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  1. Still waiting on Athodai. No idea what a "TennoCon panel" was, but I watched TennoCon Live for sure as I got Hydroid Prime.
  2. 1: China wants to be the world police. They've already stated that mentions of a certain thing going on right now is subject to criminal charges. So if I were to mention this thing, I could be prosecuted should I go to China. I normally would mention these things, because I'm NEVER going over there, but I don't know what ramification it would have on DE. Just look at everything America is doing against China right now due to the things they've recently done. Don't matter if DE is in Canada, Turkey, or the Moon, Tencent can easily fire everyone, dissolve the company, then start a lawsuit in China should they try to reform and create Warframe 2.0, which could force them to go over to China and face arrest. 2: Valorant, another game under Tencents control, had/has an anti-virus that runs at system level. This allows for alot of different things to happen, such as allowing the install of software on your machine without your approval or even notifying you. It was determined that the data Vanguard, the anti-cheat Valorant uses, wasn't directly sending anything to China, but that doesn't mean the data isn't being sent to group A, then to group B, then to the Government. 3: Just look at Tiktok. Yes, the company needs to follow American laws, but that doesn't remove the facts. Tiktok is facing a ban right now. They didn't do anything illegal mind you, but because of China it could be banned. That's not to say Trump, Trudeau, or whoever will start to ban games like League of Legends, Fortnite, and Warframe, but it's a possibility that needs to be recognized.
  3. If this deal goes through, you can bet alot of players would drop this game in a heartbeat. Because China wants to be the world police I won't mention it by name (Since I don't know what trouble it could cause DE), but with current events that has gone on and how closely tied Tencent is to the Government there, I wouldn't be shocked if Warframe gets banned in many parts of the world. Tiktok is already getting banned due to privacy concerns, Valorant had/has an anti-cheat that was/is system level (Which if you know anything about programming, this is a VERY bad thing), and of course the scummy practices from other games owned in part by Tencent. If you don't care about your privacy, great. If you're using a machine solely dedicated to Warframe and don't use it for anything else, great. But remember, you may or may not have a choice in the matter when the Government of whatever country you live in steps in and blocks Chinese products and companies. If you want more examples of this, just look up WeChat, which is also in consideration for restriction or straight up banning.
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