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  1. I really like the idea of being able to equip 2 secondary weapons, like have one of them replace her melee weapon or primary weapon (I feel replacing the primary is more appropriate as melee is just too good to get rid of entirely for more options while using Merulina). As for the status thing, I personally don't like the idea of it automatically changing based on which is higher on the weapon, there are times where a weapon may have a higher base status but I want to increase its critical chance or vise versa. I think having an augment mod that changes it to increase status instead or to apply it both status and critical chance (to justify it taking away a mod slot) would be the way to go on that one. 1. Totally agree, sea snares just take so much energy even when using them sparingly. There is technically no limit on how many enemies can be held by sea snares as trapped enemies don't count towards the 15 globule limit on the lingering snares themselves, so you can just keep spamming in hordes to get all enemies trapped. But now we have 2 issues with that with the first being the energy issue and the second being the fact that sea snares will home in on enemies that already snared and just refresh the current duration. I think its ok for them to hit snared enemies but they should have a priority system where they will seek-out the nearest enemy not already snared and if there are none then it will just find the nearest enemy. 2. I'm on the side that Merulina is a sidegrade in most cases but a minor upgrade in some but honestly, everything that needs to be said about Merulina has been said so pretty much agree with you here. Aim Gliding on Merulina would be very nice to have. 3. I think the biggest issue people have with Aquablades is that they don't do all of their damage upfront like most other high damage abilities meaning you aren't going to be seeing big numbers with it but rather you will see an incredible amount of small numbers over the course of the Slash DoT. Because remember, Aquablades hit 3 times per second and have a 100% status chance on each hit (I personally think there is some janky code going on with these as there are times where I could swear I've hit enemies with 3 blades based on audio cues but then I see they only have 1 slash status on them, so not too sure what that's about) However, on top of that slash status ignores armor entirely meaning EHP is irrelevant as only base HP+Shields matters. So sure enemies in late game can have well over 10M EHP, this is mainly because they have 99% damage reduction from armor and their actual base HP+Shields is closer to 100-200k. (For example, a level 250 Heavy Gunner on Steel Path would have 13,533,335.8 EHP but only a base HP of 125,976.2 meaning you would need 6 hits from Aquablades with 300% strength and 10 stacks of viral on the Heavy Gunner to kill it which would take 1.5 seconds. If you add subsumed Roar to the equation you only need 2 hits to kill the Heavy Gunner) Again though, the biggest issue I think people have is that while sure, Auqablades can easily do over 200k damage that ignores armor and only takes 0.5 seconds to apply, it takes 6 seconds to actually deal all the damage which means that a lot of the time enemies won't be dying by your hand as someone else will have killed them already with their big hitting abilities or weapons. (For anyone curios I've made a desmos graph setup to calculated HP, Armor, Shields, and EHP for enemies of any level as the wiki only goes to 175, it also automatically calculates the Steel Path Values: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/oi58myuzkp more info at the bottom of this post) 4. Ya can't say I disagree with you here, Riptide leaves a lot to be desired but at least it does well against large groups of enemies due to the damage increasing based on the number of enemies hit. Footnote - So for anyone who wants to use the desmos graph to find the info of enemy EHP and base HP+Shields the variables are as follows: B = The base level of the enemy as listed on the wiki C = The current level you wish to calculate for (ie. if you want to know the enemies EHP at level 400, put 400 here) V1 = The base health value as listed on the wiki V2 = The base armor value as listed on the wiki V3 = The base shield value as listed on the wiki H1 = The calculated health value for current level A1 =The calculated health value for current level S1 = The calculated shield value for the current level E1 = The calculated EHP value for current level H2 = H1+Steel Path modifier A2 = A1+Steel Path modifier S2 = S1+Steel Path modifier E2 = E1+Steel Path modifier Edit: Fun piece of trivia, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a Leech Eximus Demolisher Bailiff on your journey through Steel Path on Sedna, they will likely have a level of about 200 combined with the 250% increase to HP and armor from Steel Path and the 300% bonus to base Health from being a leach eximus and their innate 20% damage reduction. This all means they will have an EHP of 104,018,545 or a base HP of 2,245,838 which, lets be honest, means you wont be killing them
  2. Just playing a bit of devils-advocate here but, why do you need to leave in the middle of an endless mission? If you are in a crew that wants to queue up an endless you can just leave the squad and join another instead with no loss of rewards. If you join a crew in the middle of an endless you are free to just immediately leave and attempt to join a different crew or you can play it out until the squad is done. I do agree that the "In-between" part of railjack missions should be more obvious and you should be able to leave solo via the navigation (and navigation should be able to be used by more than 1 person at a time). But I also don't think there needs to be a way to leave endless railjack missions early as there aren't very many of them and from my experience most people don't want to stick around in them as there is almost no benefit of doing so when you can likely find a better mission to farm whatever things the endless might provide. There is also endless Defense missions but afaik there are no Excavation or Disruption missions. Edit: If you are not a part of a clan you need to go to Kronia (Kornia? idk not in-game can't check spelling lol) Relay on Saturn to leave your railjack.
