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  1. Dracario

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Thanks DE! Now can we have like an Endo booster? Endo is hard to get and the amount from drops is too low, also Ayatans are too far and few between for them to even make a difference.
  2. Dracario

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.3

    Thanks DE, the rate of decay was absurd.
  3. Dracario

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    The thing is, DE does not have to fix anything when it comes to conclave as the system is stable enough as it is. I dont play it but it still exists for those who do enjoy the system. Conclave is PVP while Trials are PVE and with every update a new PVE element is added and needs to be balanced
  4. Dracario

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Everyone needs to understand: They have to remove the Trials to update things at a faster pace. They ARE temporarily being removed for a better system for raids. They do not want to apply more manpower to fix raids every update they make, otherwise trials are going to become an unplayable mess. They say they're going to remove it at the end of February which is 2 weeks from now, I would suggest playing the raids while you still can. I played a few raids before, MR 23-24; can't say it's my cup of tea but I've come to understand that removing this system is imperative to no more [DE]lays.
  5. The buff applies to peacemaker as long as the ability is active. I've tested this many times and the results are the same.
  6. My Opinion on the Mag changes as explained here and on the Devstream yesterday Polarize Pros The change to the shards is alright. Considering that sometimes a Mag player casting Polarize randomly chooses enemies to instantly die sometimes, the damage from the shards is a welcomed change, now Magnetized will be even more deadly than before. Cons Does not address the issue of Polarize's armor stripping mechanic. Furthermore, Shield Transference will be soon outclassed by Crush. Will be explained later. Crush Pros Replaced Crush's old animation with Shield Polarize's animation is a good call as it allows Mag to continue to be mobile all the while dealing damage along the way. Crush also being able to restore shields all the while granting overshields is a nice incentive to have players use the ability more often when the shards are lying around. With a bunch of shards in one area can certainly wipe out a wave. Cons New Crush is stepping on the shoes of Polarize's augment Shield Transference. Crush now can restore shields AND give over-shields. This is a better version of Shield Transference, this is essentially a team skill Shield Transference. I personally am all for Crush to have this trait and make Shield Transference do a different effect instead as Shield Transference is a selfish augment. Alternatively, a better change would be to make Shield Transference do what new Crush gives: Over-shields to allies.
  7. The changes DE presented us seem relatively unique when trying to change up the damage types. Slash is superior in that it is all finish damage which ignores enemy armor/shields, so it makes viable for any endgame factions. However, I believe there should be some different changes to the other two damage types in a way it can benefit all players. PUNCTURE DE's intention for Puncture to reduce enemy damage output seems good imo. But I honestly can see a better trait for puncture. I can remember back when I first played warframe that there were some mods that helped against armored enemies and I believe that's a better way to deal with enemies. When an enemy has the punctured status affected on them, all damage received afterward ignores 20% of the enemy's armor/shields for 6s. Repeated procs add 2 seconds to the duration up to 10s. Repeated procs increase the amount of armor ignored up 40-50% increasing by 10%. Slow Firing weapons initial proc ignore 40% of enemy protections and increase to 60% after X amount of shots. IMPACT Ragdoll after the stagger is... well... depending on the situation that's a good thing. (If we have the impact proc on the devstream as an example on the PoE, this immediately removes enemies from the field which is great!) But ragdolls within certain contained tilesets only sets them aside for a moment before they get back up and start killing again. I saw a post on here about other possibilities for what impact can do. So i might adopt their ideas within the next suggestion. Impact procs cause enemies to stagger. If another instance of impact procs again the enemy will become dazed and open to finishers. The daze duration lasts 3s initially and each proc afterwards will add 2s more with no cap. Slow firing weapons immediately put enemies in state 2 of impact (open to finishers) and increases the daze duration by 4s instead of 2s. There are possibly better solutions than the ones im suggesting but I only suggest these out of possible alternatives than the ones DE insist on making.
