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  1. I had the intent to make a build to improve my dog as much as possible, so Theorem Infection was a big part of that for the damage bonus it gives to companions. Despite their dysfunctional AI and tendency to miss when they finally attempt to attack, I've got a soft spot for the pets. Now that I've got enough of the relevant arcanes, I've gone to use it in missions and I'm just immediately uninterested. I kill enemies, squint to see if they left a little cloud, and I go stand in it for a bit so the bonus can build up to a useful amount. Then I have to go find a time-out puddle again to keep the
  2. Nullifiers often made invulnerable to Ironbride when Ironbride broke their bubble TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: If Ironbride broke the bubble, the Nullifier within (and sometimes other enemies that were within it when it broke) are invulnerable to more Ironbride attacks. REPRODUCTION: Use Bonewidow's Ironbride to attack Nullifiers with active bubbles during the Orphix Venom event. EXPECTED RESULT: Ironbride should have damaged the enemies on subsequent attacks. OBSERVED RESULT: Ironbride attacks do not damage the Nullifier, and those same attack swings continue to da
  3. Reflected damage hasn't been good ever since you changed the Amalgam Javlok mod, and that was the only case for it being useful. It's always pitifully weak and can't be relied on for any purpose. We've still got the issue of Ironbride being so weak. Damage blocked by the shield could instead give Ironbride a decaying strength buff. Is the ragdoll going to make Ironbride miss by going over their heads? Ragdolling is another questionable-at-best effect for reasons like that. You'll recall the proposed changes to Impact in the past where we said we really don't want it.
  4. While wearing it, with most schools, a small object at chest height sometimes spawns when using transference and the operator is often stuck in it, having to wiggle to get out. You can run into it and stand on top of it. It happens almost every time when using Unairu school, and again every time you crouch. It remains when transferring back to your frame. I reinstalled Warframe to try and get rid of this bug, no change. It took a while to pinpoint the issue because no one else in chat could relate to it; they weren't wearing what I was and I didn't expect cosmetics to affect gameplay.
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