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  1. Orvius doesn't do its signature attack where it homes in on an enemy, suspends them beneath it, does gradual damage until target is near death (or a few seconds elapse), and explodes on kill anymore. Now it behaves identically to Falcor, which simply attempts home in on enemies' heads for a direct hit and bounces off. I've tried this with quick melee (bring melee into hand with a quick attack and then charge attack), melee mode (bring melee into hand as primary weapon by holding F and then charge attack), and dual stance (swap to single pistol, game reorients to hold both pistol and glaive, use well-timed charged attack by holding E) on both ground and in air. The dual-stance unique charge attack still uses the correct UI but functions identically to normal charge attacks, and still fails to use Orvius's signature attack.
  2. I didn't know there were so many arbitrary energy costs while Prowling. That's bizarre that it costs more while moving, rolling, and melee attacking. I'd been using a Twin Basolk, Heavy Attack, Rift Strike build as a tool for Ivara to move around quickly, but it looks like even THAT exotic method gets taxed. I guess I could use Sharpshooter on a sniper rifle for her to keep up energy reserves, but man this is getting tedious just to enjoy her stealth. I'm using extreme stat mods and strict builds to make it more livable and I still need to bend over backwards to make it reliable?
  3. Her front braids get tucked into her collar and hang back over her shoulders so they can only be barely seen clipping through the back of the collar. The back braid also flattens and stretches weirdly when her head moves left and right, instead of just swinging.
  4. I've been trying new Ivara builds and noticed that both the "100 Efficiency 282 Duration" and "160 Efficiency 194 Duration" builds of mine cost the same energy per second as default (no mods) at 1 energy per second. I'm hoping this gets addressed before her Prime ships, it's making it difficult to enjoy stealth with her, and if it stays like this a lot of people are going to be disappointed when they try real stealth. I'm recently using builds to try and maximize Prowl's pickpocketing (a very stingy power when it comes to modding potential) and even when I grab all those extra orbs, I still can't keep it going the whole mission with this bugged drain, and then Ivara dies quickly because invisibility or sleep arrow spam is her only viable way to live.
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