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  1. I understand that for some reason in the beginning a lot of whiners decided to whine about it not looking good, but to me it looked fine when it was first shown and it looks fantastic now. So, yay. I'm sure people who like feel upset and offended will find another cause to be offended about, if they like this skin.
  2. So, basically, you have just invented a thing that DE has already put in game years ago - but that they give us no option to play despite it being perfectly possible in the code. And why? Because most players absolutely dislike PvP in Warframe. As simple as that. Oh, yeah, I also absolutely dislike your idea. Also, it breaks the base conceit of the game. In the game we are one single Tenno - we always play that single Tenno, in every single mission, since the beginning. There is no in-game reason to suddenly also play a Grineer goon. That's not who we are in the game. Wow. Was this actually a convoluted plan to have yourself hired? If you are interested in "joining" DE, send your CV and an application letter. They are currently looking for a Concept Artist and for a Game Designer, amongst all other positions.
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    No idea. Never happened to me. Doesn't the login screen tell you? I'd have thought it would.
  4. I always find him to be a cringy angsty fool with the brain the size of a walnut, so no, I would not like to see his comeback. He is a nuisance I can do without. But I do agree that, Stalker being the whiny psycopath that he is, he would probably agree for Alad V and Lotus to do whatever they want with him. Stalker's will is weak and he thirsts for a master.
  5. What can I say. You speak like my four-words description of my hardware has allowed you to know my laptop more intimately than I know it (after having used it for each single day for the last eight years). I find it unimpressive, as an approach. I say that there is no amount of magic that DE can use to make the game run smoothly on my laptop because I know my laptop. I could go on with examples of my laptop underperforming, if you want, but it is a tiring exercise and it will just prompt you to, as you say, literally talk out of your ass some more. The game is moving in a precise direction - more graphical performance and fidelity. I am absolutely amazed that my computer can even still run Warframe - it is by far one of the most optimized games that I have ever seen, I have bought 2010 games that no longer run smoothly on this thing - and DE is not going to evolve the game backwards in time. DE has gotten all the tricks they could out of the Switch port, and they will continue to do so as the game progresses, but that's not going to save my hardware. What I - and people with a computer like mine - need is not for DE to make Warframe as if it was a 2011 game. It's a new computer.
  6. Meeeeh. My laptop struggles to run Jupiter. There is no amount that foliage removal that will make PoE a fluid experience.
  7. You... do realize that DE has already confirmed (at the launch of the switch) that many of the game improvements done for the Switch have then been applied to the global build, right? So, basically, your "idea" is something that has already been happening for years. But let us not kid ourselves. The Switch version is not going to save an old computer. I play on an 8-years old laptop. There is no amount of magic that DE can do to make an open world like that run smoothly on this thing.
  8. My advice doesn't change. If you don't know what sort of build you're wanting to run, then I don't really know what to say. Without looking at the numbers too much, the only thing I can say is that the maximum ammo reduction is quite terrible for the Grakata - it is a weapon with overall horrendous ammo economy, so I wouldn't want to make it worse. That said, that's the Riven with a massive positive damage boost, so... you gotta look at the numbers to know whether it's worth or not.
  9. I think that all the "let us switch stuff in the middle of mission" are very old ideas that DE never picked up on. I don't see it happening.
  10. Put them in WF Builder with the rest of your build and see which has the best DPS.
  11. "Permanently" as in "DE releases about six new Warframes per year, which gives you on average one new cyst every two months"? There is no "permanently missable" content, except some cosmetics (which are given for participation and such, so it's fair enough). There are things you can sell and not be able to acquire again, so... don't go around selling your Umbra mods.
  12. Oh, i's this old idea again. Hallo, old idea. How have you been doing. Is the elderly home alright? I see you keep coming to the forums once per month. That's good for your health and such, bit of movement to keep the old joints working. But you haven't changed a bit! Still hoping that DE senpai notice you? Well, this might be the time.
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    I, like, stan your rug.
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