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  1. PS4: Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.0.9 [+hotfixes]

    Dance emotes best emotes
  2. PS4: The Glast Gambit (Update 19.5.7) Status [Live now!]

    Finally, been waiting forever for nidus it seems
  3. PS4/XB1 Operation Shadow Debt Trophies!

    mmmm that gold trophy
  4. PS4 Server Hardware Upgrade!

    Same haha
  5. Ps4: The Second Dream (U18) Status [Live Now]

    Guess ill pass out until it arrives
  6. Ps4: The Jordas Precept (U17.7.1) (+Hotfixes)

    Wait another week for the skin eh?
  7. Ps4: The Jordas Precept (U17.7) Status [Deploying October 27Th]

    Very,very close....
  8. Hallowed Nightmares Event Registration

    Have the stalker bring us bags of candy.
  9. Ps4: The Jordas Precept (U17.7) Status [Deploying October 27Th]

    Cant wait for Valkyrs Gersemi skin
  10. Add For Consoles: Manual Number Selection In Trades/dojo/simulacrum

    True. The amout of R1 spam gets pretty crazy when you buy high priced things
  11. Changyou Warframe Images Faq

    I know many tenno are relieved now
  12. [Changyou Warframe Image Megathread]

    I wonder if the "scarf" is exclusive to the excal or can their version actually purchase it from the market.
  13. [Changyou Warframe Image Megathread]

    Ugh that Nikana Prime would go so well with ash prime :c
  14. Yeah, I hate how it doesnt show the rope pieces on his arm. Annoys me lol
  15. Ps4: Tubemen Of Regor (16.5.9 - 16.7.2 +Hotfixes)

    Yea I cant log in either