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  1. It's still a bit early for me to give great feedback. I have 5 forma on her, only once in Hydron. I've only done one mission above level 70 with her so far. But, would still like to give initial impressions. I'm going to be mentioning two other frames because I think it's important for DE to apply their knowledge to older frames. TL;DR Most improved frame from reveal to launch. More enjoyable than I thought, but still some issues with her. Theme! When she was first revealed, I was so excited! I love the ghost aesthetic in media, it's my second favorite "theme" of all time. I do mono-ghost runs on Pokemon and even was a gym leader on two occasions for a Pokemon board. I love ghost videos for fun. I still don't think I'm in the wrong for thinking a frame named Wisp that floats around and looks very ghost-like would have been a ghost. She isn't. BUT! I do see what her theme is. Maybe I'm just giving DE an easy excuse, but I guess she's an amalgamation. That's why her theme feels so all-over. It's suppose to be a mixture. In Wisp's case, it seems to mix portal with ghost to give that "will-o-wisp" theme. I'm still very slightly upset that we didn't get a super spooky ghost frame. I called her "worse than Revenant" and I now disagree with that. She's better! Abilities 1. Reservoir. This is basically what Tribute for Titania should have been. All three buffs are useful, has a pick-up radius, affected by mods, and is much easier to use. It also shows how slow and poor Vauban's kit can be. Setting up 6 motes is way faster than Vauban setting up his traps. And! Wisp's motes last forever. Quicker, easier, and stronger. I hope Vauban's rework considers this. The ability is much better than I thought when Rebecca showed it off on the stream. The buffs are actually impactful. They're also just fun! The synergy with her three that I'll talk about is also huge. I would suggest little numbers near the ability wheel to show many of each type of mote we have. Maybe I'm missing where it shows that. 2. Wil-o-Wisp. This is a fun ability! It's really satisfying to send a wisp in one direction, kill some goons in a different direction, pop her third ability, then teleport to your wisp and start stomping on some more goons. It goes a long ways to removing any downtime (however low in Warframe) between goons. I really enjoy the thought of this ability and the uses. Sometimes I teleport to a place where there are no enemies. Sometimes into a wall or the wisp got stuck on a small ledge. Still, really enjoy this. 3. Breach Surge. This deserves an award for "most improved ability" or something. I seriously thought it was the worse ability I've ever seen in a Warframe preview. Forced dependency with little effect. It looked so bad when revealed! The version we got in-game is honestly amazing. Like her second ability, I love love love teleporting. This adds to that! Setting up motes in strategic places for teleportation is one of the most gratifying feelings. Combined with her 2 you can really be anywhere you want to be. The effect it gives is also really nice! It doesn't just clear maps with little effort like some frames do. It just rewards shooting goons. I think more abilities should follow this example. Enhanced gameplay rather than dominant gameplay. 4. Sol Gate. I spoke about really disliking this ability and asked that if they removed it from Wisp to not give it Ember. I get the whole "praise the sun" joke. After playing Wisp, I find that I still don't like it. It's better than I thought it would be. Able to use her 2nd ability and having the chance to speed yourself up by not holding down left-click are great. It's still a channeled ability that I don't want to use. I'd rather be teleporting around. When you have all your motes up and enemies are affected by Breach Surge, it deals pretty decent damage. More than I thought it would! But, I can also just shoot the enemy and not have to worry about slowing myself down or spending energy. I do think it needs to tick damage just a bit faster. Even at the slight cost of damage. It does slow down gameplay quite a bit. I still use it occasionally in hopes something clicks. In the Simulacrum where I don't have to worry about dodging or anything, it does kill level 120 heavies in just a couple of seconds. So does most weapons in Warframe. 5. Passive. Her passive is pretty nifty. It doesn't work as well as I hoped with the new mods (a lot of that falls on the mods), but it can still be useful for escaping a tricky situation by just jumping around. Which is great since that's what you do in Warframe, anyways! The animation is nice since I like being shiny and really didn't like the animation for it on the stream. So! I think Wisp is probably the most improved frame we've received. Her theme makes more sense to me even though I'm still not 100% on board. Teleportation is so fun. Her channeled 4 still isn't fun to me, but that may change as I get better with using her 2. I also want to mention that I run with rank 3 Energize, so I have no idea what her energy situation is like. I hope she serves as a standard for future frames and reworks due to her synergy and fluid play. Titania and Vauban would benefit greatly from lessons learned! I hope she gets more unique animations but understand if DE considers that part of her finished with. I also hope to see more unique animations in the future! Such as having Wukong more agile walking/running. As for the future of Wisp in my game, I'm not sure if I'll still be using her like a month or so from now when the new car feeling is gone. She isn't nearly as bad as I thought she would be, but let's not get ahead of ourselves! I do plan to keep playing for quite a bit. Edit: I do understand not giving her unique animations for melee. That would be a ton of work in order to make it look right with each stance. I do really hope to see a unique aiming animation in the future. It's kind of strange to being aiming and seeing Wisp bounce like she's walking. Not a big deal at all. But, would be nice to see. Thank you for all the work!
