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  1. I have been in a loop for about three weeks and still I have not got A response from Warframe. The challenge is I cannot get through the mountain to finish the quest. I put in a bug report and I’m still waiting for a response from Warframe all I want to do is get out of the loop and get back to the game it’s a long time to wait! Maybe I should start another game other than war frame. Can anyone tell me how to get out of this loop!
  2. In the quest the War Within/return to the mountain I am in a loop that I can’t get out of it has happened once before about a month ago you fix the problem and I repeated the question the war with them and when I got to return to the mountain part I’m stuck in The loop again. When I go to options two gameplay and then go to analyze network I get all systems normal. NAT_PMP detected. A week ago I reported this challenge as a bug report and have heard nothing from you guys and I’m still locked in the loop I would love to get back to playing the game. Thank you very much my email address is 1way2staythecourse@gmail.com I would like a reply to this message so I know that someone is looking into it and I can get back to my game
  3. I am in the same loop. I finally got out of the loop and redid the war within quest and got to the return to the mountain 🏔 and got stuck in the same loop! Now I can’t get back to the game until they get me out of the loop.last time it was 3 weeks!! I hope 🤞 it won’t take that long this time!!!!
  4. Thanks 🙏 for fixing it so I could get back to the game. But when I redid the quest the war within quest did it to the part return to the mountain and now l am back in the loop with no way out!!! When I run analyze network l get ( all systems nominal. NAT-PMP detected) so here I am again. I don’t want to play the quest again but I would love to get back playing with the game!!!! Thank you for everything you do for us gamers.
  5. Can you help me with this? In return to the mountain you are to go through the mountain and meet someone to end the quest. But I can’t get through the mountain because there’s a door in the way with no way to get through. When I exit the game and return it the same thing! I can’t play with any other portion of the game! This started on September 5, I would love to return to the other part of the game. I’m tired of being returned to loop!!!!
  6. Locked in a loop under the mountain by a door can not pass thru the mountain. Attempting to get to the end of the quest. Unable to go anywhere can not abort this quest can not return to ship can,t play another part of the game
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