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  1. Dance emotes best emotes
  2. Finally, been waiting forever for nidus it seems
  3. mmmm that gold trophy
  4. Same haha
  5. Guess ill pass out until it arrives
  6. Wait another week for the skin eh?
  7. Have the stalker bring us bags of candy.
  8. Cant wait for Valkyrs Gersemi skin
  9. True. The amout of R1 spam gets pretty crazy when you buy high priced things
  10. I know many tenno are relieved now
  11. I wonder if the "scarf" is exclusive to the excal or can their version actually purchase it from the market.
  12. Ugh that Nikana Prime would go so well with ash prime :c
  13. Yeah, I hate how it doesnt show the rope pieces on his arm. Annoys me lol
  14. Yea I cant log in either