  2. As a solo player, does this mean the only thing changing is Arbs are going to get harder? Not terrible since they were pretty easy with the right loadout (usually tank). Just wondering! The problems I have with Arbs is the annoying anti-fun drones preventing frames like Titania from being used and the reward:time ratio. Thanks for taking a shot at fixing a game mode that I rarely read anything positive about! But, I think this update kind of misses the mark. Looking forward to the cosmetics.
  3. I've already left feedback a couple of times in this thread, but eh. She's just a couple tweaks away from being amazing and I would like to see some of those happen. - I don't think Balefire is justifed to have a slow effect. It's one of the smallest weapons in the game with a very unimpressive charge mechanic. What exactly is slowing her down? I legitimately think it would be a buff to the ability to just remove the charge all together. The exalted weapon does decent raw damage, but there's not much reason to use it outside of Aegis Storm. The slow when charging is just the nail in the coffin for it. - Shield Pillage is great... against Corpus. It doesn't even need to be great against the Corpus though since Corpus have nearly no means of killing Hildryn. While stealing the shields of a heavily-shielded faction sounds great, there are also plenty of other ways that makes this a fairly small benefit. I'd love to see a rework/buff to this ability that allows it to be effective at granting Overshields when fighting the Grineer and Infested. Hildryn's greatest weaknesses are Slash Procs and Toxin Damage. While the status procs from Slash and Toxin aren't likely to oneshot a decently built Hildryn (ie the Hildryns that have more than 315 HP because they didn't just slap Vigor on and thought it was a good idea), they'll eventually win the war of attrition unless you have Arcane Grace or Arcane Repair (100% suggest running one of these, it's mandatory on Hildryn). The cleanse is great, but you're going to be spamming this often if you want to avoid all proc damage. Toxin Damage (not the proc it often gets confused with) will kill any frame unless they are built specifically against it. I wish I could think of a good mechanic to reduce the amount of casts needed for Shield Pillage since you're spamming it way too often in higher level missions. But, just increasing it's effective against Grineer and Infested would be great. I would trade away some effectiveness against Corpus to achieve that. - Haven is (like most of Hildryn's kit) either really great or really not. The low base range means allies have to hug Hildryn and the effectiveness varies wildly depending on your team. The damage is only useful against Lith Fissue level missions. I think this ability gets undersold a little bit, but I'd still be hesitant to call it a great ability. Allowing it to affect defense objectives that aren't alive such as excavators would be nice! And! Give it a reason to use when playing solo other than protecting your companion (which really just ends up highlighting how ineffective this ability can be in practice). Any other support frame makes using this ability more of a downside than something useful. I find there are a lot of times when toggling this ability on would only hurt the Hildryn. - Aegis Storm is a lot of fun! Thanks for the dodge! But! Why doesn't Balefire appear during this without the need to toggle it on? Even if you purely want to CC with Aegis Storm, there is no reason not to have Balefires equipped. All it does is add a tiny little hurdle to start having fun in Aegis Storm. Tiny hurdle can get grating after having to jump over them so often. It can also be a little difficult to see while in Aegis Storm (even more so with a bright Energy color), so I think the FOV could use another take or it's own slide bar in the options. A bit of a stretch, but being able to use a heavy weapon while in Aegis Storm would be great. I disagree with the ability to use primaries and secondaries during Aegis Storm since this would make Balefire completely useless. But! Since heavy weapons have a cooldown, then maybe they wouldn't completely replace Balefire. Her signature weapon is a heavy weapon, so even more fitting! Put all that muscle to use! I do really like Hildryn and will continue to play her regardless. But, she could be so much better with a couple of tweaks and shifts!
