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  1. Are you for real? Even before Stadia was released it was hyped like it would be next big thing in the tech industry and even then DE weren't thinking of porting to it. When i think about it very few studios were thinking to port for the platform, were they also "probably" thinking in the same way!? Also google had novel approach with each and every program from the "google List" and yet they all didn't live very long. The "crapping" was for the internet requirement and how even if you had it your connection may not keep up with the load. Also the main criticism was that you needed to r
  2. From what i remember back when Stadia just came out people were asking non stop if DE is considering of porting the game to it. And there answer was "that they aren't considering it at the time". But looking at how things are with the platform i don't think its going to be a thing, ever! Also so what if D2 is going to be free on Stadia? Its the only major title they have and its a year old game that just locked a huge part of its content for no reason at all. Also also even if they port it why would people bother playing a free to play game on a subscription based platform as Stadia?
  3. I bet its going to be all of the above! - Its WF we can't have tough enemy's if they aren't huge bullet sponges, now can we!? - It would work for some but for most .... so yeah hotfixes would be most defiantly a thing. - When people figure out how the assassination work it would be. - Only in the first 1 or 2 minutes. - I'm sure the battle would be in the weird place for when we had to solve the puzzles, so most defiantly. - When was it ever easy in a loot grind game? - Probably just 5 or DE could be generous and give it for free? - For some yeah, for th
  4. So you want lifesteal for every dmg done and soul punch changed to ogris punch with the dmg mechanic of the pre-nerfed "mark of dead" subsumed ability? Ol yeah yeah totally "not" Completely broken and incredibly overpowered! But still nice idea of "how to turn nekros into a nuker frame", ol wait i thought this is a update suggestion!? Honestly the main thing i want changed for him is a new design for the "shadows of the dead" ability because some times its incredibly hard to distinguish them from the enemy's, especially on Deimos. Also the "terrify" armor reduction ability could be change
  5. Easy on the "farm" part please! - Farming relics is easy as hell and even if you don't get one from the mission you still have the kuva. - The requiem mods aren't that hard to farm and as you said you can trade them, so not a problem* there. - "Farming" the larva??? Please, on the first greener mission with level 20+ enemy's one spawns! - As for the thralls just don't level the Lich and you wont need to kill as many. - Less thralls to kill less time to find the mods needed for the kill. Why is this in the problem section? And what happens when you get
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