  3. So I've been talking in a post about improvements to Yareli recently and one comment gave me an idea for K-Drives in general that I think would just be kinda cool to have. I wasn't sure where to put this thread but here in General felt best. The concept is rather simple in design but would certainly be a more difficult thing to actually implement and that would be a collection of "Style" mods for K-Drives that would function similarly to stance mods for melee weapons. Each style would modify the movement in some way and grant access to a set of unique tricks as well as add extra mod capacity. This would help make K-Drives feel a bit more enjoyable to use as it would double down on the "Cool Factor" they currently have (I mean, who doesn't like the idea of drifting around on a hoverboard popping epic tricks and crazy stunts, its the reason we have so many snowboarding games!) It would also help with the issue of people not wanting to potato them (because why would you waste a potato on a K-Drive) but still allow them to have a bit of extra capacity for some more customization. K-Drives do still need a massive overhaul to make them more relevant as right now the only purpose of them is to get Ventkids standing for the couple things they offer and for more MR but this would at least help little bit. The last point of the styles is they would open up an opportunity for Yareli to have her own unique style when riding Merulina that could possibly be catered towards normal mission usage (on top of allowing Merulina to be modded in the first place). That's all I have for this, what do y'all think?
  4. Ya Steel Path is definitely no joke, it is much harder than it sounds so you really do need good mods and good weapons. But Yareli is certainly useable for SP just not optimal, she does need just a bit of attention from DE to make her just a bit more reliable and consistent. I like your idea of like a special movement style on Yareli's K-Drive that makes it unique. It also made me think it would be neat if they added like trick styles to K-Drives that would be similar to melee stances and then Merulina would have its own unique style. Could be cool, might make a separate thread about that.
  5. Really? I have no issues at all other than with bosses and sentients, I do normally duo with a friend who uses Wisp but I can solo most SP missions with Yareli just fine. No it's not easy when compared to something like Mesa but it's significantly easier than when using something like Ivara or Volt. You don't even need a high damage secondary to make her work, just anything that can apply viral quickly to increase the DoT from Aquablades past certain breakpoints. To kill any non-boss and non-eximus enemy with a single interval of Aquablades you need 300% Ability Strength and at least 5 stacks of viral applied to them. Yareli is useless against bosses as they are immune to status and she has no way of dealing large amounts of damage without the Bleed from Aquablades. Eximus mobs are much stronger than standard so they will take a bit more to kill but even with their extra resistances you should be able to kite around them to apply 2-3 intervals of your Aquablades (which is 6-9 stacks of bleed), combined with the raw damage from your viral weapon and getting 10 stacks of viral should kill most eximus mobs. Sentients are a whole different ballpark, due to their damage reduction mechanic they are incredibly difficult to fight even in the best of circumstances and given that nearly all of Yareli's DPS is from a single damage type, she is practically useless against them. Other than that though, Yareli can do quite well with the right set-up. You HAVE to play her very differently from other frames however. She isn't a frame that can just run head first into a horde and hope for the best, you have to be constantly moving, not just for her passive but to avoid damage as well. Since Merulina has no time-limit or restrictions other than her health pool, you should almost always be on Merulina for near permanent DR, this in itself makes her vastly different from other frames. Now since you are going to be on a K-Drive 90% of the time you need to A) Get very proficient with using all available maneuvers to allow yourself to move freely though tight maps and B) Be very mindful of your positioning lest you find yourself getting stuck and consequently killed. Of course K-Drives in general are quite awful and Merulina is no different so I do agree with pretty much everyone in saying that K-Drives need a massive overhaul to their movement systems and Yareli herself needs to have her hitbox adjusted to be slightly smaller when riding Merulina.
