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  1. lol You don't need to face tank everything even if certain frames possess damage mitigation/reduction abilities. I took Revenant to steel path and he's totally fine, and I wasn't even building around his 2. I use vitality and adaptation as my defence. Keep moving: Bullet jump, aim glide, doge for damage reduction, backspring to avoid melee... you get the idea. Mesmer skin protects you from some unexpected shots and you have enough shield and health to tank a bit while you recast. Also reave is a great mobility and minor healing skill that really improves flow in high level contents
  2. And I must be the only one using switch teleport excessively...
  3. Except during the stream devs weren't remotely shamed about xaku's delivery makes this "joke" not funny at all.
  4. Grandmother at Necralisk has daily wares including requiem glyphs. You just have to wait for the specific ones to show up. It's 15 grandmother tokens each.
  5. Actually it's 2% chance of that 10% chance it even drops a mod, so it's 0.2%.
  6. "Fixed some Client players seeing the same identical Fass symbol on the Isolation Vault doors." This is still happening XD
  7. It's bugged for now. There will be a script to fix it soon. I only have three flowers active despite many frames subsumed.
  8. I got 20 ish since launch. I did around 10 low tier bounties and 30 ish vault runs (three vaults), with Nekros, all boosters active, and smeeta.
  9. "You seek power, you pay in blood." "Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit." "These offerings honour your suffering and practice."
  10. I'm sick of people using this kind of video to justify xaku. Any frame can do the same if not better with 200% strength and 100% defence strip.
  11. It's funny how some people justify xaku's abilities with 200% strength defence strip and 2's scaling is decent at that point...
  12. I wish they spent time on xaku instead of wasting on an Easter egg...
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