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  1. It's not a question of people but rather priorities. *You* brought the angle of people working on things into this.
  2. DE has a staffing budget just like every other company on the planet so if they are spending X salary to hire employees working on X then they have restrictions on hiring people to work on Y. They also very clearly invest heavily on the graphics of the game... the point was maybe they should focus more on the core game mechanics instead. You can pretty up a turd all you want but in the end it's still a turd.
  3. Farming toriods would argue that the drop chance booster is the worst. Credits is easily the worst booster. Regardless the fact that the double resource booster isn't a sortie reward is a long standing "issue".
  4. I can't recommend that you throw lots of lua or eidolon lenses around as they are effort to farm and costly to build. You should be deciding on *how* you are going to farm focus and then use the number of lenses appropriate to that method. Personally I use Banshee stealth focus farming and for that you need one lens from each school. One goes on Banshee and the other four go onto four melee weapons of your choice (whips, polearms, what ever). Farming and building 5 lenses is easy and straight forward. Again, depends a bit on the how you farm and your overall goal. Most of the time I tell people start with the naramon nodes power spike and affinity spike. These two directly benefit your focus farm assuming you are using Banshee stealth or ESO leech trinity / rhino / buffer. My second priority is zenurik's energy pulse and energizing dash. Energy is always good no matter what you are doing. Third priority is the 10 waybound passives from all 5 schools but *only* if you care about eidolon hunting. If you aren't eidolon hunting then the waybounds don't matter a lot. After that unlock what ever you want in what ever order. There's only three nodes total in naramon that apply to melee specifically. The two I mention above and one other void stalker. They all apply to melee generically impacting your combo counter decay and affinity gained and your crit chance. It's more about a play style, killing enemies exclusively with melee attacks, than the warframe or weapon choice. Use whatever frames and weapons you enjoy.
  5. That's the system DE wants. What's so hard for you to understand about that? Then don't post that you don't have nitain and in the same thread post that you didn't farm nitain when you shoulda, coulda, woulda. Thinking that is garbage doesn't make it less true.
  6. It's not an act. Large numbers of dedicated players have been playing every single day and min/maxing the whole time. You don't have to play the game that way, but at the same time you can't expect to have the same things if you don't. The reality is if you are going to collect resources casually then you also have to spend resources casually.
  7. Unfortunately for you DE doesn't acknowledge that a nitain problem exists. Since there is no problem they aren't looking find a solution. FWIW, nitain is a problem for a band of players some where in the middle of mastery ranks needing to build a lot of stuff. New players don't need that much because they aren't building vauban prime (for example). Old players don't need much because they already built vauban prime and you only do that once. I've been sitting on the same 100+ nitain for a couple of years at least. I'll use a couple every now and again when something new is released and then top off my stock when it's convenient with nightwave points. The same way that I topped off my supply using alerts when those existed.
  8. The point is we don't have better versions of infested weapons. Maybe the mutalist cernos was a bad example (for you) but how about an "ancient" phage. Or an "ancient" scoliac. Pick an infested weapon that you use and then use your imagination to think of a better version of it. Doesn't sound so pointless does it? And yes OP, this is something people like me have been wanting for many years.
  9. What don't you get? You used the broken war DE gave you in the quest (with a catalyst on it) to build a war. Now you have war and do not have broken war any longer. Farming parts from the conculysts allows you to craft a second broken war and then use *that* to craft war. Broken war blue print + war hilt + 2 war blades == broken war War blue print + broken war == war
  10. On the other hand, being open and honest about your intentions is going to be appreciated by some. Like me for instance. I'd much rather know what a player wants and expects when they join my clan than them put on an act and tell me things just to make me want to invite them. OP, I also have a fully researched ghost clan with space in it. You're welcome to join and take what ever BP's you want. Then stay if you want or leave the clan if you prefer.
  11. Helios only scans things - be that an enemy, a piece of the environment like a barrel, or a plant - until the codex is considered complete. Then it stops scanning the thing. This is the behavior we want for enemies and barrels. It's the opposite of what we want for plants or feral kavats. The easiest way to fix this is to set the codex entries of the plants to need some crazy high number (psuedo-infinite) to complete. Helios could try and get me to 1 million scans of threshcones but I'd wager he never get there.
  12. I might be in the minority but I prefer the console system personally. Waiting on RNG to give me a coupon for plat or wait for the console wide plat sales that happen 2-3 times every year. Either way you wait and plan ahead and buy in bulk but on console the wait is guaranteed to end on a some what predictable schedule. The other main positive on console is that since plat isn't as available from people overall buying less then plat is worth more in player to player trading. Put simply the mod you buy on console should cost 50% less than the same mod on PC. The stuff you buy from the market is 50% or 75% less because of the coupons we get (assuming the coupon can be used). Another huge bonus for console that I don't personally care that much about is using plat for tennogen. Plat I bought on sale over real money is a big difference... but I don't think much tennogen is worth buying.
  13. Consoles have historically gotten two big sales and one or two other small sales every year. It is very debatable if that system is better or worse than the PC coupon locked behind RNG. How a person feels about it would largely be a factor of their luck with RNG. You also always have the option to buy prime access / prime accessories any time you want. The plat bundled in those is good value IMO.
  14. Neither of those mods is particularly hard to farm since the enemies that drop them are some of the most common in the game. It's not like we're talking about a vengeful revenant sort of farm here. I'd suggest the excavation on Earth, especially for tranquil. Back in the day that was my go to mission for farming T1 void keys and then lith relics so I've played a bunch on that node. Enough to have 15 tranquil's sitting in my inventory 🙂 Survival would be OK and enhanced by a Nekros but in all other ways the mission rewards are just worse than excavation. Of course for excavation now you could use Khora and her augment pretty effectively so that kind of washes out the nekros reason to go survival.
  15. 1. Looks at riven inventory sitting at 89 of 90 2. Shrugs shoulders and thinks "who the F*(*& cares"
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