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  1. The point is they don't get a sh... a dime from it. Since there is nothing to sell huh?
  2. You right, I've looked at that from the greedy guy's PoV. You know, they could implement something similar to the Temple from PoE. Like you go to the Void and use there some keys you crafted. Keys are spawning a room with specific parameters and crafted from templates you loot elsewhere. Templates will not require specific resource, but instead outcome of craft varies of things you've "donated" in it. Like you can throw in a bunch of alloys and get a key for room with a helluva armored guy. Throw in a frame part BP and you get an enemy specter there (gl running from that valkyr lol). Enemy levels, surrounding hazards are all dependant on your craft ingredients. Merge keys to get insane difficulty. How about a Nyx spectre covered in protective orb with huge HP trying to blast you from a distance while you're trying to shoot switchbuttons on the moving platforms? Oh yeah, and the floor is lava... ugh... i mean covered in laser web. Just throw there some motivational stuff like scaling amount and quality rewards based on key difficulty. Not much different from ESO. I don't see any reason not to make it live. Don't even need new assets. Just make a damn rooms good. But no. We gotta push forward for a new open world.
  3. Especially for Vectis, it is his main gimmick. Rubico you can shoot knee caps and be good - it's not stupidly broken gun, but makes Vectis inferior in terms of raw DPS headshot or not. Stahp it, get some help. I was taking you serious until this line. Now all I can say I'm glad you disappointed. Deserve your frustration.
  4. Because why if you have Energize in both slots? Also not so useful for Ash since it requires you to kill target with finisher, not just attack with finisher. Banshee/Excal is a different matter since both have augs for finisher damage. You can totally stick as much attack speed and damage as possible for hammer (or any melee really) and go for any existing content aside of endurance. You don't really need CL for that. 25% might be an overkill, as both R3 Trickeries will give you roughly 44% chance. I'd say 15-20% is a neat buff. Enough to make it viable for Equi/Banshee/Excal, but not enough to make it new Inaros meta.
  5. ESPECIALLY considering it does not even stack to the full 20% chance. Here's wiki cite: Using two rank 3 Trickery on a warframe results in a 19% chance to become invisible. Formula: 1 - (not triggering)^2 → 1 - 0.9^2 = 0.19
  6. Considering how you can slap almost any other arcane and just play as usual and benefit from them with better chance compared to the trouble of having specific build and/or school the odds could be a bit better. Not complaining though. Works as intended. No sarcasm here. Edit: I meant Banshee ofc. Edit 2: and OP specifically mentioned frames "who deal with stealth and don't have inate invisibility(a.k.a banshee)". I'd add Equinox in this list, though I'm not sure.
  7. ... considering the fact Droolsteny 2 PC is available on Steam only.
  8. What's wrong with answering like this? @EinheriarJudith Also Fortnite? Never played it and just googled on youtube. I've seen my fair share of TPS with similar recoil.
  9. Awrite, for a moment I thought about compassion to your issue and tried to explain its roots and how to avoid it at least partially. But you clearly wanna riot against "bad gaem design" and start a bandwagon with your fellow nausea prone folks. Just to be clear, CS:GO is one of the most popular games in the world alongside with some other very popular FPS/TPS genre titles also sporting similar mechanics of separate accuracy and recoil screen shake. I wish you good luck proving "bad gaem dezign" here.
  10. Except you do. Because: Yes it is intentional in this game. And this is called recoil. And there is an option to put mods to lessen the recoil so it won't kick your screen so hard.
  11. Don't worry, you can still wipe the floor, slide attack haven't gone really!
  12. Ok. You wished for opinions and here I am. I have no problems with recoil. Moreover considering the fact recoil stat was always present in the game and one way or another affects some combat aspects I highly doubt it will go away anytime soon. One of my friends was very hyped to try Warframe. Guess what, she has some motion sickness when plays herself, too bad. What do you think about this issue?
  13. That is what I just told you. Yes. Recoil does shake your screen.
  14. There is no "simple" screen shake. It is an actual recoil of a weapon. Every gun has both accuracy and recoil stats. Accuracy determines how far the bullet strays from reticle if shot in rapid succession. Recoil just kicks your reticle unpredictably. Screen shake in options disables earthquakes, explosion and melee hits shaking your screen. As a recoil being base gun stat (and always been) it is impossible to "just disable" it. So as people suggested you should use recoil reduction from mods.
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