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  1. Here is a secret that you can unlock through exploration: the forums have a "Feedback" section where these sort of thread belong. Putting this idea in General Discussion means that a couple of players will comment and DE will ignore it as they ignore everything in General Discussion (unless the thread is on fire).
  2. Dude... I'm sorry for you, it sucks that the date slipped out of your calendar, but what do you expect us to do? If you want your ticket refunded (which I don't think is going to happen, DE is certainly going to say that they did advertise the date large and wide -- which they did, to be fair), then the forums are not the place. The Steam Workshop subforum is certainly not the place. I advise you contact Customer Support and try to explain it to them. But expect them to take three days to answer, and their answer being "we can't do anything for you". Also, a piece of personal advice: do not use the forums as a place to vent. I am not saying your venting is unjustified, but venting and negativity rarely go over well in the forums.
  3. They said that the derelict is gone. However, I don't recall them mentioning the tileset in itself, did they. I mean... can you explain to me what the seven non-open-world mission nodes on Deimos are? Did somehow DE explain it? Did they confirm it is not the pre-existing infested Orokin tileset?
  4. I am SO shocked. I will need to bathe in the blood of a thousand Grineer and disconnect their heads from their bodies, in order to be allowed to forget my having been exposed to an allusion to hanky-panky.
  5. With the number of players that are watching, I'd expect it's going to take a long time for DE's scripts to run. Some players will get it now and some players will get it in a couple of hours depending on the load on the server. Keep calm. You will get it.
  6. Dhrekr

    I forma

    Ciao. Per prima cosa: abbiamo un subforum in italiano. Nella sezione anglofona, dove hai postato, ci si aspetta di parlare inglese. In quanto al tuo feedback... non penso ci sia alcuna chance di ottenere forme gratuite. Tra che le forme sono già gratuite (i bp sono facili da ottenere, e siamo d'accordo ci vogliono 24 ore, ma insomma, "gratis" per la DE significa che non devi pagare), ma sembra che tu voglia semplicemente venir ricompensata con una firma quando installi una forma, il che è... huh? Suppongo che tu voglia anche avere diverse polarizzazioni nelle differenti configurazioni. È un'idea che ho visto mille volte essere suggerita, e mille volte essere ignorata dalla DE. Il mio consiglio è di riuscire a lavorare con il sistema così com'è al momento. Nella gran parte dei casi, il sistema è flessibile assai. O, per la gente che ci tiene tanto, la soluzione è costruire due copie del frame/arma e polarizzarle in modo diverso.
  7. Ah, the old "transfer forma/catalysts/reactors to new frames/weapons" idea. If I had a forma for each time I've seen this idea ignored by DE, I'd never have to ever farm Forma again. But I like the way everyone has to write it like it is a hot take and very original and new and it is therefore necessary to express well what one means and why it would be good for us.
  8. If that is a Warframe Market code, we cannot help you. You have to re-read the instruction. Actually, no: you have to read the instructions. Otherwise you have to tell us how we can help.
  9. Eh... no? I am pretty convinced that, even with the new values, a Corinth Prime with Riven kicks more ass than a Corinth with Riven. The guy who didn't farm still has a weaker weapon. "Still having a comparatively weaker weapon" is not a reward.
  10. We can agree that it is the one mission in the game where you have to think a bit and play with a minimum of strategy, instead of just barging in like the hulk and go on a mindless rampage. But, indeed, requiring a bit of thought is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of many players. Still. I helped several of my clanmates do that mission. I can say I played it several times and I don't recall ever failing. I do hope that it stays the way it is. But then again, DE changes old quests so rarely that I don't think there's much reason go expect a change.
  11. This is a fan concept and goes in the fan concept subforum, not in Feedback. As a player with aversion to PvP, my opinion is "no, no, no, burn it with fire." Same as my opinion on Stalker mode, which has been in the game for years but no one can access.
  12. FYI, despite all the amount of ill-informed conjecturing that's going on in this thread, the name has been voted on by the Design Council one month ago. I expect that DE will follow the Design Council's decision and that it is definitive. And no, it's not Void-related. Design Council members, who are players, are not particularly susceptible to that sort of stuff.
  13. That is because of the animations, of course. Having a bipedal frame allows you to just copy an enormous amount of animations (walking, running, holding a gun, jumping, aiming, swinging each melee weapon, interacting with consoles, staggering, reviving, kneeing, not to mention emotes and the like). For DE it is already a substantial amount of work to put in a new running animation or a new weapon holding animation (which they do very sparingly). A quadruped frame? Forcing DE to redo every single animation for them? And forcing DE to go back and add special animations for this frame every time they release a new sort of action to each other frame? In my opinion, there's not a single chance of that happening. DE has to pick their fights, and burdening the animation department with such a task is just unrealistic.
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