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  1. Do we really need a faction just for the greifers and gate keeping 'git guid' folks? Because I'm kinda thinking no. Having in game encoragement to vex and undermine other players is just bad for the community, bad for game play and bad for business.
  2. Tau Ceti is a main sequence star like our own Sol, stable bright burning with a long stellar life ahead of it. Alpha Centari is closer but its a binary pair, (and if I recall not only that but a destructive binary, a smaller denser star sucking matter out of a larger 'younger' one). That means that Tau's worlds are more likly to be earth like, easier to get there if not and liable to remain that way longer when we do.
  3. Lets just be glad that Nef crushed a one in billions gunsmith under debt in fortuna instead of making her his top weapons researcher.
  4. You can count yours nerdily here as one of the ones vehemently against any kind of forced PVP, not just because i don't like the game-play, but I don't like what it does to communities.
  5. In addition to the mentioned problems, we reached a point where in order to protect nodes people were arranging DDOS attacks to stop people logging in and participating. So Yeah, people begged and begged for real meaningful competition and then literally broke the game for every one so that it'd be neither real, meaningful nor competitive. I hope we never see its like again.
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