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  1. Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8 Trumna Removed Punch Through on the Trumna Alt Fire projectile. Phantasma Alt-Fire projectile also disappears in terrain and dealing no damage what so ever if you have Punch Through. Also I really think all EXPLOSIVE type of projectiles shouldn't have punch through.
  2. I played after release every day and not one yes not one random loby player used Mark of Death, it was niche ability, I don't think anyone would use this version now. Since range is not so huge you could just jump into fray and deal more damage with your melee than preparing for single shot.
  3. What I really don't understand about these talks that you guys use OP damage dealer frames to kill them like 10-20 sec, imagine that you play other frames? WoW. I hate the fact that Infested enemies have armor and deals tons of ranged damage. DE homogenizing factions too much.
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