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  1. My guess is that they're on a separate drop table, since they essentially "mods." On that note, a mod drop chance booster might help you get more avionics.
  2. Are there any plans to audit the mod drop tables and do a balance pass on them? After the introduction of the Mod Drop Chance booster, I feel like it's highlighted some of the problems with the current drop tables (threads on this can be found on the forums and on reddit).
  3. Another way of thinking of the value of the mod-drop booster: If the mod-drop booster was only available via platinum, would you buy it over the mod you want to farm? You're buying a statistical better chance of getting it to drop; you don't have any guarantee that it will drop. You're better off at buying the mod. Let's say it's in Baro's inventory. Is it worth spending your credits and Ducats on, or would it be better to wait until he has something else you could use (a different booster, a weapon you can sell for plat, a mod you can sell for plat). You're better off buying just about anything else from Baro if your goal is to have a concrete return on investment (again, the mod-drop booster doesn't guarantee that you'll get anything useful). Let's say you get it as a sortie reward. Cool, it's free, but you got that instead of something else. You could have gotten a resource booster, a riven (that you could sell veiled or unveiled), sculptures (that you could sell or use for endo) or even a Catalyst. It winds up diluting the more useful rewards that you can get from sorties. If mod drops were handled differently, then maybe there could be better value to the booster.
  4. I'm personally pretty happy about the loot frame abilities stacking again. 🙂 However, my biggest criticism of the mod drop booster is really in relation to the mod drops themselves. I've posted this on Reddit, but I feel like it's still relevant even after this update: Not trying to rain on the good intentions and good news in the thread, but I think this is still worth addressing.
  5. I think it feels bad for some people because of the nerf that happened with the looter frames abilities. You guys said you'd do a "kick" and a "hug" after that, but I don't think this is a very good "hug." I know your plates are full with Railjack and New War, and while it's quicker to do this mod drop chance booster than some other things for loot drop chances, I think it's sending the wrong message because of timing.
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