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  1. Really? The cult of Clem could be wrong?! Lol. I go there and chill for some laughs and socializing, sometimes, but if they told me I was playing a PS4, I'd have to make sure it wasn't an Xbox, and I don't own an Xbox, lol. No offense, fam.
  2. Kinda. As Brenden pointed out, there're more items included with this bundle, each one is buyable seperately, and there aren't any weapons included. Some things, however have names that could be seen as border spoilers (IDK, personally, but I know something I otherwise may or may not have associated with the quest) that keen eyed tenno would be quick to draw conclusions from. All in all, I'll say this: It looks like a real nice bundle that I'd HAPPILY part with 400 plat for. Your savings would be 105 plat, I think, from buying seperately.
  3. Umbra armor set is purchased seperately, along with Umbra operator gear/pet gear, except the diadem (If you consider that umbra gear) included with the twitch drops. There's a bundle for 400p that comes with the umbra gear, umbra pet gear, and other cosmetics that I won't name as I'm not sure if it's spoilery.
  4. I used to rock his glyph, then I disagreed with an opinion of his... Well, he dedicated 3 videos trying to tear apart every word I said, claiming his own as fact. He didn't succeed in disproving me but he did prove that he's a petty elitist with a God complex. Bad form. Lost me and others as subs over this deplorable display. Seriously, try disagreeing with him. BTW, I'm a big time vet with thousands of hours clocked, beyond qualified to back up what I was saying (which wasn't even that big of a deal). But the lengths he went to to try and ridicule me; ludicrous.
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