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  1. The Pen Prime is mightier than the Skana Prime.
  2. So... steal from Disney and from Disney? How is stealing two things from Disney, in your mind, safer than stealing one? Do you want DE to be sued?
  3. Accounts are personal and if DE finds out the account has changed hands they will ban you and your friend. It is a violation of the ToS/EULA.
  4. Think of it. Twice the number of people. Twice the amount of disconnects and of troll teammates. No, thanks.
  5. It is possible and with millions of losers playing the game even near-impossible events will happen every now and then.
  6. The Chassis is a common drop and the System is a rare drop. You are trying to trade something worthless for something very valuable. No wonder no one wants to trade. This is a huge ripoff. If you really want to trade, then you have to give something equally valuable. A rare vaulted piese for a rare vaulted piece. Or just sell your duplicate prime bps for plat until you can buy that System bp.
  7. Hullo welcome back to the game Tenno
  8. Sounds like your kuva chukurr is modded for all the elements she's resistant to, and has none of the elements she's weak to.
  9. Post it in this subforum (fan concepts). Just a nice post with all info.
  10. I'd go harder. I'd change the Dragon key to decrease 100% of the shield, making it a no-shield mode. The Orokin Vault missions will be unaffected (they are per se easy low-level missions, and there's so many ways to regain health), while it will no longer possible to do any shieldgate shenanigans. Anyway, I agree with your analysis. Hope this in-depth explanation will reach DE.
  11. The RJ part of that mission is simple (two crewships and two security nodes), you just need your RJ to survive. Finding public matches is also easy.
  12. The chance of this happening are 3.5%. It is uncommon, but with 6 million registered losers, it can mean thousands of players encountering this. DE does it to promote their in-game commerce, I guess.
  13. Il Customer Support ti saprà aiutare. Noi no, siamo giocatori pusilli quanto te. Il link per il CS è nella barra di navigazione.
  14. La wiki dice Io su Giove, Galatea su Nettuno, o Despina su Nettuno.
  15. I'm split between "the professionals at DE's marketing and monetization department know how to maximize their income" and "do they?" But I certainly don't know any better than them.
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