  6. Yes, yes, and yes. This is soooo annoying, when moving normally, side inputs make you strafe, but when boosting they make you turn which is just irritating to deal with. I personally agree with you in that it should be strafing in both cases but honestly, I just want it to be the same for when boosting and not boosting.
  7. Absolutely, but 25% is still less than 100%, which most of the top frames will be taking without any damage reduction mods, Sayrn comes to mind as she has no damage reduction in her kit (and lets just ignore the fact that she is ludicrously overpowered in the current meta). Again, I'm not claiming that 75% is good DR but it is better than nothing especially since with Merulina's speed and the natural hit-and-run playstyle Yareli's follows you shouldn't be taking quite as many hits as most other frames. As for damage reduction mods, Merulina does not benefit from them at all, however, they do still reduce the 25% remaining damage that Yareli takes only that it treats the 25% as if it is 100% (ie. getting 90% from Adaptation will only reduce the remaining 25% by 90% of itself not 90% of the total hit) The thing about Aquablades is it's not the blades themselves that do damage, I mean, they do, but the damage they deal is negligible at higher levels due to armor. The real damage comes from the 100% status chance and the fact they hit 3 times in a second (3 hits in 0.5 seconds followed by the enemy having a 0.5 second window where they can't be hit by them). The Slash status effect does 35% of the initial hit's base damage per second for 6 seconds, this damage is one of the few sources of True damage in the game which is not reduced by any type of armor. So with just base ability strength, Aquablades deal 750 damage per hit with 3 hits per second, this results in 3 slash procs each dealing 262.5 true damage per second for 6 seconds (after a 1 second delay) so when you hit an enemy with 3 hits from Aquablades (which only takes 0.5 seconds) over the following 6 seconds they enemy will take a total of: 750 *0.35 * 3 * 6 = 4,725. Obviously, that's not very much but this is without any mods. Give her a basic mod layout to get ~250% ability strength and this jumps up to 11812.5 true damage over 6 seconds. Keep in mind, that you do not need to be next to the enemy for these 6 seconds, once you've hit the enemy 3 times with Aquablades you can be on your way and the enemy will die after a short delay assuming their current hp+shields is less than 11,812. Again though, this is only really good enough for base star-chart, and not even the whole thing. The real damage kicks in when you apply viral to enemies using something like a Kuva Nukor and you have Subsumed Roar instead of Sea Snares. First off, DoT status effect double dip into Roars damage bonus, as Roar will increase the damage of the initial hit which changes the DoT damage but then the DoT damage also directly benefit from the damage bonus. So with the above mentioned 250% ability strength, subsumed roar will give a 75% damage boost which will result in the following damage over 6 seconds: (750 * 2.5) * (1 + (0.3 * 2.5)) * 0.35 * (1 + (0.3 * 2.5)) * 3 * 6 = ~36,175 true damage over 6 seconds which is more HP and Shields than any enemy on the basic star-chart has and will do enough damage to carry you through the first few planets on SP. Add viral bonus of 325% to take the damage to: 36,175 * 4.25 = ~153,747 true damage over 6 seconds and that's not including the initial damage from the Aquablade hits or the damage from the Kuva Nukor to apply 10 stacks of viral (Side note: DoTs do NOT double dip with Viral status and only receive the bonus once, if they did double dip, DoTs would be insanely overpowered). Again, this damage is dealt over 6 seconds so enemies won't die instantly when you touch them, but they will die and so you don't even have to think about it. The above calculations is why allowing Yareli to cast Helminth abilities while riding Merulina would be an Insane buff as it means she can use roar without having to dismount allowing her to never have any down-time on her DR. I personally love her dash, when used correctly it is a great mobility tool. It definitely takes a lot of getting used to but once you've got the hang of it, it becomes the only reason I don't hate using Merulina on smaller tilesets (I don't like it, but I don't hate it). With the dash you can pretty much bypass any small obstacles that would normally stop you dead in your tracks, it also cancels your vertical momentum in both directions allowing for much more precise vertical movement. I definitely agree that Merulina needs a lot of work to bring it up to a decent quality standard and I can see the benefits of replacing the dash with a roll, I personally think doing so is just putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. I would also like to mention that I totally understand the hatred for K-Drives in general coming from anyone who uses a controller. Using exclusively KB+Mouse with PC Games I never bothered playing WF with a controller until recently and maneuvering the K-Drive on controller is awful. I am somehow very smrt but yet also very dumb, glad you got a laugh from that xD Edit: If you're ever curious on whether or not an enemy will die to the Slash DoT, you can simply go to the wiki page of said enemy and set their level to whatever level they will be and check the base health and shield values. You can ignore the EHP amount as that is the total after armor and as I've mentioned, Slash DoT ignores armor.
