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  1. I would like to know about the 24k of armor
  2. Follow I need the noggle code too and I'm hoping there's a chance to having more Umbra noggles c.c
  3. Hey guys, I've return to play like one month ago for problems with my old potato PC that couldn't make it anymore to play Warframe I've miss few things of the updates, so they will make others Umbra then? After the long wait of our Exaliboy, what do you think, they'll make others Umbra mods with the new Umbra frames they'll make? And gratz for who buy the limited statue of Umbra, I couldn't buy it saddly...and if it's possible from others platforms, could someone spare to me an unused noggle code of Umbra for PC? Just asking in case, if not well I've tried at least..anyway lemme know your thoughts
  4. I need a PC code, could someone have one to spare with me? : \
  5. It was fun to watch but I didn't receive the twitch drop on PC
  6. Salve a tutti, ho ripreso a giocare a Warframe recentemente e cercavo un nuovo clan rigorosamente ATTIVO con cui giocare e conoscere nuovi Tenno ! Come piattaforma vocale uso Discord e non altri programmi al momento.. Beh anyway sono qui per chi volesse mandare una proposta!
  7. I've follow the guide but nothing, I didn't receive the palette ..
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