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  1. Basically me ngl, but with a little more finesse
  2. Cheers sleepy, might install some hope :) but considering it says sneak peak, Grendel looks like September :C
  3. IDK if its just me but I'm certainly feeling a little annoyed that I'm having to wait for Grendel, just to be able to play Gauss (when he looked done - almost a month ago). Maybe its the fact nightwave is finally starting to feel like a chore again. But waiting for Gauss is quite an annoyance right now.
  4. This right, screw these people that ruin the competive and event! Glad someone noticed this members of Q and dicht keep asking for a resets so they can hide from their shame. I would love if they rightfully got banned or suspended, teach em a lesson or two.
  5. they wouldn't wipe the leaderboards although negative CD rivens destroyed the leaderboard, people that did it legit should also be punished? to rerun and get a score tehy already achieved in a legit manor? as much as I want a wipe its pointless, event was already tarnished by this exploit
  6. WTB [Fulmin] Riven 2.5k IF CC/CD/DMG or Toxin, WITH -Zoom/Impact Will pay 6k ❤️ All depends on the roll 😄
  7. Fingers crossed for update today ❤️ if not I can wait till tomorrow for the fulmin ❤️
  8. Feels very ood you guys are hard focused on when there having lunch, just relax do something else.
  9. I hope we get an update on how the update is progressing today atleast tho!
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