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  1. or custom moa pets, more skins for kubrow and kavat, archgun deployer, K-drive, free cosmetics for operator (maybe not those since you can buy them all for plats) , plushies, cool fishes / robo fishes for your quarters, decoration objects from fortuna... also rewards from limited time events that only happen there. i think thats quite the quantity of content missed
  2. true, its their game and they can put whatever they want on whatever warframe they please, but that doesnt make it seen any better when they especifically asked for feedback on zephyr, about tailwind, and then proceed to completely ignore the players who gave their feedback, it would have been better to just ask for flight abilities in general and we wouldnt be having this disscusion, but no, it was directed to zephyr players, and we just got shoved aside when they didnt felt like investing more in zephyr.
  3. and this is why androginous characters dont work
  4. it has to do with contrast / effect intensity / bloom, at this point all the graphical effects are a mess XD just lower effect intensity to 70- 75 and contrast like to 45, that should stop messing with adaptive exposure who IMO idk why the heck do we have it linked to all other graphical effects ¬¬ if it doesnt work, restart the game after applying the changes
  5. says the one that thinks calling people salty is a good escape to respond properly, the level of hypocresy in your comment XD
  6. OMG loosen up the blindfold a little dude, the changes to tailwind were mediocre and that hover is just painfull to use,its evident, and you know it, you are just defending a lost argument here. use turbulence? ive been using it since zephyr came out, but guess what, thats not the only skill that should work properly on her either DE fix their bs or they remove the description for zephyr "dominating from above" cuz she doesnt fly nor hovers, she just jumps
  7. i like shields, but i hate she having a hover that pretty much should be on zephyr
  8. being honest my only problem is that mediocre hover zephyr has right now (tho changing the one direction jump for a really fast hover seems more fun),and dont bs me is enough cuz its not, its literally a stay frozen in an awkard position for a jokingly short period, just look at this: what is this? "oh give me a minute to charge my hov-" ups too late you are already dead, not to mention the height linked to charge time is just dumb, many times i end up hitting the sealing of even the big room tilesets now what is this? you cant move! what a nice feature!, it even lasts and behaves the same as aimglide for some reason...lets try the normal aim glide that works on every warframe... oh wait IT was an aim glide with a really long charge time, uncontrolled height and with no movement while gliding, wow, oh sure it is enough for zephyr, well designed too, not at all just a copy/pasted mechanic slapped on top of another with more inconveniences, oh no...
  9. look at titania and hildryn, thats what we wanted for the mayority of tilesets, im forced to play titania over zephyr on those maps cuz titania's movement system when flying actually works, and i dont think theres much being asked, just a better controll for zephyr while in the air, a more durable hover, but no, apparently new frames get that priority
  10. in a more controlled way, not like a damn rocket that is almost like a really far jump
  11. getting too salty? some people played zephyr since she came out, waited patiently for Years for her to get a rework, hell i was giving my propper feedback along with many others who wanted zephyr to be able to fly even DE asked people in the design council about tailwind, the response was almost unanimous, people wanted zephyr to be able to fly, and to agravate things, most of those ideas were used on other frames instead of zephyr, this is not getting salty for a trivial thing, this is an acumulated grudge from many failures over the years from DE to give zephyr fans what they wanted.
  12. oh look i keep getting my post deleted i wonder why, so im going to post again i fully support this dude, at every single word, and seeing how lately how DE's moderation tends to just dissapear stuff im really getting inclined at DE hondling a grudge/being really aphatic against zephyr
  13. is not much of a biggie, in fact i think i like the auto blocking, and you sill can use the melee combos that require the mouse button, you just need a different timing, i usually just hold it and the combos pop up, and channeling i had to rebind the button cuz i already use all the buttons from my mouse for primary weapon special abilities. its the same stuff but with practically just auto blocking, which still works for sword and shield weapons
  14. just for overreacting to this like an oversensitive millenial you deserve me mocking you
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