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  1. I bet its going to be all of the above! - Its WF we can't have tough enemy's if they aren't huge bullet sponges, now can we!? - It would work for some but for most .... so yeah hotfixes would be most defiantly a thing. - When people figure out how the assassination work it would be. - Only in the first 1 or 2 minutes. - I'm sure the battle would be in the weird place for when we had to solve the puzzles, so most defiantly. - When was it ever easy in a loot grind game? - Probably just 5 or DE could be generous and give it for free? - For some yeah, for th
  2. So you want lifesteal for every dmg done and soul punch changed to ogris punch with the dmg mechanic of the pre-nerfed "mark of dead" subsumed ability? Ol yeah yeah totally "not" Completely broken and incredibly overpowered! But still nice idea of "how to turn nekros into a nuker frame", ol wait i thought this is a update suggestion!? Honestly the main thing i want changed for him is a new design for the "shadows of the dead" ability because some times its incredibly hard to distinguish them from the enemy's, especially on Deimos. Also the "terrify" armor reduction ability could be change
  3. Well that's one thing that wont be removed and clearly wont be changed. However DE made massive changes to the farming and the requirements needed to level up in order to ease the grind, so don't expect to lower the bar even lower. I'm one of the people who reached max standing at the Plains before they ease up the requirements(people complained that it was a nightmare to grind?!?) and it was super easy for me and now its a joke. Hell look at the Entrati where you needed 10-30 tokens of two characters in order to level up and now its just one token of each. I'm not sure if it can get more easy
  4. Me: You after you quoted the full line: Me again: not only do i play it in my own way but i even told you i did. Clearly your better skilled with writing than giving simple clear thought to the stuff you read. Also i was just genuine curious how much time you spend playing a day in order to finish the update in less of a week, because you stated that its a insane grind! And it sounded like you were playing it non stop for hours upon hours like a rusher. My bruhhh ive plaid with the stamina bar and the game felt like you generic FPS game, but in third person. For th
  5. A nightmare to finish and yet mostly done in a less than a week?!? Doesn't that make it a walk in the park? So your a certified no lifer? You were playing like what 15 hours a day or were extremely lucky with the RNG? This why i take my time and not bother to rush it all. Sounds to me like every other looter game out there. Also what can DE do you to stop rushers from getting done with updates in the shortest amount of time? Or you mean that because the regular means don't work they should just be flat out removed? Guess whats going to happen then? Also also should the rusher
  6. Looks like i have to explain my self in more dept. First of no ,of course there's no problem helping new players i my self have done that quite a lot. The problem is the idea that new player struggle with the game either because of the standing cap, MR wall, grinding and so on. The real problem is the lack of information! By that i mean that when you start the game as new player you see a lot of elements that work separated of one another and you need help to understand how is every thing tied together. - help that you can get only from the wiki and other players, not from the game it self.
  7. Would you look at that, yet another thread from a Experienced player asking for stuff to be made easier to get because ... new players. Hey OP new players DO NOT need for any one to hold them by the hand!!! They are just fine without people like you constantly asking the developer to make things easier and more easier. Also just because you your self choose to not bother with 70% of the content(hens being MR 11 despite playing for 4 years, nothing wrong with that) in the game doesn't mean every new players will be the same. Its up to them to choose how to play and what to farm.
  8. To remove the grind element from a looter shooter? What kind of a heresy is this!? Also, petition goal 100 votes!? Get your pathetic comedy out of here! The nerve to ask not for 5 or 10 votes but 100 .....
  9. Mastery rank this, mastery rank that. Еxperienced players this, vets that. 😑 Yet another pointless thread with about 5-8 pages of back and forward. People should just chill and wait for silly complaints than arguing for the small stuff! So what if they reduced the MR requirement? So what if the requirement of Auto-Socketing Ayatan Sculptures is MR 10? Yeah sure you need the knowledge of the "how" but you still the time investment and experience of where and how to farm all of the resources. Unless your a player that has all of that from long ago. The MR isn't going to be the only res
  10. For my first 400 hours i used only one frame and the exact 3 weapons over and over(was around MR7 or something). After the game started expanding i decided to try some of the other stuff because playing with exact same stuff for over 400 hours started to become really boring. And slowly before i new it i was around MR11, then for some MR locked quests or what ever i raised to 16 or so(just to make sure for future locks). Point is that its easy for new players to sprint pass the entire system without good weapons, mods and ingame experience because there's no restrictions. Especially when
  11. Well your only option is to move some of your stuff on a another drive or on a flash drive/s and such. If you don't have any of those options check what you can delete, that includes old windows update data if you have your windows of the ssd as well.
  12. And when isn't Nightwave available? Either the normal or the intermission one are always up, so at no point you will be out of the option to get nitan. BUT but if there is a moment when that's not the case would that be the moment you really need the nitan specifically? I don't think so! Also if your at the level to level up the Helminth, chances are that you at the level where you don't need a extra way to get nitan. Or need nitan for the current items that required it.
  13. I'm sorry to say but those were are all of the wrong reasons to not try the trials. You don't need a good connection or that good of a PC, you only need a host with excellent connection in order to play the mode with zero lag. As for the voice chat its completely unnecessary because there wasn't anything hard or complicated about the trails. The only truly complicated thing is your first time doing them, unless you've watched some youtube videos to get the general idea of how they are done. I don't remember such a thing but even if there was such a thing the match wont fail becaus
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