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  1. That's what I'm trying to say. They are aware of the issue, and it may not necessarily be something they can just snap their fingers and magically solve. They would not be waiting around for nothing if they obviously know that there are sales being missed out on. It may just be a case where at present, they can't do anything.
  2. While I agree with the sentiment you're trying to make I don't believe DE would legitimately try to work themselves out of legitimate sales.
  3. Nor does everyone have the possibility to join a Closed Beta before it's launch into Openness. The fact remains that, unfortunately to some, they aren't being cycled through again. To be honest, it's just another Braton, now the weapons have been rebalanced.
  4. I am pretty sure they're not going to be re-offering the existing Vandal class weapons. They are exclusive to Open Beta weekend/End of Closed Beta participants. Shoulda been around sooner ;)
  5. DE have already confirmed that Dark Sector and WarFrame take part in separate universes, if I recall correctly.
  6. Well, I thought it was nice enough to share, and I wasn't a finalist, so it matters not whether I post it or not :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It wasn't always like this. Running for our lives, jumping from ship to ship. Though now we do nothing but fight for our lives, I do remember glimpses of our old way of life. But that time is long gone now. I doubt there are many of us left that would even believe what I recall. I vaguely remember a time when I could look at the stars and see hope. A time when flight was not our way. Our way was qu
  7. If I'm not a finalist, does it matter either way? Should just bunch 'em all up in the Fan Arts section.
  8. When I read the topic title I thought you were proposing more hidden messages from the Devs, something I truly and utterly support, because it inspires and rewards exploration. Devs, can you hide an Easter Egg in hidden away areas like the top of the corpus end-tile, THANK YOU.
  9. That looks amazing; I want it all!
  10. You've identified where you've gone wrong. Respect is a joke to a lot of players and forum dwellers here, I know. There is no need to be condescending, though. Condescension in itself is unnecessary and disrespectful in itself i.e. Against the rules. There's no need to be a $&*^, in pretty much any circumstance. I understand nobody's perfect, and I've done it in the past, myself. They're a new player. I'm sure you've made a mistake sometime in the past? Surely you have.
  11. And for all we know it could be stuff that's slipped through the cracks.
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