Interestingly, the behavior of blinds did not change. Blinds give the stealth multiplier as long as the enemy remains blinded. While people used to think of Loki as one of the best frames in the game, after the gass fixes and this nerf he essentially faded into obscurity. Not to mention that Naramon was really broken back then, essentially invalidating Loki and I think thats why the nerf happened. Despite this, I initially thought it was a bug and decided to wait before posting anything. I've waited 2 years. I think it's time stealth be returned to its former glory. 5. Heavy attacks just kinda suck. I had some fun with them at the start when rapiers didn't reset combo allowing me to oneshot basically everything (guaranteed slash price on a red crit multiplied by 12 hurts it seems), but that was patched a day after the old blood was released. Even with combo efficiency mods they just aernt worth using. I think it would be beneficial to have separate combo counters for mods like blood rush and heavy attacks. Currently its just not worth sacrificing all the crit granted by blood rush for one attack. Sorry for long post but I just needed somewhere to vent.
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