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  1. I cant get exited about content i know its going to be lacking, besides right now theres bigger fishes out there claiming all of my attention (doom eternal and half-life: Alyx)
  2. Those are called sentinels... does nobody read the lore?
  3. dude, what i said over and over while playing anthem these past month was "people are being so unfair with this game", the story is quite good, the characters are likeable, the game-play is fun, and the customization is pretty robust (only on javelins, but no javelin looks the same in the time ive been playing with other people is sure the optimization is garbage, but that is the fault of the engine, and bad administration, the devs at bioware still have the touch, but is such a tragedy what they had been though, (incompetent direction) but hey at least i know this, the big boss of EA likes anthem, plus at least EA is been giving their flops a second chance, this time hopefully with more time to come back, better (cuz the actual game is good but with a bad rep) just like no man's sky did
  4. well nowdays im playing anthem, and the movement system there is what warframe never did with zephyr, and despite what people say about anthem, it is a legit fun and long game. the combos, the difficulty settings, the enemies, the loot, the lore setting, maybe its because i got burned out of warframe, but anthem just hits me in all the right spots ive been waiting years for DE to do with warframe, and anthem was a commercial flop, that's saying something
  5. dude we keep going in circles, so, just re read my previous post cuz im getting tired of repeating myself XD
  6. and so far i haven't seen all of what was announced.
  7. im not taking it as gospel truth, it actually resonates with the conclusions i reached by my own after playing the content (i maxed out my raijack, and got all of the avionics, plus the weapons, i think the only thing left for me to get is max rank on intrinsics and the ephemera) and looking at the videos again, lets face it, DE didnt delivered completely on what they announced, making other content between the announcements and the release is not excuse, its not the players problem to forgive that fk up, its on DE for not doing what they said they were going to do, nothing more nothing less. and i bet if people didnt get vocal about DE mistakes, DE could just do nothing about it and move on to the next big thing. i like the game and the devs, but im not going to go blindfolded just because they are a "small" indie company, or because they have good PR.
  8. you clearly haven't seen the same tennocon as me cuz from all that light-show i only saw the raijack and the half-baked liches being delivered
  9. im not denying the work they did to keep the money flowing, if anything i enjoyed some of those things, but my problem is their bs of announcing stuff they are not going to deliver much much later, and ill keep calling it a no man's sky situation where the devs seriously bit more than what they can chew, how about not announcing nothing at all and just do it when they have the certainly of actually having something, every tennocon is the same bs, they render a pretty convincing fake game-play then after years they deliver the reality of that idea, which is bare-bones cuz everything that could go wrong, went wrong, they keep over-hyping stuff then after that the consequences explode in their faces, and the players faces. im just telling people that they shouldn't expect to get what its being announced and much less listen to the you-tubers who make things worst even, DE may not deliberately lie about what they announce but they fk up, and announcing content is part of the cycle of development, that's a fact
  10. ? wut, what are u smoking that was before the railjack's announcement... that was also before fortuna... that got announced years ago, came with a slide show, and a warframe that got released years ago in china... right...nyx 2.0 with a simpler model and another nightmare mode with repurposed assets as invulnerability drones, and recycled reward tables with some extra mods those two were kinda nice, if it wasnt because it was 2 different models put on eidolons with a bunch of mobs as a pain in the butt they just added extra plants...reused a scrapped eidolon, and made excavation with a twist... 8 unoriginal warframes that at this point are lesser versions of already existing ones, reworks dont require all of the resources (and still they take years to make them), gun exilus is just extra code, liches that were butchered from what they announced about raijack, reskins of already existing weapons with different models or textures. sure they worked on other stuff, but why?, when they were supposed to deliver on what they already announced? we just got crumbs, and the main course was just a half cooked mess, and for worst they released it just on the holidays, where people had to deal with game breaking bugs for a whole month. just to get some hotfixes after. they should just work on the damn thing they announced and then, make all of the other stuff nobody asked them to do
  11. have you thought of...call me crazy but...have you tried not looking at the window that is above you?
  12. ok...but use a dairy for that don't you think? or the off-topic section of the forums
  13. my problem with empyrean is that it was so much less than what they hyped, that's my problem, empyrean became a no man's sky over the course of 2 tennocons two of them! it was ambitious? yes, but they had 2 damn years to make it, and they just delivered the bare minimum for the mode to work, absolutely no content at all with scrapped stuff everywhere, they just gave us the raijack, which is good, its fun, i had like 1 week of fun with it, but only that, the rest was just grinding, sucking every drop of fun from it cuz all the raijack maps were the same stuff with different background: we didnt got kuva liches as raijack procedural bosses. we didnt got transitions between plains type maps and raijack maps we didnt got exploration raijack missions we only got a seriously washed out progression system for raijack and the worst part is that they still chose to use the "mainline" release format, which now killed raijack the same way it killed archwing they are so scared to actually take the risk of implementing raijack and archwing into the main game, they keep making "islands of content" and now its weeks now of nothing but little bug fixes for a mode that was dropped already by the comunity for how i see it, this isnt going to get better, people think the new war is going to fix everything, that is going to get big, but let me tell you, new war is going to take at least 2 years more to come, and its going to be a bs update with barely any content, just a few sentients here and there, at least 2 minutes of cut-scenes filled with bad cryptic writing, some new mods, more skins as an excuse to spend money, and a lot of unfulfilled expectations. DE is full of damn good developers, but their management to get stuff being done is garbage.
  14. enemies should never have hit-scan weapons,one of DE's biggest mistakes ever, that's game development 101...
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