  8. But she does have status immunity, the only status she isn't immune to is Blast and that's a bug. Also, 75% is nothing to scoff at, there only 12 frames other than Yareli in the game with built in DR (excluding damage negation like Zephyr and Garuda as well as armor stacking like Inaros and Atlas) and while all of them (other than Titania and Trinity) do offer more DR than Merulina, they all have very limited durations or conditions attached to them with the exception of Warding Halo. Now don't get me wrong, Merulina is weak and needs an improvement as it is literally just a worse version of Warding Halo with the addition of K-Drive movement, but it is not nearly as bad as you think considering all other DR abilities costs significantly more energy over time even when repeatedly dismounting and recasting Merulina and there are no strings attached to Merulina. You press 2, you get 75% DR until Merulina is destroyed or you dismount which is a lot simpler than all other DR abilities. Also, Merulina has 2 things over Warding Halo, 1) Warding Halo gets completely removed by nullifier fields where Merulina simply starts taking DoT and 2) When Warding Halo is destroyed, all damage that exceeds Warding Halo's remaining HP gets transferred directly to Nezha where Merulina negates even the excess damage when destroyed. While I can agree that the CC isn't exactly useful, with a simple 0 Forma build you can have her Aquablades apply slash status that will do a total of 100k true damage over 6 seconds. Keep in mind, true damage ignores armor so even in SP where enemies have well over 100k EHP, their actual flat HP+Shield is on average around 80k-100k with some enemies able to reach around 150k. Using a Forma or 2, Aquablades becomes arguably one of the best abilities in the game. Of course, since it is the Subsumed ability on Yareli, you can simply slap it on a Rhino and gain all the benefits of Aqublades without having to deal with the rest of Yareli's kit. While I can agree that in her current state she is weak, I have to disagree with the idea that she needs to be made similar to other frames for her to be relevant. By making her more similar to other frames it will only amplify the issue of her being a weaker version of other frames. Instead, her abilities should have something unique to them that gives them a reason to be used over other options. Merulina is actually a great example of this, if you look exclusively at numbers, Merulina is just a bad Warding Halo, as I said before, but it gives you access to a K-Drive in normal missions as well as the fact that you can't be knocked off of it. Obviously, with how clunky K-Drive's are right now this isn't exactly a good thing, but if DE where to simply tune-up K-Drive movement and allow Merulina to have K-Drive mods, Merulina would now have a justifiable reason to be used over Warding Halo.
  9. If I had a nickel for every time I clipped through the floor falling into the endless abyss cuz I touched an enemy at the wrong angle while riding Merulina, I'd have 2 nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice.
