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  1. I can't answer that question! DE has taken action against data-miners and leakers in the past, and they frown on this sort of info being released. On an entirely unrelated subject, the Warframe community on Reddit is very active and very insightful. For sure, you might want not to go there. The rules against data-mining don't apply to Reddit, so I strongly recommend you don't go there. You should avoid /r/warframe as if it was a place filled with spoilers and leaks. (But seriously, leaks have been a problem in the past. Part of the Second Dream story was leaked through data-mining, spoiling the surprise for many players, which was a terrible shame.)
  2. Countdown to next prime access?

    It's when they publish an Update/Hotfix and that's at DE's convenience. No player knows and no player can know. DE will tell us five minutes before the deployment.
  3. Solo Player Bummed at No Archwing in PoE

    DE wants to incentivize people to join clans. Putting things in the clans is a way to give purpose to the clans, which is the way DE has to push us to join clans. Seriously, I think you are making too big of a deal for this. Just bite the bullet and join a clan. You're not forced to become friends with them or anything. You're not even really forced to interact more than you want. If it's a clan that's already done the researches, you don't even really have to spend anything. There's clans that are Solo-friendly, and there's small clans where the relative scarcity of players means you aren't really likely to have to interact with any of them. If you refuse to gain the advantages of being in a clan. It's your decision. But be aware that DE pushes players together, and resisting has a cost. I used to be just like you. And you know what? Every part of my gaming experience was improved by being in a clan.
  4. Discussing leaks is strictly forbidden in the forums and might lead to thread deletion, and stronger actions against the posters. DE has said nothing about the stats - they never do - and that is definitive. You'll have to wait for the PA to drop if you want to discuss stats on the forums.
  5. Can you trade Norg brains?

    Not the NPC. The NPC sells you the brain directly. From fellow players you can buy whole Norg fish, or any fish, which you have then to cut yourself in Cetus.
  6. Why do you assume that I didn't finish what you posted? I explicitly commented on this blizzard similarity. I rated it "irrelevant". Your notion that content is going to be released at different times to different PCs is just unheard of in the context of Warframe. DE will give Mirage to everyone at the same time.
  7. Syndicate Help

    You can change. You'll first have to appease them, but it's not that hard. Conventionally you either join Cephalon Suda/Arbiters of Hexis/Steel Meridian or you join New Loka/Perrin Sequence/Red Veil, due to the way their bonuses work. Either faction is fine, with good weapons on all sides. I personally suggest taking the Syndicates that most suit the personality of your Tenno. You can anyway trade for any item from the other Syndicates, or switch allegiance in the future.
  8. You assumed wrong and no amount of bad assumptions will convince DE. Also, so far new Primes have always been released with an Update or an Hotfix. Do you see red text in the chat? Besides, you want to tell me that you have written 2000+ posts and still don't know how DE releases new content? Wow. Most people with 2000+ posts don't have to assume, they can just remember. Also: Completely irrelevant.
  9. rivens

    For super-simple game-related questions I suggest looking at the wiki.
  10. Weapon ideas thread?

    You could decide to make in the correct subforum, i.e. the placewere DE will look when they want some inspiration for new weapons. Your ideas, no matter what they are, aren't weapon feedback. Here.
  11. Please Help Me With My Nikana Build

    It's viable. Useless to say that with only eight slots it's always difficult to make everything fit. I would somewhat consider True Steel to be disposable. That 60% is a small amount compared to the (repeated) 165% of Blood Rush. Once you have spooled up your combo counter you won't notice True Steel. Instead of it, candidates to me are: - Organ Shatter for moar crit damage. Once your combo counter hits 2.5x you will crit every single time - meaning that Organ Shatter is going to give you huge amounts of additional damage and will be active on every single hit. - Relentless Combination for moar combo counter. You'll be inflicting loads of slash procs, which in turn will feed your crit stats. Also very important if you lose your combo counter, to be able to get it back quickly. - Needless to say, if you need Life Strike for your warframe, this is the spot. - Another 60% elemental? It'd help Condition Overload, both by boosting the proc rate and the total amount of different elemental procs you can give the enemy.
  12. Giant Fish in the Plains

    Only if it's a 100 meter tall seahorse. On a more serious note... I'd rather DE prioritizes Eidolons before starting fish-hunts.
  13. On the topic of additional landscapes

    I'm pretty sure that each landscape will feature some sort of large boss-like enemy. It's not required that it's an Eidolon: if we get an Infested landscape, I might imagine the large enemy to be an Infested. If we get a landscape on a Corpus-dominated planet, it might be some sort of large Mech. Still, I think that the Sentient faction needs more units and more encounters, so I'll be rooting for more Eidolons. There's never enough killing them.
  14. Aklex

    Pic or it didn't happen. I mean, if you attach a picture it's easier to tell. The only think I can say is that you can't remain with no Secondary weapon. I don't know how big your inventory is (if you're crafting the AkLex, I suspect you are rather new-ish), but if you have sold every single Secondary weapon with the exception of your two Lex, then forging the AkLex would leave you (temporarily) with no Secondary in the inventory. The game will not allow that to happen and will not let you craft it. If that's the problem, you solve it easily by buying a cheap secondary (any Mk-1 pistol will do, you can squeeze it for Mastery Points or sell it after you get the AkLex from the forge) or forging another pistol.
  15. Stop saying that Warframe is an RPG

    I'll stop doing something I have never done. Thank you for your insightful thread.