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  1. Unironically I'll say the amount of effort and thought on display here is very evident. Nonetheless we will have to add it to the pile of one million of other "trade house/bazaar/auction house" threads that has been building ever since DE said "no". There. The millionth-and-first one for the pile.
  2. Yes you can't. DE announced crossplay but it's still in the future. You'll have to wait like the rest of us.
  3. MR requirements were readjusted a long time after the introduction of the Tipedo, so I guess a combination of the massive size of the arsenal plus laziness or tiredness or uncare produced this small paradox. Nothing mysterious. Just a silly oversight.
  4. No one knows. We have to wait for DE to clarify.
  5. Any frame should be usable. Still, you'll need to update them with mods, good weapons, and so on. The community is still very noob friendly.
  6. And this is how the community builds fake expectations and hypes itself and then comes back to DE to moan that "promises have been broken" or stuff like that. Hey, I'm not saying that Tennocon will have no Sentient theming. Maybe they will be 100% Sentient-based. But do we have to jump on board of the Hype-And-Speculation train at every chance we get? Have we learned nothing as a community?
  7. Tell us something we don't know. This is a long-standing behaviour of DE, which they do with intent. Anyway. Why's the thread here in General Discussion? Want to discuss how unfair relics are? Want to start a petition?
  8. So you want to propose to increase the already ungodly grind and lower our quality of play because like that DE can make more money? Goodness me. Is that what we have been reduced to? Suggesting to DE to implement new grinds because our purpose as players is to make sure that DE spills all the money they can out of us?
  9. There is nothing in this suggestion except than "add MORE GRINDING" and "add MORE POWER CREEP". And in this day and age, do we really need more empty grinding for more emtpy power creep?
  10. Can I ask... you know... what the problem is? If you want DE to be receptive to this feedback, maybe you should point out what the problem actually is. As in... what's uncomfortable about being for half a minute in an unknown Dojo room? I usually find it very cool as I get to experience how other players decorate their Dojos - I have seen things I couldn't think would be possible - so I find it extremely surprising that people would even feel discomfort.
  11. I think that DE has committed to them and they are not going to throw away most of the work they have done during the last four years because you think that it has "lazy design", whatever that means. Whether we like it or not, they are staying.
  12. The old codex entry said that Nova was created by the Tenno High Council, an in-game nod to the fact that Nove was created by players (like Xaku). Many people argued that "she wasn't created by the Orokin TECNICUHLLY so she SURELY doesn't have a Prime hurr durr respect the LORE!!" This in-game lore was removed (when they introduced the Prime iirc) but you can still find it in her introduction video.
  13. While the topic of my personality is extremely fascinating, it is also off-topic, and I'll be the bigger man and leave the discussion. I'll leave you with a "whatever you say, girl". Now, back on topic.
  14. Was WRITING IN ALL CAPS not subtle enough for you? Or was the part where I called the proposal "NOT SHORT NOR PLEASANT" not explicit enough? What can I say. I was criticizing somebody's proposal. If we don't agree on this, then I must conclude that you responded to my comment without even reading it, somehow.
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