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  1. "Zip it", they said to Chroma in response to too much screaming.
  2. His third and fourth abilities are very solid in stationary game modes (Defense, Mobile Defense, sometimes Interception, probably Excavations). Both benefit from power duration - not because they don't last long, but because you have to spend loads of stacks to refresh them. Adding 50% power duration means spending 30% less stacks on renewing them. In one of those game modes, I'd try to have a 100% or more duration, especially if I have teammates (some squishy frames can really use the healing). If you use abilities 3 and 4 and find yourself running out of stacks, use power duration. Otherwise, strength and range are better.
  3. Allora il secondo, cosi` accechi gli alleati in technicolor ;-) Io sinceramente sono piu` per il primo, perche` uno schema di colori neutro (solo nero e bianco) si combina bene con tutti i colori che puoi scegliere per il tuo warframe. Se e` accecante, io modificherei il primo mettendo un grigio chiaro chiaro al posto del bianco.
  4. Wow. Un necroposter che si lamenta di star necropostando. Guarda, tre consigli per semplificarti la vita. 1) Prenditi due secondi per controllare la data di scrittura dei post. 2) Rispondi ai thread in cima alla lista dei thread nel forum. Sai, quelli recenti. Magari quelli nuovi (sai, in grassottello). 3) Ignora i thread in fondo alla lista. Sai, quelli vecchi di mesi. Non voglio suonare arrogante, ma... proprio non e` difficile.
  5. In every Devstream where the question was asked. Sorry, but it's not going to happen.
  6. You mean you want to change your pet every single mission or something like that?
  7. I was also thinking this. I use Kavats/Kubrows almost 90% of my playing time (sentinel SKOOM) and honestly I don't find the process tedious. What, clicking two buttons and paying 10K credits (out of my reserve of 3.5M credits)? Can't say I'm really bothered by it. I mean, it's three or four clicks max, with a trivial expense on the side. Yes, it "could" be streamlined by removing two clicks, but is it really that important?
  8. I am a fan of Spy missions and I'm never tired of them. Other than the good XP and varied layouts, I enjoy for once having to be a ninja. That's especially thanks to the nice variety we have. Of course, the "normal" Corpus/Grineer are a bit dull now that I have played thousands of times (and they are a bit too easy for my liking), but the Uranus vaults, the Moon vaults, the Kuva vaults, all spice things up. (Well, to have a challenge, I never use invisibility/transport/sleep/immobilize/instakill abilities. All old-style sneaking and backstabbing, I assure you).
  9. Do people know that Ember Prime is just an Ember with the same abilities and some gold trimming? (And, what, 25 more armour? 50 more shields? I forget.) Of course they do. I've heard of people paying 1000 dilithiums to get Ember Prime nonetheless. Sometimes people just want things because they look cooler. Even if they know it's exactly the same thing.
  10. Mostly the fact that it is known to exist and some people want to have EVERYTHING. "It exists therefore I want it."
  11. We do vote with our actions: DE collects statistics and metrics that are perfectly representative of the playerbase feelings. For instance, instead of sending an in-game question asking "do you think that the Synoid Simulor is overpowered?", they collected data about gun usage, established that the Synoid Simulor was used way too often and its mere presence was damaging weapon variety in the game, and nerfed it. So, you see, DE listens to the masses. The masses quickly identified an overpowered weapon. DE listened and did something about it.
  12. Lol. "Oh no, this might take me a dozen missions! Of this free game which I love! THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE!"
  13. Let's put it like this. DE nowadays really takes a long time to make new Warframes. We received three or four last year. Three or four new non-Prime warframes in the entire year. 365 days. And, during those 365 days, I had to spend a dozen missions farming Nidus... is that really an issue? Is a dozen missions really that huge of a deal? I was honestly happy that DB had given me a reason to go back to a Moon Exterminate, or to a Derelict Survival. I want more of this sort of Warframe drops.
  14. We never find fully built Warframes around the Solar System. We find schematics, which we build ourselves in our Foundry. That Mesa was assembled by Alad V (or otherwise un-linked from its Tenno) and exposed to the Infestation - it wasn't a Mesa just lying around somewhere, it was a Mesa which Alad V prepared to the purpose of Infesting it. The Infestation however can't build Warframes, and doesn't find many unlinked Warframes just lying around. Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, your question is basically "is any Tenno completely batsh*t insane?", to which the answer is "maybe?" No matter, the Tenno might agree with Hunhow's opinions. However, Hunhow will still not accept to work with the Tenno, most likely.
  15. My headcanon is that when a Tenno takes a Warframe, the Warframe will create a symbiotic link with their Operator (they are to a certain point alive), and the bond between Operator and Warframe will be too strong for the Infestation. Even if, say, the Warframe is not being used at the moment. That infested Mesa probably had never been used by a Tenno (so it had no link to protect it), was exposed to the infestation for a considerable amount of time, and Alad V had to use his considerable knowledge to make it happen anyway. Any of these conditions is probably very rare, and does not apply to the Warframes we use. Sure, the Stalker (who is not an Orokin nor a Tenno) is loyal to the (now dead) Orokin and hates the Tenno, while the Sentient hates the Orokin and the Tenno - but the Orokin are dead, and as long as that's the case, the Stalker and Hunhow can put their difference aside and concentrate on the enemy they both hate. Some Tenno have sided with the Stalker (the Acolytes). However, that does not mean they are ally with Hunhow. I personally don't think that Hunhow would ally himself with any Tenno (even if the Tenno wanted to). As far as we know Hunhow hates all Tenno, none excluded. We are weapons created to destroy Hunhow and his spawn: Hunhow has no reason to cooperate or accept the Tenno.