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Dhrekr Asks: Delicious Cordylon, what is the sound of a Cephalon's thoughts? I always assumed it's some sort of humming, but I could be wrong.


Delicious? This is an unusual greeting.


As I am made up almost entirely of data the list of reasons why oral consumption is not advised is extensive, but I am curious as to what inspired this particular word selection. In ancient times many less advanced cultures believed that consuming their enemies would bring them power. Such practice has been proven to bear no satisfactory results -- with broad exception given to Technocyte Infestation.


To answer your inquiry: Cephalon do not produce audio frequencies when processing information, or 'thinking'.


I also recommend submitting yourself to processing that you may be properly scanned and…treated for any potential breach of Infestation that may have occurred aboard your landing craft. I can assure you, such an investigation would be quite painless.






... Damn! Quick, Ordis, throw the nanospore shower out of the airlock! I knew I shouldn't have built it! Deny everything!

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