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  1. I feel like this needs to be pointed out. So one of my friends, username Azileo, has had to play the game with his HUD scale at 250. Why? Well, he is blind in one eye, born that way, and has to use medications to keep the other eye from going blind. I recently played with him, and he kept saying that due to the game's lighting style, he couldn't see the enemy's models. He could see their health bars just fine, he couldn't see the enemies themselves since they blended so well with the background. May I also point out that he has had this game since it first came out 8 years ago, and has only completed the very first mission now, due to this problem? So look, there needs to be a setting that outlines enemies, setting them apart the environment, maybe making the thickness adjustable, so you can better tell an enemy apart from the environment.
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