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  1. I understand what you mean now. My question to you is when you get something generic like an amber star how are you deciding that came from the stage 1 pool vs either of the other two pools? There is so much overlap from stage to stage that getting conclusive drops is going to take really large sample size. Regardless, my own run through seven rounds had some odd drops that didn't line up. R3S1 for example was 500 endo and that is not in the stage 1 pool. But was it a stage 2 pool or a final stage reward? No idea since it could have been either of them. Unfortunately my 14 amb
  2. Bounties don't have rotations, they have reward pools for the stage you are on. The confusing part is there are three different sets of stage rewards that DE decided to call rotations even though it means something entirely different than what players know from other areas of the game. The endless bounty is a hard to use an example so I'll use the L5-15 instead. For stage one of that bounty the rotation A pool has ganglion in it, the B pool has pustulite instead and the C pool has lucent teroglobe instead. The game will cycle from rot A to B to C as part of the time of day cycle (vome/
  3. This statement is just blatantly incorrect, although the term "compete" is vague and subject to interpretation. Regardless, from the very beginning of the game there has been a hierarchy of weapon power in which not all guns or melee are created equal. This difference in power is easiest seen in the mastery rank requirement for the weapons. Expecting the fulmin (MR8) to compare to the brama (MR15) is just nonsense. The brama should be roughly 2x the power.
  4. Success or failure of your previous bounty doesn't matter with regards to your problem of skipping phase 1. That happens when you run two bounties in a row that use the same vault cave. To correctly do the 1-2-3 vault runs you should be a different cave each time. Each stage has a specific cave and there is a specific mother node that will give you the correct bounty. The first bounty has three dots on the bottom. The second bounty four dots and the third bounty five dots. I figured all this out the hard way by making the same mistake you are making in not picking the "right" bounty
  5. The miter with it's augment is the counter to nullifier's as a limbo. The bubble can not dispel the rift if you permanently remove it.
  6. Agree 100% on that friend. My updates being behind PC but more balanced and polished is A-OK in my book. A lot of my point here is why should I even play the update right now when if I wait some weeks everything just gets better and easier. I'll play it anyway have no doubt but I'm sure not going to grind the hell out of it.
  7. Regardless, DE needs to be transparent with us to set expectations. Are they going to hot fix PC for 1 week and then bundle those fixes into a console release. Is it going to be 2 weeks? Four weeks? I don't think it's too much of an ask to get some insight into the plan.
  8. When are consoles getting the 29.0.1 to .4 balancing and fixes patches? Is this another railjack where we get the base update in time with PC and then play a month or more on the broken mess?
  9. I dusted off my crystal ball and am seeing a number between 10 and 100 plat. 55 is the most clear but the ways of trade chat are cloaked in the mist of unknown. You gave be a good laugh today... thanks for that. Been a S#&$ty weekend and seeing you get so twisted over some nothing post on the internet gives some good perspective on what's important in life.
  10. It gives him the absolute ranges and the average of the riven. If the top end price of all rivens last week was 100 plat then no matter how good he thinks his is then he can't really expect to get a higher price. In the end it is just data, do with that data what you want. I just think it's a more credible way of getting a price than some random dude on the internet throwing out a number. And if you really want to pick nits he never asked if his riven was a god roll. That's a definitive statement if I ever saw one. You rightly shot down that idea so there is that. He has an average
  11. <disclaimer> I don't want to say you are doing something wrong like an internet ass hat. I want to say that in a helpful manner. </disclaimer> If you can't easily solo the low level missions on earth then you are doing something wrong and/or your RJ isn't upgraded nearly as well as you think it is. I would suggest rather than trying to advocate for a way to not do the nightwave challenge you either get your stuff better so that you can do it or accept the fact there is no requirement for you to do it and simply skip the challenge. Granting that warframe is a coop game,
  12. DE publishes riven sale data so that you shouldn't have to ask this question: http://n9e5v4d8.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/weeklyRivensPS4.json 110 itemType"Rifle Riven Mod" compatibility"BUZLOK" rerolledtrue avg55 stddev45 min10 max100 pop1 median55
  13. You hit me with a topic here that is very aptly timed because I ran a few rapalolyst missions last night trying to get the BP I need to build wisp (again). In that mission the lowest run I had was 1500m and the highest was nearly 2000m. All through stupid gas city tiles necessitating crazy parkour or operator void dash. It sucked hard. It was boring and entirely uninteresting and took WAY too long. I did my four runs (not getting the BP) and promptly turned off warframe when at the start of it I figured I'd be playing for most of the night. Stupid me forgot how annoying that boss is made
  14. Lots of good advice already from others but I want to touch on this one point. Mod drops (and all drops in general) in warframe are very specific. Enemy X drops mod Y. A certain mission type of a tier might reward mod Z on rotation C (ex tier 1 spy or tier 3 defense). When you go about grinding mods its pretty important to identify which mod(s) you want and then figure out what drops them and at what drop rate. There are better and worse places to farm the same thing. Then its just about playing the game a bunch in the places or missions that get you the thing you want. I always sug
  15. Why keep everything? Because digit bits stored in a database don't take up space or cause a mess or in any other way impact my life in any negative way. On the flip side getting rid of something I *might* eventually use is annoying when *might* turns into the reality. Seriously embrace you inner hoarder because there is no reason not to. Chroma needing a saryn systems to build ages ago showed me why being a hoarder wasn't only OK it was GOOD.
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