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  1. They ripped off DOOM glory kills idea and failed to make it neat.
  2. It's not a cheat. It's the K-style.
  3. Totally my point of view. I was hanging around all these years to see improvements/revisits to the core gameplay and trying out new things (means I farmed 'em) to stay in the loop, but seeing as they're settled with current mechanics and state of the game, only adding side activities, the only thing I see is farm. Farm farm farm.
  4. With all respect. Kitguns are vastly better and available at lower mastery rank. Resources and rep grind are negligible for comparison with Soma Prime acquisition. Kinda proves pointlessness of Mastery Rank mechanics aside of gating damn content. And no, you can't w+m1 with soma. Spray and pray does not work on any tileset aside of generic corridors. Edit: to think of it, everything boils down to playstyle. I feel most automatic weapons are lacking in different ways.
  5. Soma has low damage, demands crit mods to work, which leaves little to no modspace for status, neither it makes for reliable flexible gun. The only thing it excells at is sharpshooting. Yeah, sharpshooter LMG. Any decent hybrid gun works better. Prisma Grakata for example.
  6. That is not my problem. My problem is developers making the game not even remotely close to what I imagined 6 years ago. Or use damn Equinox to sleep the crap out of them. You know what? Doom Eternal doesn't force you to slow down. You can nitpick but whatever. And there is a nice thing you've forgot: Like the enemies are patient enough to not spew gas balls at you while you patiently aiming. I have to wipe out hunting area in 80% of cases. Prove it. Start a poll. So far I see the shouts and topics of disappointment are popping up like mushrooms after summer rain.
  7. To think of it you're right. It would change a lot. We would not face this lunacy on Deimos release if it disappeared back then. But agree to disagree. It is already THAT stagnant. It is the third time in past three years when I sigh deeply and go fish/hunt in the game which I never imagined would fall so low. Conservation is not a challenge. Just patience test. Because DE have plucked the most hyped feature of this update behind Enthrati rank 3. I bet there are lots of guys who care less about Deimos overall than about the damn helminth. You think wrong. T
  8. I'm indifferent to conservation mechanic. I agree with doing that for floofs, and I did. But I disagree this should be 'core mechanic'. Just as I think modern Helminth or necramech systems idea should've never made to implementation. Archwing is the core gameplay, and what is with it? Neglected for years. Balance pass for archwing underwhelming abilities? Meh, better make new animals to screw some time. The point is these badly implemented time sinks are just like poorly written secondary characters in the big story: if they are gone, nothing changes. What changes for the game if Flappy Z
  9. You know, dude, this argument work both directions.
  10. Steve Sinclair, I believe, should be fine.
  11. There is a thread literally stating Larva is useless after nerf with its lowered range. Oh well...
  12. 10 months ago, before melee 3.0 when conclave was ok. Then it became phucked up.
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