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  1. Not intending to shoot down the idea of improving odds in the slightest, because who wouldn't want to see improving odds. But with that said, the game already has a method for you to completely avoid bad luck: trading. The baza BP was being a real pain for me and I ran a lot of radiant relics trying to get one with no luck. I told my buddy I needed one knowing he needed some things that I already had. Boom, he ran one baza relic and got the BP and one trade later we were both happy. Knowing when to stop beating your head against RNG and when to hit up trade chat is a valuable thi
  2. It's entirely possible that some other player created an in-game clan with the name you want to use. If that is the case you're going to have to use a different name.
  3. The other piece to this that has been missed so far is the number of kitguns is limited. For a long while just the four from Fortuna and now two more from Deimos. The end result is that you don't have to try very hard to get all of them. If I have all the kitgun rivens already (and I do) then a veiled mod is useless to me. I might take a look at an unveiled one for different / better stats than the one I already have though. But even that is a stretch.
  4. The nukor and the kuva nukor are entirely different weapons. DE realized a long while ago that beam weapons in general suck and the only way to get players to use them is if they chain to other enemies a la the amprex and the atomos. So the kuva nukor chains while the base nukor doesn't. Huge difference in results particularly on a SP mission with higher enemy density leading to massive amounts of chain damage.
  5. It's been a while since I've tried to calculate how many formas I've used in my warframe life time but it's easily over 1,500 (~4 yrs of building one). I am well versed in the ways that formas disappear.
  6. Having never purchased a forma myself I can tell you that it's never about speed, its about persistence. Build one forma every day and you will have more formas than you could ever possibly use. The problem players face that want formas "fast" because oh crap an update dropped with 10 new items in it is that they ignored building formas for the month prior to the update. Instead of having 30 formas sitting in inventory they have zero. Buy formas or don't, I don't care either way. I just dislike seeing the message put out that buying formas is some sort of necessity.
  7. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons_Required_as_Crafting_Ingredients The wiki is always your friend.
  8. What looks like what was happening is the game didn't think you had enough mods points (50) to install all those mods even though you have exactly 50 points. In that case where you have more mods installed than points to use the game simply doesn't apply the first mod, in this case that would be the vitality. The most common way to do something like this is have an aura mod installed, which adds mod points, and then remove the aura mod in some way (like trade it). I can't tell you why the game was confused about your mod points though. But it sounds like it doesn't matter from your l
  9. As a concept there really would be no difference between me pulling an entire necramech + necramech weapon out of my gear wheel to stand inertly on the battle field and doing the same with a second warframe + weapons. Just imagine having all three - the frame you load in with, the mech and a deployed frame - at hand to transfer between as the situation dictates. That would be extremely powerful. Way too much power creep for it to ever happen. Honestly I think the mech in all missions is too much power creep, but I guess we get that much. Adding the operator was power creep also. At
  10. You can also capture a base after running the first bounty and then the NPC at the base will have three additional T1 bounties that are different and count for the NW challenge. Basically just pay attention to the name of the bounty and make sure you aren't repeating the same name.
  11. We'll have no idea which farm is more efficient until we actually have the new update to compare. The dev workshop makes it clear that the RJ Orphix will be drops just like eidolons, not bought with currency like in the event. "Instead of earning event currency, these missions are planned to drop Arcanes, offering an alternative to Eidolon capturing squads. " That is the direct quote. So will the drops be better than a 5x3 (15 arcanes) or 6x3 (18 arcanes) in 50 minutes? Doubtful. But not everyone can actually run a 5x3... I for one couldn't because I don't care to learn how or do
  12. I agree, but the hurdle to that is their desire to update all platforms at the same time and their inability (unwillingness) to update consoles as frequently as PC. I'm amazed they can manage to do the PA release in sync once every 90 days. Every 30 days seems impossible given DE's track record.
  13. You are missing one key piece to that problem that DE wanted to solve. The new weapons (gram prime, tiberon prime, etc) were not just good, they were GREAT. Easily the best weapon in class at the point in time of release by a wide margin. Their stats were in a whole separate stratosphere as compared to the base variant that they replaced. But these weapons are (well should be) anomalies. Every one that complains about the current system points to the much more common practice DE has of releasing primes just a bit better than the base. The pyrana, the ak somati, etc, etc. Now the te
  14. Why does the mission type matter. Let's say there is a nice fast AXI capture up so I throw on my random old relic and load in on public. I look at *your* relic and see an old one also. So I quit because I want you to have a new relic and you didn't. Rinse and repeat until I have success and get the new Octavia part without ever farming a new relic myself. The OP doesn't like the behavior that I'm doing (in this hypothetical example) and wants the game to protect him from it. Honestly I think he's worrying about a non-issue. Having some dumb players quit out of the mission for a coup
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