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  1. I found a person with zenistar prime

    I once did a mission with a player who decided to name their Kubrow "CARRIER PRIME". That was at least six months before the Carrier Prime was released. But it is a good trick to impress players who never thought of it.
  2. How 2 Farm Sentient Fastly?

    Oh! I stand corrected :)
  3. How 2 Farm Sentient Fastly?

    Do a Survival and they will spawn at regular intervals. At higher minutes they spawn in greater numbers. Play with other people. With four players you get four sentients.
  4. Made warframe parts to become tradeable

    This is such a small issue that I can't see DE deciding to spend time fixing it. It is literally an issue for the two people who decided to trade before exactly learning how trading worked. That wasn't the topic. Also, in my estimation, not going to happen.
  5. General Information Help, and a Lotus thought

    DE has an official blog where they summarize the DevStreams. You can find the last one here: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-106-overview However finding the one where they discuss Venus might force you to scroll through a couple of DevStream summaries. You can't get "all" the information without listening to the Devstreams. You can find all of them on Youtube. However this information is very diluted. However, on the topic of MOAs and Venus, we know very little. They barely showed some art assets and discussed nothing more.
  6. Who says they are forgotten? It's easy for you to say "instead of doing a map, why not give us four or five or six new planetary tilesets", as if that was a comparable amount of work. Truth is that they aren't, DE can't just spit out half a dozen new tilesets before going back to Venus - not without postponing Venus to 2020 or so. They have to set a priority, and Venus is it. As for "Venus isn't the best place because other planets more direly need some fresh air", shall we point out that Venus has one of the oldest tilesets of the entire game? The Corpus Outpost is one of the four initial tilesets (together with Corpus Ship, Grineer Asteroid and Grineer Galleon). It is one of the planets that needs the most attention. And the Corpus is the faction that's been neglected the most, lately. Finally they receive something new. And these large open-world-ish maps are going to be worked into low-level planets first, because like that it'll be possible for new players to access them. As simple as that. I wouldn't be surprised if after Venus DE sets their sight on Mars or Mercury.
  7. Soon? SOON(TM)? I have fifteen spare Orokin Reactors and Gara Prime won't drop until 2020 or so. Of course I'm using a potato on Gara. Using a potato on an item that I'll use for two years or more is not a waste. Even if I know that "eventually" I'll probably use the Prime variant. You are probably not the only one with this "problem", but people should outgrow this problem sooner or later. Potatoes are often found in the game and are not expensive to buy (any good Prime bluepring will allow you to buy a number of them): at some point this will stop being a problem and transition into being a "whatever, I've got too many Orokin Reactors anyway" situation.
  8. MR based on Endo spend

    Yes, that's why we have passive leveling and we can master a weapon without ever using it once. You speak as if mastering a weapon was some sort of mind-boggingly difficult task that drains human beings of their life essence. It's really not. It's "craft the weapon, equip it, use a weapon you like, get XP passively, throw it away after done sucking up XP". It is brokenly simple. Don't want to get the dogs and the cats and the Archwing? Don't. You can reach, like, MR 20 without any of that content. That's more than enough to get all the content in the game. Really, I see no problem to be fixed here. You can equip three weapons. Bring one you don't like and don't use it if you find it ugly. End of story. Rinse and repeat. You'll have all the MR you want.
  9. MR based on Endo spend

    I really don't see how this would be better. "Try a bunch of weapons that you don't like" versus "max a bunch of mods that you will never use"? Meh. I actually think it's pretty wasteful. It takes loads of Endo and of Credits to max golden mods, and some of them are just outright trash. You know, Tainted Mag and Reflex Guard and Provoked and the likes. It would also tie the MR system to the economy, as you can exchange mods. Unbalanced. Moreover for big chunks of mastery you'd be dependent on Baro Ki'Teer, and who wants that? No. I personally like the system as it is. This system already allows players to stick to the weapons they like. And this system incentivizes people to try out new weapons and find out that they might like those as well. Win win.
  10. The ToS clearly say: "Please note that regardless of any notice, Digital Extremes reserves the right to discontinue the Use/Service or to terminate or suspend your account at any time in its sole discretion for any reason, or for no reason." (With "vague" I meant that it's entirely vague on what constitutes a ban-worthy behaviour or not, as they clearly state that anything can be ban-worthy. It is however not vague on the fact that if they want they can ban you.) I'm not saying that DE has banned leachers. They probably have an internal policy and, I don't know, probably send warnings to players who have been reported in many occasions. But the ToS reads to me like they very easily could if they wanted (which they don't).
  11. CS makes it very clear that we have all rights to report this behaviour. I couldn't find anything in the ToS or in the EULA, but that doesn't mean that DE isn't clear on the issue. The ToS probably give DE enough leverage to be able to legally act just by interpreting some vague statement in the ToS.
  12. Thank [DE] for deleting my thread

    Meta-complain threads attacking DE (or their moderators) are however a perfect way to have a thread blocked. Yeah enjoy having two threads blocked in a row, OP. Anti-mod meta-complaining isn't the way to go.
  13. Warframe set back to 0!

    This is not feedback. Also, see that big button on the top right? The one that says "Warframe Support"? Yeah. Click on that. They can help you.
  14. The enemies thrown out are not a problem if they are all dead already ;) That said, I still need to go to the Simulacrum to really test this thing.