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  1. Dhrekr

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    OH NO POOR PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING! Let's all feel very sorry for people who have everything. Poor, poor us. Having no choice because you already own everything is basically the textbook definition of misery.
  2. Dhrekr

    [Solved] Forum changed languages...

    Go to the bottom of this page. Or of any page. Completely at the bottom there's a black space with things like "Warframe", "Account", "Community". Above it there's three menus: "Language", "Theme", "Contact us". Yup, that easy. I mean, obviously "Language" is written in the current language, so you might have to look for "Langue" or "Sprache".
  3. Dhrekr

    limbo's operator theory

    Always look on the bright side of life! That said, the more I think about it, the more I want DE to finally explain the Quill! I always assumed that it was Gara's operator (at least, the Gara who protected Cetus all those years ago) who collaborated with them, but... They obviously have a Tenno connection, and there's definitely space for a quest featuring the Quill, Gara's operator and the mysterious Unum, to answer all the questions we have 🙂
  4. Dhrekr

    limbo's operator theory

    I would really premise that EVERYTHING in this discussion is spoiler-ific. Hm no. Operators are non-aging mutated Orokin children. The Oro of the Limbo operator was destroyed during the old war. Quill Onko is a middle-aged Cetus inhabitant. He was born and raised in Cetus. We know his childhood friends. I don't think it's a particularly close match. But there are obviously strong links between the Quills and the Tenno.
  5. Dhrekr

    Nezha Ability Buffs

    You are right. I mean, I play Nezha as a CC character - both his 1 and his 4 are very effective in CC-ing enemies. But for anything else... his 2nd is rather terrible - the healing pulses are somewhat fiddly and the teleport is really quite unreliable. I guess that it'd be interesting to have an exalted glaive, as you say! I could see the glaive becoming his new ultimate, and maybe the fire spears being moved to the 2nd power (and maybe given some healing properties, I guess).
  6. Dhrekr

    There are no ore veins in the cave....

    Ever since PoE dropped, it has happened to me that no ore or gems spawn in the whole PoE. Like, no gems in the whole map. Happens every now and then, especially when I'm playing solo - it doesn't happen a lot if someone else is hosting. I think it's because my computer is a potato and it just runs out of memory or whatever before being able to spawn the ore and gems. So I can personally attest that you are right, OP. For me it's always been the case, so I don't know if the latest hotfix made any difference.
  7. Dhrekr

    Deluxe Skin Accessory Pack

    Yes. What you do is you self-report your own thread, select "it's ok but I want to tell the moderators about it" and ask the moderators to move it. It's a very simple trick and as an added plus you don't lose the discussion that had already happened. Win win.
  8. Dhrekr

    Deluxe Skin Accessory Pack

    In case you forgot about it, here is the two-days old thread in which you ask the same thing: Are you hoping that if you create a new thread every two days DE will change their minds faster? (Also: this change is not going to happen, in my opinion, but what do I know).
  9. Dhrekr

    Survival and being taken hostage.

    "A" post? There's probably been three. Each single week. For the last six years. DE has not done a thing about it, although they did ponder whether they should use the same system of PoE. But it was one of those reflections like "well we have implemented it, maybe it can be copied to other game modes", nothing more concrete. Don't keep your hopes high.
  10. Dhrekr

    Which opticor riven is better?

  11. Dhrekr

    There are no prime beam weapons

    Not yet. Maybe at some point in the future.
  12. Such a combination of mods was powerful-but-boring before the umbra mods and is powerful-but-boring now. Yes, it is slightly more powerful. It is not less boring, though, and now it's prohibitively expensive in terms of modding. So, as far as I see, there is no need to look at it. Also, I don't know why you'd be using Rage over the numerically superior Hunter Adrenaline, giving you 870*0.45 = 391.5 energy.
  13. Dhrekr

    Mod drops from Angst

    The chance of doing 70 runs and not getting a 4% drop is one in 17. It's not particularly remarkable. What happened to you happens to one in 17 players. It happens all the time.