  4. Please please please let Haven affect objectives. It's not like it's really a strong ability, anyways. I've been playing Hildryn almost exclusively since she's released. I agree with a lot of feedback here! She's just a few tweaks away from being amazing, much like Garuda was on release. Aside from fixing bugs (such as not being able to dodge roll after jumping for the rest of the mission after using her 4), being able to affect objectives with Haven would be so nice and give that ability a nice use. Edit: I don't mean to imply that Haven is completely useless. It just isn't great, and even more so when playing solo. Affecting objectives would be a nice bonus. I guess it could get out of hand if DE decides to rebalance Haven's numbers, though! Edit2: AND! While I don't really agree with the ability to use other weapons while in Aegis Storm (not really against the idea either), I do think she should be able to use archguns while in Aegis Storm. At least make Balefire auto activate on Aegis Storm since even if you don't want to spend the shield on using them, there's pretty much no reason to not have them out since it's all you can do.
  5. Hello! Loving Hildryn. I've been waiting for a new "top 5" frame for a while. So glad to add Hildryn to that mix! I think she's great, but there are a few opinions I'd like to share. - Absolutely love her stances. ❤️ - I feel like I'm missing something with her dodge. Is it just a new animation? It's a very cool animation! But, I would really surprised it didn't knock enemies down or that I couldn't use it as some form of minor upward thrust. A small knockdown on this would be great. Or! It's likely I'm just missing something here. I thought at first maybe it carried your forward momentum a bit or it was slightly longer than the roll, but this doesn't seem to be the case. 1. The slow walk during her first ability isn't fun and I have no idea why she even does that. It looks really goofy. Nothing like a big and strong frame to do. I could understand if she summoned the massive weapon platform that she carried strapped to her back or something, but it's just a little hand beam thing. Removing the walk would be amazing. Maybe even add the ability to dodge during the charge. It also swaps back to your Secondary weapon after using it. It would be nice if it swapped back to whatever weapon you had before. This is more of a "learn-to-play" issue. But! The hitbox on this projectile is extremely small. Maybe add a tiny bit of tracking to it? You can miss smaller stationary enemies when your reticle is red because of small the hitbox is for it. 2. Her two is either really great or really not. The scaling with non-shielded enemies can be a little bit of an issue. It's not as detrimental that Mag's effectiveness is increased against Corpus since she still has options when her abilities are slightly weaker. Hildryn does have issues when she can't replenish her shields, it completely shuts her down. Not being able to use it during her 4th ability also isn't fun but I get why y'all didn't allow that. I'll talk more about this later. 3. I'm not 100% understanding her 3rd ability. Mostly not understanding why it doesn't affect objectives. The buff it provides seems to be very slim. Not totally useless! It may be because I'm running with 155% strength and that isn't enough. I pretty much only toggle this on when Arcane Aegis procs. Otherwise, it feels like a bad use of her shields. Feels really weak over level like 40ish missions. 4. Her 4th ability is the reason to play Hildryn. Feel like Iron Man! I really enjoy it. BUT! Still some issues. Her two becomes unusable. I get that it was probably a balance decision. Can we maybe have her 2nd ability change while in Aegis Storm mode? The part that really doesn't feel like Iron Man is the lack of explosions and general weapon prowess. Maybe allow her two to become a missile of some kind? It can deal damage is a small area and refund some shield back to Hildryn (not enough to pay for itself) if it deals damage. It can restore some shield if it hits an ally. Much like Garuda was when she released, she's just a few tweaks away from being amazing. Looking forward to Hildryn's future! - Pyrana Prime's animation for the second weapon doesn't function properly on Hildryn.
  6. Eh, nevermind. Here's to hoping for more changes to Titania. Just a quick reminder she is extremely squishy and her defenses currently rely on RNG while being a very energy hungry frame. Unlike a frame like Limbo who is also very squishy, but has complete control over his damage taken while also being a low-cost energy frame. Please tune her around enemies higher than level 30 or 40 since she currently isn't.
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