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    It is a funny coincidence.
  2. PoE

    Nah, it's also me. And everyone in my clan. But hey, Eidolons do teleport. They're supposed to teleport. It's not a bug. You can't complain that something working correctly is a sign of lack of polish. It's like complaining that a carpenter did their job wrong because the door they just installed can open and close. Also this is the wrong section for this Feedback. PoE Feedback goes in the PoE Feedback section of the forums.
  3. so i just got a ayatan valana sculpture

    If you are a new player (and I guess you are), you might probably want to fill them with Ayatan stars (go in your Mod Manager for that, you'll see the big button) and then go sell them to Maroo for Endo (that stuff you use to level mods). Otherwise you can put them in your Liset as a decoration. They aren't worth selling for credits, and might be some 2-3plat each if you sell them to other players.
  4. Tenno Weapon Artifacts?

    I don't know. The fact remains that your initial thread asks for something that already exists.
  5. Tenno Weapon Artifacts?

    A staff! A spoon! Oh maybe why not something you wear on your wrist! Something several parts that you can customize! Maybe like a prism to focus the Tenno energy, and their different moving parts... and... Oh wait. DE gave us that last week. I like suggestions that pitch items that are already in the game.
  6. Fraction Standing

    The initiation should give you a sigil no matter your standing ;) Just give them a first sacrifice and they'll give you the basic sigil. Fancy that! I didn't know that the problem happened in languages other than German. (Being Swiss, I was already corrected on the subject when I mistakenly said "fraction" and everyone thought I was talking of maths...)
  7. Coming Back, This Game is a Mess

    By the way, if everyone told you that, everyone is delusional (well either that or the game on the PS is terrible). You can repeat SD as many times as you want, even after obtaining Mesa. You might want to check that the people you consult actually know the game. It's very easy to think that this game is unfair if you're given wrong information. (Not that this game is without faults. Grindyness, for instance. But this ain't one of them.)
  8. Fraction Standing

    To gain reputation with a faction you equip their sigils and do their missions. If you want to level up New Loka, equip New Loka's sigil and do their missions. However, as a warning, it's impossible to have positive reputations with all factions. If you main Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda, you can get Steel meridian and Red Veil also to max reputation, byt New Loka and Perrin Sequence will forever hate your guts. P.S. How to tell whether you're German: you think that the words "faction" and "fraction" are the same word. They are in German. They are not in English.
  9. Wanting to switch to pc

    What? Why the bing-bang should DE be against that? They are aware that they are losing some players who can't translate their accounts easily. The problem is not DE. It's Sony/Microsoft not wanting to lose players on their platforms. The console providers only want accounts to move from PC to console and not out (and even that happened only once).
  10. POE solo extraction

    I have played several times solo and I see no difference in extracting as to when I'm in a group. What's the problem exactly? Just press esc and leave the plains (provided there's just been an in-interim save, not to lose stuff). Or go back into Cetus through the door.
  11. Warframe plain account + steam

    Yes. The only difference between the plain client and the Steam client is that you can buy Tennogen items only when you're in the Steam account. That is not a problem for you going from plain to Steam.
  12. Wrong section. Requests to find a team go in the "Find a team" subsection of the "PC Recruitment" subforum: here. That said, no active teams on those nodes? I know that two of my clan-mates managed to farm that part of Harrow in the last couple of days, without much issue, just by joining open squads.
  13. I need Energy Siphon

    Wrong section. This goes into trading. Anyway, I have one for trading. Feel free to send me a PM in the game.
  14. Ohh snap! :D New Tenno: may the Grineer come to fear you like a plague ;)
  15. Prime accessories

    Give it time until you're 14 years of age ;) No, in seriousness... there's nothing we can do to control or influence this, as far as I know.