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  1. thanks for the update , but 1% is too much! no?
  2. Can you save Limbo from dying in Rift , i don't want to see him cry ! But thanks for the good work ❤️
  3. what about increasing wolf of Saturn appearing rate? its really annoying and even when he rarely appear he drop nothing .. but thanks for the hard work though !
  4. actually when that happened it will teleport you to the spot where you used the operator ,it could be in the start of the map! hope that is fixed too !
  5. i still don't understand why Drahk Master can steal weapon from Rhino when he using Iron Skin! But really thanks for the update and for the great work !
  6. i like this even and this all new stuff as well, but for me OV not playable any more, its very laggy even if i go solo with minimum display options 😢
  7. thats great and hope you take Staticor back as it was, but i was in game before like 10 minutes and its still have slef-damage !
  8. thanks , waiting for ForTuna 2 😍
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