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  1. Just had this occur a few times on Hydron. :/ Edit: when his 4th is cancelled he wields the melee (had Gram Prime equipped) and none of the attacks work, but the first 3 abilities on Baruuk and all attacks on operator still work.
  2. Really been enjoying Hildryn, but have to agree with earlier feedback, in that her 4th ability should auto equip her 1 - there's too much switching on and off, and once the 4th ability is toggled off her 1 is still equipped, so it becomes a confusing mess. In relation to her 4th, on landing (when power is toggled off) her ground slam seems minimal - maybe is my build, but something at least like Rhino's passive should be added. Finally, her 2nd ability seems to only work on a horizontal plane, so it seems to miss units on stairs; not sure if intended or not, but it should work as well as her 3rd ability. Looking forward to Wisp and the Flydolon! 😉
  3. Don't mean to change the subject but missed which hotfix slowed down the melee attack speed, so i'd like to ask why?? When melee 2.99999~ first launched melee attack speed was insanely good. Now it feels maimed, sluggish and slow. This reminds me of that other maim, not being able to bullet jump from a stable position if sprint lock is on - again WHY? Why ruin your own game, and why turn something awesome into something mediocre?? Want us to spend more time in-game? Then stop taking away those aspects that makes us want to keep play. EDIT: can't confirm melee attack was slowed - Sigma & Octantis seems fine, the Tatsu seems slow. Exalted weapons work much better after the update and being able to use primaries while Baruuk's 4th is active feels good.
  4. You need 100 fracture points, and you get 7 for any 4 fractures closed with one 'bottle'. Otherwise, if it gets destroyed each one counts as one. 😉
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