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  1. Almost no event has been repeated, sadly. I personally don't think there's much chance for them to be repeated. What I really hope is that DE will, one day, make Quests out of the important past events.
  2. It's a really good weapon. For synergies, on top of Mag, I'll add Zephyr (with the augment for her third ability which accelerates any projectile, including the Torrid's fartbomb), Loki (with Irradiating Disarm it is easy to cluster enemies, so that a single granade will keep dealing huge damage and status on the clustering enemies), Vauban (using Vortex, for the same reason). That said, I feel that the Torid's synergy is mostly with mission types and not with frames. The Torid shines in missions where masses of enemies come towards you in tight spaces (you can lock up entire hallways with a couple grenades). It is, in my opinion, very good for Defenses, Survivals, Interceptions, Mobile Defenses... and abysmal for Captures.
  3. Today I picked up Equinox after not playing her for a very long time. I immediately remembered how much fun she can be - and shortly thereafter, I remembered why she frustrates me. All of her abilities are fun and can be considered useful (with the first being utility more than anything else, but that's not a problem). However, my real gripe is that: - She has useful abilities in both aspects, pushing players to switch aspect to adapt to the current situation. - Two of her four abilities (including augment) are charged, pushing players to stick to an aspect to get the most out of an ability. Mend&Maim are quite aggravating, with players having to accumulate damage/healing and not wanting to switch aspect until they have released the charge (which is a situational event - no one wants to Maim in an empty room or Mend with a team where everyone's healed). And Peaceful Provocation is the worse offender, in my opinion. It is an augment that depends on charging, and it takes a long time to charge, and you lose all of the charge upon deactivating Pacify&Provoke. And this is a real shame. I wish I could use Metamorphosis every thirty seconds, but once my Peaceful Provocation is charged and all enemies move waaaay slower, I don't want to give that up. I won't deactivate Pacify, I will not use Metamorphosis. No more Day aspect for me for the whole match. What I would like to see is for these held/charged abilities to persist after Metamorphosis, with a decay. Say that using Metamorphosis while I have a held ability active doesn't deactivate it: it remains active, it keeps doing its stuff (maybe with decreased efficiency), it keeps draining energy, and slowly the charge decays (say, for example, instead of charging it you lose 100 damage/s from your stored Maim when you're in Night form). Since I keep the aura/charge, I can freely switch from one form to the other. Since the charge decays, I am incentivized to keep switching so that I can keep my auras/charges topped up. Every thirty seconds I go from Day to Night to keep Peaceful Provocation strong, and Mend charged enough to be able to heal the team: then go back to doing damage with Maim. Or, while I'm accumulating huge numbers of damage on Maim, I quickly switch to Night to use Rest on a couple of enemies. Or if I see an ally being near to their death and I am in Day form, I can just Metamorph and immediately use Mend (which is active and charged). Dunno. I just find frustrating how Equinox is designed to make you stay in one form. I'd rather being able to use her in her fullness.
  4. I say Chroma Prime. Which is a cheap way to say "I want Chroma Prime".
  5. Personalmente non so che dirti, se non che io manderei un ticket al supporto: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us (Puoi selezionare l'italiano come lingua se ti conviene di piu`). Per quanto ne so, a meno che qui qualcun altro non abbia avuto lo stesso problema e conosca una soluzione, solamente il Supporto puo` aiutarti.
  6. I completely agree with this analysis. Besides, Shutter Shield is already one of the strongest damage reduction abilities in the entire game, and Shutter Shield takes a strong ability and makes it really, really strong. The problem with the first ability's augment is, obviously, the first ability itself.
  7. Well, the answer to that is trivial: you don't HAVE to be social. I personally am in a clan with friends and I spend half of my time playing solo. I'll play with my clanmates the other half of the time, because over the years we have become friends, but I still consider myself to be very strongly solo-oriented. There's solo-oriented clans, where it is understood that players don't have to interact with each other - they merely collect stuff together. No speaking required. Just divide the costs of research and clan challenges. And if you won't kick your friends from the clan... well, that's very admirable and social of you. But it's once again your choice - the choice between having someone to help you, or having to - simultaneously - do the job for you and for your unhelpful clan mates. You choose the obligation of having to do everything for you and for your friends? It's very noble, especially for a person who isn't very social. But it's very tough.
  8. Well, OP, the answer is actually really simple. You should have active Clan members. DE picks clan challenges so that their burden can sit on every member's shoulders. Can we really be surprised if the challenge that DE picked for a group of 10 or 20 people is too heavy for a single person? Yes, it's not "fair". The game, as you say, is designed to strongly encourage players to be in a Clan. An active clan. With people playing together and trying to achieve something together.
  9. They will, eventually, with the Prime Unvaulting packs (the right ones, the ones of their Warframe). Usually you have to buy the whole Prime Unvault pack to get them. It is, most likely, the only way you'll ever get them.
  10. Il Clan Mean Machine recluta! Ma chi viene reclutato dal Clan Mean Machine? Siamo un clan Shadow in cerca di giocatori, neofiti o veterani. Abbiamo completato tutte le ricerche (incluso l'Ignis Wraith) e siamo tutti molti simpatici (ogni insinuazione che alcuni di noi siano vagamente pazzi e` una menzogna messa in giro dai Grineer o da qualcuno che ci conosce molto bene). Siamo pure membri di un'Alleanza... aspettando il fatidico momento in cui appartenere ad un'Alleanza significherà qualcosa. A livello sociale, ci parliamo tramite whatsapp e abbiamo un server su TeamSpeak. Che siate veterani alla ricerca di un clan che ambisce di uccidere tutti gli Ambulas di questo sistema, oppure che siate giocatori appena arrivati alla ricerca di un ambiente dove si possa imparare le finezze del gioco... perché non contattarci? :) Cose che trovereste in questo Clan: Divertimento Gente che si diverte con il divertimento appena citato Gente che fa le Sortie assieme, o che vi aiuta con le quest o cose del genere Gente che mette troppe forme sulle proprie armi Gente a cui piacciono gli archi e gente a cui non piacciono gli archi. Sì, non si discrimina qui. Un Dojo pieno di piattaforme a mezz'aria Cose che non trovereste in questo Clan: Spie dei Grineer e gente che appende i poster di Vay Hek in camera Gente a cui non piacciono i fucili a pompa. Ho detto che non si discrimina qui! Noci e altri allergeni Se siete interessati o avete domande (e non siete spie dei Grineer), potete scrivermi un messaggio nel Forum, oppure contattare in gioco MM-Caretaker77, MM-LordSnow998, TigreBianca87 o cavelloz.
  11. Your understanding of Italian is definitely enough to perfectly understand that question ;-) OP: come dice aligatorno, la risposta e` no. Le armi e i Warframe primi sono completamente indipendenti dalle loro versioni non-prime, e in nessun modo puoi trasformarli. Per ottenere le armi prime devi andare a fare farming delle Reliquie. Ad esempio, se vuoi usare la Galatine Prime, devi droppare il uso BP da una reliquia Axi G1, e poi il manico da altre reliquie, e poi la lama da altre reliquie ancora. Devi droppare in totale tre pezzi, e ovviamente ogni reliquia puo` darti un numero di oggetti - non necessariamente il BP della Galatine che ti serve. Ma avere la Galatine normale non ti aiutera` in alcun modo.
  12. Tell me about it. At least you live in the correct continental region, instead of being in the middle of Europe.
  13. So by "exploit" you mean "Ivara, Mesa, Titania are not enormously penalized by something", right?
  14. As a Design Council member, my opinion is that a challenge should still be fun. Hard, but fun. And this wasn't. (I did vote for something else, but...)