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  1. Considering that not many people own a VR set it would be completely pointless to waist any resources on this idea. Especially when you consider how much time DE would need to invest revamping the entire HUD, aiming system and so on just so a few hundred or so people can enjoy the game in VR for a hour before forgetting that it was ever a thing. Also from what ive seen about VR games, the majority of them do cause motion sickness to some degree despite how well they are made. And with some VR sets its more common than with others in certain games, so ........ one more thing to factor in
  2. And this is what i tried to avoid by starting my comment with "Excluding every thing that was typed so far" in order to bring attention to the point that IF Alerts do get back people would again stress out of missing out on the alerts. And would go for the different programs in order constantly track the alerts like there life depended on it instead of being as easy going as they are now with nightwave . Also yes im f...ing aware how much time it took to get what you wanted from the alerts! And at this point in the thread it should be obvious for everyone, should it not? Yeah yeah easy
  3. Excluding every thing that was typed so far the Alerts did have one really Big problem apart from the RNG and that was the Alert duration. Because of that every one had to use the "warframe gadget" and/or the mobile app in order to know if there was a Alert worth doing. If DE brings Alerts back every one would have to use those software's again and will have to constantly monitor and stress for every "Alert ring". For that extra chance of getting more a bit faster! Is it really worth it all the stress and monitoring?
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