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  1. quick color scheme above Yesterday night I drew something. It resembled a warframe so I said, well, i'm going to draw a warframe. I named her Sapha after the word for claw in Sanskrit. Unlike Garuda, she does not have claw weapons. Instead, she gets her name from the three claw scratches on her belly-plate. With a made-up story, everything can fit together in one piece. I am generally lazy, but will make an exception here to write a background for her. So here it goes; After the New War a Tenno named [REDACTED] crashed down to the surface of the Planes of Duviri. Her Warframe was nowhere to be seen after the crash. She looked at the sky to see Empyreans clashing into each other, falling out of orbit; and Corpus Dreadnoughts raining fire upon the surface, to show the System who is the boss. [REDACTED] stood up to get help, for she had a broken leg. She yelled out into the vast and empty terrain. No signs of any lifeforms to be seen, no traces of her Warframe, no hints of hope to surviving. She then, passed out. [REDACTED] woke up in a large hut, decorated with heads on spikes, made from what it lookled like to be clay, and lots of shiny decorations that reminded her of the Orokin. Then and there she had a flashback to before she fell down, to what happened that got their Empyreans to explode. All she remembered was this red alert. What was it, she thought to herself, only to realise that was the emergency alert of the Empyrean. She remembered her friends talking about an intruder. Someone broke into it, managed to take over the controls of it and deliberately crashed it to a dreadnought. This doesn't make sense, she thought. Why sacrifice a dreadnought in the process? Someone knocked on the door. Came in just a long hand stretched towards her, making a gesture that looked like an invitation. [REDACTED] stood up and got outside. She was horrified with what she saw, she immediately dashed back into the hut using her void powers. The crowd. They all were Orokin figures. Long and asymmetrical arms, almost plastic faces with the whitest eyes, gold and blue tinted skin, deformed legs that looks melted into the ground... They kept knocking on the door until one of them shouted "TENNO!" and broke in through the door. He attempted to grab [REDACTED] by the arm but [REDACTED] managed to dash outside, through him. She dashed until the huts were far away. A quick alarm went off in the village, the word "TENNO" was being repeated everywhere. Then a voice started speaking through the air: "TENNO! WE KNOW WHERE SHE IS. YOU WANT IT BACK, YOU SHOW YOURSELF!" They know where Sapha is, [REDACTED] said to herself. "I must go back". When [REDACTED] reached the village, armed Orokin look alikes were pointing spears at her. They looked nothing like the ones she saw. These ones were dressed in robes and their bodies were not so deformed. They must be royalty, she thought to herself. A figure approached. He spoke in a language that [REDACTED] did not understand. Then he said "That means 'Welcome!' in our language. Please follow me". They walked a dirt path, towards a platform. She could see her, waiting still. You found her, [REDACTED] said to the man. "We found your tool, yes." he continued. "We saw damages and repaired the damages. It seems like she has a mind of her own. It acts like she has a mind of her own. We found her near the hill over there. She had an encounter with a, uhh... A bear, Ostrons name it. She had scratches in her chest, legs and arms; basically everywhere. We filled those in and painted them out for you. We breathed life back into her again. Now there is one condition before giving it to you..." They reached the platform and [REDACTED] dashed to touch her Warframe, in hopes of getting out of there. But the man hit her while she was one with the void. [REDACTED] fell on the ground and hit her head. "Please forgive me, but we must have a deal first". "What do you want?" she said angrily. "If you want her back, Sapha, is it? If you want Sapha back, you need to destroy a military camp not far from here." "Who are you anyways?" she shouted. "It is not of importance who we are, but we know what you are. A killing machine that fell from the Void. A demon. Not an ordinary one too. You've bestowed yourself the gift of a new schematic; a new shell, taken away from the Collector." [REDACTED] looked at the man in shock and regret. Fine, she said. "I'll do it." "It is important that we must see your actions. If we don't, we will activate the bomb we placed on your shell. See the shiny necklace? Don't touch it. Now go." *Back in your Orbiter you get a distress signal, coming from the semi-military base of Solaris United in the Plains of Duviri. You go there to investigate only to see bodies and traces of Warframe pieces, damaged and scattered across a certain radius. You then head towards the village to start your journey.* Ahem, so, yeah. This is the backstory I made up for her. There are a few things I want you to understand here; I did not decide on her abilites, but I can say she is a "collector" warframe. She might encapsule enemies in capsules for you and your teammates to shoot at, and once they die, they get scanned automatically, with her 4th ability, that costs almost the entire energy pool to cast (around 300?) this warframe was designed by Simaris, The Collector is Simaris, for he collects specimens. But this Tenno stole the schematics off of him and ran with it. Simaris didn't send a stress call to you or the others because this was a secret project he had been working on unbeknownst to Lotus. If she found out he was into crafting Warframes, Simaris could be in trouble. The reason Duviri know, is because they have spies in Larunda. this story resides in the sanctuary as a scan-log. You need to scan the pieces to get this lore. from there story can be enlarged. I do not have the time nor the resources to write more. Thank you all for reading. --edit: oh also, this is my first barely-anatomical drawing ever! I'm proud of it!
  2. This is my Nidus work. I hope you like it! Edited for re-upload*
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