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  1. 1. Looks at riven inventory sitting at 89 of 90 2. Shrugs shoulders and thinks "who the F*(*& cares"
  2. There's a lot about your post that I agree with but this point is just so far off base I can't ignore it. The riven system isn't designed to take a non-meta weapon and make it meta. For that to happen a large portion of the player base would have to recognize the weapon was a gem. They'd have to like the weapon enough to use it (not a given). They'd have to obtain a riven for it. And finally they'd have to have stats on that riven as good as yours are. If any one of those things fails to happen for an individual they aren't going to start using the weapon. On the contrary I'd say the riven system was a smashing success in this case because you and you alone had the stars line up and create a powerful weapon worthy of "maining". Congrats on that. Maybe be happy about it instead of moaning like it was a bad thing???
  3. Bounties have three distinct drop tables (rotation A, B, and C). The most obvious way these pools differ is the set mods where the gladiator, vigilante, and augur all belong to one of the rotations. The focus lenses are another item that has this pattern. The official drop tables are your friend: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html#cetusRewards
  4. In most cases, no there is no difference. The exception to this is gas (heat+toxin) where the DOT toxin procs scale off the toxin value but not the heat.
  5. There is a big difference between a "decent" amp and the strongest meta amp that people use to do 3x3 or 4x3 or 5x3 captures. Honestly I'd call anything not the mote amp to be decent. I would look to first build a 1-1-1 just to get off the mote in the cheapest possible way. You also want the mastery off of every prism so you'll build some thing like this regardless. Most of the time I run captures (in public squads looking to do 1x3 or 2x3) I use my 3-3-3. It does just fine. The strongest meta amps are going to be either the 2-2-3 (all PoE parts) or better yet 2-2-7 (including Fortuna parts). *** The numbers I'm using for the amps correspond to the tier of the part (prism, scaffold, brace). The wiki describes this in more detail: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Amp
  6. Your amp and your operator are as much or maybe even more important than your frame and weapon. A squad only needs one player capable of doing weapon damage, but everyone needs to use their amp to damage the shields. If you have the mote amp then don't expect much success in hunting eidolons. What I would suggest instead is to go out into the plains at night by yourself and hunt the vomvolysts to get intact sentient cores. Use those cores to rank up in the quills to rank 2. At rank 2 you can build an amp that is much better than the mote. In parallel to ranking the quills and building an amp you should be working on your focus farm. Unlocking all 10 way-bound passives is months of effort but it makes a tremendous difference. Other than that the advice to queue up in a public squad for the teralyst only fight is spot on. The teralyst is easy enough that one decent player can carry everyone and even 4 novices should be able to complete it.
  7. Her rank 0 base shields is 450 and 225 is half of that. I can't tell you if it's intended or a bug that it's using the rank 0 base though instead of the rank 30 base number but it certainly sounds like that is what the game is doing.
  8. I don't like Sayrn in this squad because her spore range kills enemies well outside desecrate range. Octavia would be a much better choice (AoE + buff) or just use a buffer like Rhino or Chroma. But really any frames beyond Frost + Nekros are irrelevant so use what you want. For your point #5, I like a camping approach of picking the life support room you like the best and just staying there. You'll have to skip a few towers while the other two LS rooms fill to capacity but that's worth it to me so you don't have to run across the map 15 times. Also you don't have to deal with the super crappy LS tiles, and there are a couple on Kuva fortress that I really dislike.
  9. Your frame selection matters not at all when doing spy. What matters is that you know the vault, which in all honesty is not hard to learn because the different vaults are 100% static each and every time. Within 10 completions of each you should know how you want to approach that vault. Every time. Over and over again. I would recommend spending a few minutes after you complete a vault to wander around looking for nooks and crannies. There a bunch of vaults that have very easy paths if you know them and more difficult "obvious" paths.
  10. You don't need to. DE knows you by your PSN account and your email address is an attribute of that PSN account.
  11. My first question back to you is how well do you like bows in warframe? The one shot clip makes it play A LOT like a bow, ie it really punishes you for missed shots, etc.
  12. What I like to do is fill a need with the weapon I'm building. So let's consider heavy blades because you picked the koostra. The game already has the galatine prime, the gram prime and the scindo prime as excellent heavy blades. War, paracesis, and zenistar also exist. Look at the stats of all the other alternatives that exist and see if there is something missing. Maybe all the current ones have slow attack speeds for example so you make a really fast zaw. Or you just decide Gram prime is too much power creep to ignore and build a scythe zaw instead of a heavy blade. https://semlar.com/zawcalc https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Comparison#Heavy
  13. With a 75% off market coupon absolutely buy her with plat because Onslaught is a crappy mission type. At 50% off it becomes a maybe (depends on how much plat you have). For full price though I wouldn't buy.
  14. Please make resource "scaling" be not only about the number of the resource that you get but also the type of resource that you get. What I mean by that is a MR 4 player is probably happy to get 1 or 2 orokin cells from login. At MR25 and sitting on 600 orokin cells already the game could give me 1 or 50 more and I just wouldn't care either way. Now give me a cetus wisp or a nyth or a nitain and that I would care about even if it was just 1 or 2. Most importantly as the game evolves update the system to give the new stuff. It should be obvious that the three things I listed off as stuff I would want are both harder to get and newer to the game. Fortuna is going to dump who knows how much new stuff on us that we going to start at zero with. Getting that stuff from login would be a welcome bonus.
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