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  1. Umm.. DE... you done leaked an unreleased weapon..
  2. Why Kenya? Are they homesick Kenyan running spiders?
  3. Licking every inch down here isn't counted as cleaning? Well this is awkward...
  4. Hey.... That's my hiding spot...
  5. I can already hear the non conclave plebs complaining that DE is forcing them to do conclave. Let me get my mug so I can catch and sip their tears. *actually likes the new mode but the delay and lag still sucks*
  6. Ohh I like the lewds. I like them much very. *Night4ce has joined the cesspool*
  7. The same discord JakeyPrime runs?
  8. ....... Never mind.. this IS the cesspool.. *lol*
  9. I see.. I guess in my spare time at work I'll assist with that and chill here.
  10. How so different? Seems like this is a slightly disguised general chat thread to hide from the rest of the cesspool that is the casual poster..
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