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  1. Excalibur umbra has been changed without anything in the patch note. Looks like his spectre runs out of ammo now. Is this intentional?
  2. This would be a nice edit, but i doubt you will listen to us at this point EDIT 3: We hear you loud and clear Tenno - New Auras mods and Arcanes have been removed
  3. I'd personally enjoy endo more than have these useless Arcanes that won't replace Arcane Energize/Grace/Guardian These will just dilute the drop table nones of these will replace corrosive projection so why bother? Its like you want to say you're increasing endo drop rate, but in actual fact you're diluting the drop table even more by adding these bad rewards into it
  4. I encountered this bug when there was a host migration. After the host migration i died, then it didn't let me revive as the revive timer kept counting as shown in the video
  5. TOO MUCH dialogue doing the Profit-taker bounties. Why do enemies targets spawn only after they are finished talking. We do not need to listen to the dialogue 100+ times... make the mission progress even when they are talking. even before selecting the bounty you need to listen to Eudico speaking for a couple minutes for no reason even after playing the bounties few times. TOO MUCH DIALOGUE Also, why do we drop the datamass when we go into Archwing?
  6. all the cut scenes and dialogue should be made skippable. why are you wasting our time making us sit through it every single time
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