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  1. This game is awesome and the support is also quick to response in most cases... welcome to warframe.
  2. Guess Redtext got kick by kekBot , everything falls apart after that... LoL
  3. Sorry but could we get back the Amount owned when we click on linked chat item? like if i have this mod or do i have that prime parts? nowadays , its a bit hard to trade since we dont know the amount we owned from just clicking the chat item . Thx!
  4. Can we do something about the new UI ? i can no longer check how many item i have currently from the chat link item... a bit hard to trade
  5. Maybe this is just me , but as an Old player i have all(almost) the prime stuff , But im interested in both the Prime Accessory packs .. but buying both of them seems rather expensive n wasteful , with just a little more money , i can get the twin prime packs.. but i have almost no use for the warframe n weapons... Is it possible to make a TWIN ACCESSORY packs purchasable for lower price? If not , i might just buy the twin packs and throw away the warframes n weapons .. which is kinda... u know..... sux
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