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  1. If this has Teshin in it, are there talks of it giving some kind of standing for use in conclave offerings? Or maybe shifting the "conclave" offerings to "Teshin" offerings so players can earn standing for them in either Steel Path or Conclave?
  2. At approximately 10:30pm, eastern time, May 8th, I loaded onto the Scarlet Spear 10 instance before a murex started (but was still able to see it via navigation and it said the next wave had started). I don't recall the exact time, but that's the time around this particular murex wave started. I got to wave 17 with a random public group and was just shy getting the full amount of credits because the op links broke. It was 39XX scarlet credits/points. But when we got back to the relay, I didn't have the points in my inventory like as is usually the case and I wasn't on the leader boards. This is despite seeing that the codes I was sending were being received by space teams. I left the relay and went to a different instance and they still weren't there. I didn't get any completion bonus points either since the instance had completed 70/70 Murex. I'd post this in the bug reporting thread, but that doesn't seem to be possible to the one that support linked me to, and I can't find one for the PS4.
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