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  1. Azure_Kyte

    This is horrible... I want my plat back.

    If you haven't already, file a ticket here: Although I'm doubtful they'll approve the refund. It's a better shot than venting here, though.
  2. Hello, Running today's sortie, a couple friends and I ran into an issue where the datamass fell into the central platform in the Agility Drift room. We'd completed the console there, and leaving the datamass in that spot, completed the puzzle. Going back through the portal to that room we found it was under the platform and quite inaccessible. I tried unstuck in hopes the datamass might refresh too as I was the last person with it, but to no avail.
  3. Azure_Kyte

    China’S Version Of Warframe And Exclusives

    TL;DR version, Sumpo Food Holdings (A predominately agricultural Chinese company that processes chicken) bought 61% of the Class B shares of Digital Extremes. Sauce:
  4. Azure_Kyte

    Distributed Nat Proxies

    Ah, the joys of the gaming industry; I hope you can get these teething problems resolved soon and have a little pressure taken off of yourself.
  5. Black damage type should totally Radial Blind those caught in it.
  6. It's always interesting to take a peek at the perspective of a Network/Routing Programmer. It's great to hear that you're having successes with RAD's new technology, and it'll be exciting to see how this will affect player's connectivity and experience now and in the future. EDIT: If you're in charge of networking, are you in charge of IRC management as well? It would be nice if you could look into adding a silent/invisible deghosting command in the circumstance the IRC connection needs to be reconnected (sudden internet drop out, etc etc). This would fix a lot of the problems players would have with the _1 suffix, and enable a more stable and consistent chat experience (Invitations tend to break when they _1).
  7. Azure_Kyte

    Hotfix 15.10.2

    Unresolved issues as of 15.10.2: Medium Priority: Itzal's Blink causes easy clipping through level (reproduction and solution) Loki Switch Teleport Ignores invisible collision: Low Priority: Mesa - Peacemaker Animation Storage issue Map hole (Phobos Tileset): Navigation Menu Controller Issues in Relays:
  8. Azure_Kyte

    Poll: Key Rewards As Syndicate Offerings.

    Digital Extremes Making butthurt players cry Feedback loop is closed Syndicate issues Keys were too inexpensive Standing now reflects Mad Warframe Players Forget this game is for free Gotta make some dough T4 void missions Easily farm gold prime parts Money will not flow
  9. Azure_Kyte

    Psa: Potential Server Hiccups (Dec 19)

    "Tenno, DE HQ will be using limited power between the hours xx:xx-yy:yy. While we expect the Servers to stay operational, we may experience a few hurdles. Thank you for your understanding.", from within IRC as the MOTD. Would not have been hard, would have set expectations, would have given fair warning. Please be less antagonistic, and more logical.
  10. Azure_Kyte

    Psa: Potential Server Hiccups (Dec 19)

    A warning to say that there is risk of instability in-game would have been nice, though.
  11. Azure_Kyte

    Gif Thread

    Just finished re-watching through S1-Roberta's Blood Trail after a nostalgia fix. Was not disappointed.
  12. Azure_Kyte

    Gif Thread

    Say hello, Mr. Roboto.
  13. Azure_Kyte

    Gif Thread