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  1. They serve their purpose just fine. I use them to farm both plastids and polymer bundles for me so that I never have to. They are also nice when a new resource like hexon is added to the game to grow a stock pile of the stuff. Rare resources are RARE. To think an extractor is going to suddenly and magically make them common is silly.
  2. Odonata does not require neural sensors... https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Odonata
  3. A second new account is a lot easier to grind up than your first account, IMO, because you already know how the game works. You know more optimal ways to farm the things you need. And you know going in what you like and what is powerful. My main advice is to just apply all of that knowledge the best that you can. Get Nekros early. Rank up syndicates ASAP. Run a lot of spy missions for the good mods that drop from them. Prioritize prime stuff that is scheduled for the vault the soonest (release order). I'm sure others have lots more suggestions.
  4. The general rule is you spend real money only on items that you can't farm in game for free. Volt is built with blue prints in the dojo, literally you can't get any easier to build than that. Mag blueprints come from the Sergent the boss of Phobos. He's the easiest boss in the game to kill. Wasting money on either of these would be sad times. Buy slots and more slots. Farm blue prints to build things to fill up those slots.
  5. They did this because the new 5 rank tool tip was too big for the screen. It doesn't sound like you tried to buy an arcane between the update that added 5 ranks and the event update. That broken UI state was obvious though.
  6. Patch notes are your friend... there is a whole section in 27.3.0 labeled "Arcane UI Changes". The bit you care about... Arcanes that are sold in Vendor Offerings will now only show Max Rank tooltip information, and UI indication that the Arcane you’re purchasing is Unranked. This fixes Arcane tooltips expanding off screen when viewed in Vendor Offerings.
  7. I wish I could draw because this could be a hilarious cartoon. Imagine the DE conference room filled with Devs... {DE} Steve: OK gang, we really need some spicy new reward to help sell Scarlett Spear. Lot's of suggestions getting thrown around... Finally from {DE} Peon: Hey warframes have auras and we added aura forma. Since melee have stances how about a stance forma? {DE} Steve: That's it! We have it! Dev's parade out of conference room rejoicing at their brilliance Left alone in the empty room... {DE} Peon: But wait, is that even a good thing that our players need and want? Silence from the empty room.
  8. This is what a lotus pattern looks like: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kubrow_Cosmetics?file=Lotus_Fur_Pattern.png Omega is a nonsense term meaning both bulky and of the tallest height. I call it a nonsense term because height is a random attribute so my imprints that are tall more than likely will give you a kubrow that is not tall. Also height is very hard to measure so saying you have the "tallest" is difficult at best.
  9. Clear your browser cookies or use a different browser that your brother never uses so it won't have his information stored in cookies.
  10. I use Ivara for any non-endless mission (solo). For weapons I typically use the baza prime to kill the enemies but since the liches used to be status immune it wasn't great against the lich itself. For that I'd swap to the spira prime (a generically good high-crit weapon). I have never needed to care about lich immunities or resistances at any level. Crit just kills. Lately I've been messing around with the kuva chakkurr as an alternate primary (again a weapon with crazy crit stats) but I have to waste a mod slot on hush or use an exilus slot adapter. Jury is still out on if I like the weapon enough to stick with it rather than go back to the baza. Bows should also be good choices but I haven't used one myself. I would also say that Ivara is a slow option for lich farming. Instead of being fast she's super chill and a no brain power consumed option. That's what I'm looking for in a lich farm. If you want speed over anything else look elsewhere.
  11. It's just moderately slow IMO. I liked the base quartakk quite a bit and was expecting to like the kuva even more, but just as fair warning I was disappointed in the kuva version. Personal opinion and all so make up your own mind on it. I can't even tell you exactly how it falls short of my expectations, it just does. I find myself using the kuva kohm and karak way more. The bramma is of course insane and I don't have the kuva hind yet (need to kill my lich to get it).
  12. The power of PC macros and DE's heavy handed response to them. The lockdown change is the telos boltace / slide attack situation repeated. On console the boltace was never a cancer simply because we couldn't macro the crap out it. Take away an operator's ability to get energy from an energy restore (which to me doesn't make sense any way) and the problem with lockdown is solved. You can't spam what you don't have energy to cast. Frankly I'm a little pissed about this HARD HARD nerf and the timing of it. Two weeks after they jack up the cost of something by 110,000 standing to nerf it like this is not being fair to the player base. The vast majority of which is NOT abusing the stupid busted arcane that was just buffed to be stupid and busted. Seriously who at DE thought 60% scaling damage on top of hard CC was a good idea? But good idea or not that was the arance DE just shipped out to us and that was the arcane I PAID for. I surely would not have paid that cost for zero damage and a limit of 2 tether mines.
  13. So if I read your question correctly you want to know if a vault package is the same for a given warframe as when that frame was new and in prime access. Like Oberon from the vault compared to Oberon back in the day. As far as I know they are, but maybe a few in the beginning were different. DE kind of figures things out on the fly with stuff like the vault. As was said, the wiki is your friend. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime_Vault https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime_Access
  14. I had this discussion with my buddy last night as we were playing. I'm much more of a solo player than he is. For me a rank 3 repair is basically the same thing as a rank 5 because I use it to heal myself and the difference between 20% / sec and 25% / sec is not even noticeable. Like you my friend likes to heal others and there an increase from 20m range to 30m is more substantial. Every arcane has a similar trade off in functionality vs cost. I think one of the main points people are missing when they see this added cost is that you don't have to pay it if you don't want to. I'm perfectly content running my r3 repair from now until the game dies (or they change arcanes again). On the other hand a rank 5 lockdown looks like a thing that I want. That is a cost that I will be happy to pay. I sure hope DE never starts making design decisions based on how someone can or can't make plat in trade. Trading is an evolution that follows the game. It should never LEAD the game.
  15. The math is straight forward and simple. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 For the record 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 equals 21.
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