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  1. Something that always bugged me about the Survival missions is how reliant they are on the Life Support system. Couple that with low-enemy spawn rates in solo play and it gets really annoyingly difficult to do a solo-survival for a long time without using a looting frame or other looting sources. I think Survival missions should all get a new coat of paint depending on the faction that's being played. Grineer Survivals should continue to be based on life support since it would make sense for the Grineer soldiers to be ultra-expendable in the effort to drive off the Tenno. There would
  2. The weapon Exilus slots were an awesome addition to the game that actually helps improve build diversity, though at a very annoying cost. Often players will unlock the slot and just be stuck with the polarity they have in the weapon because it's not worth the extra forma to change the Exilus polarity, but also to add even more capacity by polarizing the rest of the main 8 slots. I think Weapon Exilus slots, and Exilus slots, in general, should all have the universal polarity that Stance and Aura Forma give so that they're more accessible as a progression mechanic. As a result, weapon Exilus
  3. I think he'll be a completely different looking warframe that's completely adorned in Orokin splendor as Ballas was able to masterfully craft the infestation to make him completely clean and pristine, still with his current power set but, as a concept, relying heavily on the powers of the Helminth and Infestation. It could be a neat bit of lore where the Tenno-made version of Nidus is all overgrown because our tech couldn't handle the technocyte and it would metastasize too rapidly to control very well without massive overgrowth.
  4. If DE were to skip over Nezha Prime we would get Nidus next.
  5. Can we get an update that addresses performance and frame time? The game is really well optimized and I can get well over 120fps, but in a lot of tile sets my frame time is well over 15ms making the game feel really sluggish and slow. Is there any kind of update we can get that will resolve those issues?
  6. Now that more and more weapons are having really neat gimmicks to them I think it's time that older, forgotten weapons receive some love as well. Weapons like War and the Stalker set, while decently powerful, feel a bit lackluster compared to other options. The current state of Heavy Blades leaves a lot to be desired, with Gram Prime basically being a better Galatine Prime in every way and the Galatine Prime outshining every other Heavy Blade in the exact same way. Weapons like War get pushed away for being too hard to acquire, but I think it's a perfect candidate to get a Sentient themed
  7. Every Warframe will have a Prime. It's possible that Nidus Prime is completely different looking from regular Nidus, something to do with the superior Orokin design being able to encapsulate the Infestation better whereas the Tenno designs allowed for overgrowth.
  8. Cool, Ash was a really top tier warframe for about a month and then you guys had to nerf him. Why is Marked for Death so overpowered when Equinox does pretty much the same thing but on a galactic scale? Give Ash some love, ffs.
  9. Funnily enough Void damaged already has a status proc. It's special effect is a bullet magnet. Any enemy with a Void status effect will suck in bullets. Also, the increased damage taken by all sources already exists. That's the new effect that Viral has.
  10. Something that this game has had a problem with recently are big, bulky frames with big, bulky cosmetics. They're cool and they look nice, but a lot of frames have issues with cosmetics obstructing the camera and reticle. Chroma's Deluxe skin had to be altered to flip bits up when aiming because they would obstruct the view. I think it's time we get proper camera height adjustments as well as tech to stop flowing syandanas like the Repala Syandana from completely covering the reticle while aim-gliding. https://i.imgur.com/ScBbUQi.mp4 An example of what I'm referring to for the clo
  11. I agree that positivity is necessary but when DE has a patent history of making content, pushing it out, and then abandoning it completely for something new I think we need to put our feet down and say "hey #*!%ers, fix this other S#&$ before you move onto something else like you did with Railjack"
  12. I think the drop tables might just be completely borked because gem nodes are always supposed to be rarer than ore nodes yet the last like 7 or 8 times I've went out to go collect resources I've seen probably 5 gem nodes for every 1 ore node which is NOT supposed to happen. On top of that I've been finding tons and tons of the two rare gems. Often 10-20 in one short run. Something's clearly wrong.
  13. Thaumica has an unbelievably low drop rate and is required for building a Nechramech. Currently the only way to get it is by plat-buying it or finding it at a Pylon. You can still technically find it from ore veins but they have a >1% drop rate.
  14. Farming pylons shouldn't be the answer for getting a resource that's not even the rare ore but, for some reason, exists at a >1% drop rate.
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