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  1. I can tell you. I mean, it's not like DE has been coy about where they are going, but apparently not everyone gets the memo... They are working at the next installments of the story, which will continue the main story, and the cinematic quests, in the context of The New War. This will almost certainly involve a facedown between our Tenno, Natah and Erra. As for "when", the answer is "who knows at this point". The current story arc (the Sentient-Natah story arc) started with the quest Natah in 2015 and they have proceeded with one story installment every... two years?...
  2. DE has a long time ago confirmed that every frame is eligible for a Prime. And it's the base of their monetization, so that ain't gonna change.
  3. You... do know that DE has already announced the new incoming enemy faction, right? As in, we know they have something to do with the Void, they are relatved to the Duviri Paradox, and we have one concept image. So... I guess your wishes are already coming true, although there's none of that tree stuff.
  4. Calm down, gurl. I apologize for having triggered this response in you.
  5. They didn't tell you and they didn't tell us. You do realize that we watched the same Devstream, you know? So, who knows.
  6. Yes, and there is nothing we can do for you here. Talk to Support.
  7. Because your actions have consequences. Whiny McEdgeLordFace has to punish you for having killed his best friends, Lephantis and The Sergeant.
  8. For the record, I have problems with the story. Of course. But none of them are sold on me misremembering the story, introducing plot holes, and blaming them on the game.
  9. ... I start being convinced that you have never even played that fight. I just did that assassination and guess what? No scar on his face. 0% scars. He has the typical markings of the Corpus. His face is normal, with those black lines that you can see on all other high-ranking Corpus. His collar is normal (and not half-eroded by the Infestation). When we see him in the battle, his face is normal. His collar is normal. In other words - and I will try to be as tactful as I can here - THAT IS HIS NORMAL FACE YOU ABSOLUTE DERPINETTE. Before we almost kill him. There is nothin
  10. I mean... sure, the Mutualist Alad V fight takes place before Second Dream. After we cured Alad V from his rampant infestation problem by stealing Tyl Regor's genetic research. It is, on that note, a bit of a shame that much of the personal lore of Warframe characters is lost to time because it was event-exclusive. It is hardly a surprise that some people go around ding-ing "plot holes" like CinemaSins are the be-all and end-all of media criticism.
  11. It took me a while to pinpoint whomst you remind me of, and I finally found out. This sort of "at the beginning of a quest we leave Alad V for dead and in a following quest he appears, alive and healed through the Infestation, and we fans are left to fill in ALL THE GAPS in this very complicated process" is indeed a time-honored tradition that can be seen here.
  12. If you say so. As I said, farewell, Felicia. May you have much joy in other games.
  13. I mean, if "every now and then I'm not going to be able to open my relic during a Lith defense" is the thing that is going to make you stop playing... ... I mean, ok. Sure, my solution was "I'm going to exclusively do captures or so for Lith relics", but the solution of leaving the game is technically also viable. Goodbye, Felicia.
  14. Stay in that assassination for two hours. Tell me: has he yet died? Is that what a dead person sounds like? Do they tend to scream/whimper for two hours? Dude, I don't get why you are so dead-bent on this sort of "whah whah retcon". What are you, CinemaSins? Do you feel satisfaction in going around "ding"-ing things that weren't explained to you to the last detail? We left Alad V for dead, but he manage to stabilize himself using the infestation, which is basically magical immortality corruption serum.
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