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  1. You'd be surprised. In your position, I think the easiest thing to trade is Prime parts. Getting them is a matter of luck more than skill, and it can easily happen that you drop a rare piece that a veteran can't be bothered to chase. Also, many veterans prefer having several full sets ready to be sold later, and may buy more than one rare pieces. Mirage Prime's BP is a Rare piece and sells between... 25 and 30 plats.
  2. I don't think you can trade the BPs. What you can trade is the weapon parts that are dropped by the defeated Necramechs. However people can't trade for the BPs, they can only acquire them from Loid. That is, if I am not terribly mistaken.
  3. Dead topic? Was it ever alive to start with? Or were you under the impression that just saying "some fellow player should do something for me" was enough to magically produce a Tennogen skin?
  4. An if/or is even worse, sorry. You'd suddenly have two formulas that govern reload time, and when have two formulas been better than one single formula? Also, this is missing the forest for the trees. The current reload time behaviour isn't an accident that DE happened upon by not understanding maths. They decided "yes, bad reload speeds can even double your reload time or so". This is what they want, and they picked the correct maths for it. A "realistic" change is for you to make the case that a Riven should not have negative reload speeds that exceed, say, -30%. You could advocate
  5. I find it to be baaad, sorry. You want to have things like damage, multishot, crit damage and critshot (depending on the weapon). Elemental damage is ok in my book (not god-tier but usable), but status duration is... yaak... a nope. I also don't see many Simulors running around. Was this a popular weapon, you'd be guaranteed to find someone who'll buy an unrolled riven and then roll it themselves. I don't particularly even recommend rerolling. Good luck with rerolls or with your next rivens.
  6. Thanks for the edit. I have not changed my mind.
  7. Hai fatto 8 tentativi per qualcosa che di media necessita 10 tentativi? Eeeeehhhhh. La probabilità che questo capiti è del 43%. Per quanto mi riguarda, lamentarsi di 8 tentativi falliti è, matematicamente, come dire "testa", lanciare una moneta, e quando esce "croce" dannare la propria sfortuna.
  8. The "theory" of the multiverse, as an offshoot of quantum mechanics, is basically science fiction. Any known formulation of that "theory" is immediately shot down by the criteria of falsifiability and minimality, failing thus to adhere to the minimal requirements to be called a scientific theory. And yes, I know the objections. "The non-linearity of the so-called collapse of the wave function is not satisfyingly explained". And I agree, but I have yet to see any reason why a multiverse would in any way resolve the mathematical problems. I mean, if the non-linearity of the collapse bo
  9. The forum is going through some backend change, apparently, which migh have broken some bots. If that is so, you'll probably have to sait a couple of hours before the admins of warframe market manage to chat with the forums people and restart the communication.
  10. What you need to know is that you can't use the same account. Other than that, as a PC player, I obviously recommend PC because PC. But you do you, buh.
  11. While I celebrate people being able to use the search function, a user finding a five-years-old "is Warframe on XBox360" thread to write "I am Noob Noob I Need Therapy" seems... Well, if they are genuinely using the search function, they have to learn again how to use it. But honestly it seems either a bot or a complete troll. And that's not an isolated incident.
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