  10. If I'm being honest, I don't think Yareli really needs much changed on her base kit. I think the first priority with Yareli is DE needs to just dedicate an entire patch to fixing her many, many bugs and quirks (like doors not opening fast enough for her, or hitting her head on doorways, etc.) There are so many little bugs and quirks with Yareli that she is starting to make League of Legends look like a well polished game. Aside from that, the only things I think Yareli's base kit needs are as follows: Her Passive requires a slight QoL change that allows it to linger for a second or 2 after she stops moving. Sea Snares need to apply something, Cold Procs, damage amp, or even have them spread in some regard. Anything that makes them not useless. Merulina just needs to be given ranks and mod compatibility of any kind. Obvious choice is K-Drive mods but I thought it would be neat to allow for some companion mods as well, could be neat. Aquablades need to just have larger hitboxes to make damage more consistent as well as the major bug fix where they are unable to hit any ragdolled enemies, including ones that are lifted through things like Vauban's vortex or Nezha's spears. Riptide needs allow both the number of damage ticks and the damage increase per enemy to scale with ability duration and ability strength respectively. And that's all she really needs to be more consistent and more viable in my opinion. This wouldn't make her the best frame in the game but she doesn't need to be, she fits a nice niche right now and I think it'd be wrong to take that away and shove her into a classic tank, dps, or support role. Right now she is a great solo frame, especially since new players can get her relatively early on. I do, however, understand that she should be more viable in high level content as well. The above changes would make her usable in high level but there are of course, frames that just do specific things better and so to make her strong enough to be considered for end-game content here are some changes that I think would do that without being to dramatic or over-powered. Passive Have it scale with her current speed, the faster you move, the larger the bonus. The current bonus would also linger after she slows down/stops and then would slowly decay down to match what it should be at. This essentially allows her to be moving around and then letting her pause for a moment to line up a shot or aim down sights for a moment and still benefit from the full bonus. Sea Snares would actually be fine with the above change but having all of the listed options would make them much stronger (potentially too much so). I personally "sea" (haha funny pun) them as the ability you swap for something else. Also, removing the destruction on terrain collision is also important. Merulina Allow all Helminth abilities to be useable while riding. I know the excuse from DE is they would need to make a ton of unique animations for her to do that but she already has a bunch of broken animations and actions she can take on Merulina without any animations. Also, they could just create 1 generic animation that she uses for all Helminth abilities. Lower the base DR but allow it to scale with ability strength, pretty straight forward here, makes the damage reduction more relevant. On top of fixing various bugs and quirks related to K-Drive collision, Yareli should be given a smaller collision hitbox while riding Merulina (this just saves them from having to redo all the meshes on every tileset.) Aquablades Increase status damage or do more damage based on the number of statuses on the enemy. Add extra burst of cold damage if enemies are hit by all blades in a single interval applying cold status. Increase rotation speed and/or allow rotation speed to scale with ability strength. Riptide Increase the base range and spread all current statuses to all enemies trapped in the torrent. Some of those things could potentially come in the form of augment mods or just be changes to the base kit. But finally, since she currently has no augment mods, here are some possible options that I think would just be kinda cool to have. Passive Augments Change the critical chance bonus from a additive bonus and instead make it add a flat amount to the base critical chance (thus increasing the bonus gained from mods) Change the critical chance bonus to critical damage bonus, fairly straight forward here. Sea Snares Augments Many more globules per cast at the cost of not doing damage (something like 15 per cast) with greatly increased seeking range and speed. Remove the cap on the number of lingering globules. I can't really think of any augments for Merulina so onto the next! Aquablades Augments Reduced base damage by about 25% but have 6 blades instead of 3. Riptide Augments Shred armor of enemies inversely scaling with distance from the center of the cast. (ie. enemies that are closer lose more armor than enemies who are further away) Remove final burst damage and explosion/knockback, increase pull strength and duration. Give enemies a chance to be disarmed Well, that's my thoughts on her. I personally love Yareli as she is a lot of fun to use for her unique hit-and-run playstyle that no other frame really has. I definitely understand people's issue with her as she does fall short in many areas, but she certainly isn't nearly as bad as people make her out to be. Many people act like she is the worst frame in the game when frames like Mag exist (Mag is useless, change my mind.) But honestly, I think she does a great job of being versatile in a number of different situations. She is also really great for players who don't have the time or money to get multiple frames with multiple formas each and a ton of maxed out rare mods as she is usable in nearly every situation, even in steel-path and sorties with only needing 1 or 2 forma and a solid secondary (obviously, she's not the most viable for those but you can manage to get by with her). In the end, I am with everyone else that she does need a bit of love and attention from DE to kind of iron her out.
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