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  1. Just more reasons for DE to change how Forma work. They should simply polarize a slot rather than changing the polarity entirely. DE should allow us to freely change the polarity of a mod slot once it has a forma in it. It will open up huge doors for different build capabilities.
  2. You essentially just get an extra warframe slot at that point. If you already have them, just delete the frame and weapons and enjoy the accessories if you bought them.
  3. It seems to be the trend with new Primes. Plus DE has said that they're working on making all warframes' skins use PBR. Rhino was confirmed to be the first since he's basically the first frame everyone gets after their starter.
  4. I mean Hydroid and Zephyr are the next to be Primed, so they're probably going to get PBR updates too.
  5. I think we've all run into this issue more than a few times in our Warframe days. We're running some Defense missions on Public and things are going great. You're leveling up weapons and frames, and right when it comes time to either extract or keep going and everyone votes to go. You jump back in because "eh, why not?" Just before the timer hits 0, everyone else but you leaves because it just so happened that the squad you joined in on colluded to troll you into playing either an extra 5 rounds of a defense mission, or fail/abort and lose everything you got. It's horribly scummy and makes everyone on the losing end feel like crap. Why is there no fix for this? Why is there no lock where once you choose to extract, you NEED to extract, or if you choose to say you HAVE to stay, no trolling.
  6. When can we see a fix coming for Fatal Teleport throwing Ash at an enemy but not performing a finisher when one is available?
  7. The Mastery Rank test button is still gone ._.