  8. Let's talk about that for a moment. I sincerely believe this will make Mass Vitrify almost exactly like Snow-globe. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. This will drastically make Gara's 4 not worth casting at all, especially in the Plains. Considering that almost 90% of the enemies have some sort of energy attack (Gernades, Hellions, Anti-Moas, Bursas, etc.) Large portions of the wall will be broken due to how AoEs work. Gara's 4 is also not a protective dome like snow-globe; I mean the top of it is bare so certain enemies or pathings can just either jump (or clip through as tested at Akkad, some of the chargers found some way to clip through the wall) or just stand there. This also ruins what synergy Gara has with Zenith's alt fire. Hopefully the scaling is good because eventually when you have 20+ enemies surrounding the wall, it's going go down fairly quickly and not have the chance to react once it gets blasted down by napalms and bombards. I suggest having the wall have an invulnerability period after the wall is finished so that you have a brief moment to access the situation. I would personally suggest around 2-4 seconds of invulnerability so that Gara can set up her 2 at least. I know DE intended to have Gara build more power strength so that the wall and mirror explosions are put to use but due to how limiting the mod slots are, we can only build her one way and that's a little bit of everything. EV Trin works due to nuking duration and putting all power strength in. Bless lasts a few seconds but it's an instant heal and Energy Vampire gives efficient amount of energy to teammates. Chaos Nyx works by nuking power strength; she's all CC and with Assimilate she could sit in that bubble for as long as she wants due to how drain works. Gara can't do anything like that if her 4 is like this. This pushes max power strength Gara just so her wall can stand a couple of hits and how much damage her other abilities do. But Gara doesn't need any more than 150% power strength because of how her 2 works. Spectrorage mirrors have really poor health to absorb anything and Gara's 1 is kinda like Soul Punch except without the punch and more of a sit down power. Rambling aside, Putting health on the wall isn't ideal. We can only hope the reworked wall can actually act like a wall. If not then all 4 will ever be used for will be for 2.
  9. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    surely you're not idle while shooting your enemies now are ya? even so without mutlishot, people build fire rate on Simulor so that answers the other issue of making vortexes.
  10. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    Flight speed, you can keep adding damage to the vortex and detonate it whenever you feel like it with multishot you dont necessarily HAVE to wait, spawn 3 separate vortexes and detonate them all at once.
  11. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    it's still the only crit launcher that comes to mind, there are not any other launchers that does this besides an off build Torid
  12. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    For everyone reacting to Simulor's change and Tonkor's change Simulor Change When the weapon was first introduced, it made mini vortexes. I believe the intention was: Shoot area to bring enemies towards vortexes then detonate when they get into range. That's what i thought of Simulor only to find out the stacking was doing the damage and killing enemies which was kinda counter-intuitive of the weapon's theme if the manual detonation did barely anything and only the stacks did. Overall the change is indeed nice as you have to play smarter in shooting in a direction. If it could be compensated, would this qualify Simulor as a Launcher and the ability to use firestorm as well? Tonkor Change I was wondering when that was gonna be addressed. Overall the nerf of now being able to do self-damage is fine, all launchers are like that. Ogris does it, Penta Does it, Throwing Explosives do it to; the idea is to play smarter and not blow yourself up over it.The grenades detonate sooner so that's more reliable than before, in all likeliness, adhesive explosives got a roommate and his name is Tonkor. This is nothing to fret over, If you want to maim something DE could've easily nerfed its base damage, reload speed, flight speed, etc. the only stat change was to its critical chance which is 25, you cant go over 100% unless your riven allows it but its not too bad of a nerf.
  13. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    I wonder if DE read a post about a suggested Simulor change so that it wasn't as dominant. I remember making a post about switching the stack damage and explosion damage around. Overall i'm gad to see these changes.
  14. Dracario

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    because Riven mods are used to help the weapons that are slightly weaker into viability and probably late game. However it cannot help those who do not have anything going for them (i.e. crit chance and damage AND status on Panthera, Crit Chance and Damage on miter) or have mechanics that are outdated (Mutalist Quanta, Buzlok). These buffs are to help those 'trash/mastery fodder' weapons become actual weapons.
  15. Dracario

    Banshee Prime: Hotfix 19.11.5 + 19.11.6

    NOOOO the Arrival Reference!