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  1. Yup. It's a problem that Bungie has with Destiny and it's a problem that DE has with Warframe. They just cater to whoever whines the loudest.
  2. We got relics because people were sick and tired of doing everything in the Void in order to get Primes. Once Relics were introduced the Void had basically NO reason to exist. With this change the Void would be brought back into the fold and actually have a purpose for being played. This definitely is a move to get back to the way things were before, and if you REALLY don't like the Void, then people can just wait a year for the Prime they want to be put in the general pool lmao
  3. Currently the Void serves basically no purpose other than to look pretty and be a place with high-level content with no meaningful rewards outside of Argon Crystals. I think it would stand to reason that the Void should serve as the primary source for the latest and greatest Prime gear. The best way to handle this would be to set the newest three Prime sets (the current being Octavia, Nezha, and Inaros) and have their relics farmable specifically through the Void missions. Higher tiers dropping the newest Prime relics. With specific target farming this would mean th
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