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  1. Helmet duplicates have been an issue for years, at least for me... When arcane was tied to cosmetics I can understand the logic behind, but now cosmetics really serve no purpose but only annoyance.
  2. It would be great if someone from developer team can confirm that they are aware of this issue...
  3. Have to wait for Nintendo Switch players to catch up on Mesa Prime Access sales. Edit: Yeah seriously such a waste.
  4. Exactly. It's like Spira Prime again. When it was introduced it had NONE of the expected features and instead looked like a pitiful upgrade for Kunai.
  5. As stated MANY times in this thread, the problem isn't with DPS, it's the identity crisis we have. You would expect it to preserve the original's characteristics, not just particle effects. How would you like a Rubico Prime that has 40% of original's damage but shoots 3 times faster? Sounds like a fvcking Latron Prime to me.
  6. Agreed. I wouldn't want a Tigris Prime shooting like Boar.
  7. That particular thing used to be nice and small, but now gets too bulky that I had to exclude it from the "original" suit...
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