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  1. The problem with being a "Warframe killer" is unless it happens in a cut scene or scripted event it doesn't matter. Shame about Anthem though it looked good, loved the style of the armours
  2. You get all the stuff it steals back when you kill it.
  3. We Need Alad V on this. I hear he knows how to fix loyalty issues.
  4. That was a long way to walk for that pun. And i respect that!
  5. Would pay plat never to hear "We fought with honor" ever again. Never mind that this is usually said after I have hosed a mass of people with a caustic radioactive bioweapon the whole point of 'ninja' is that Honor (basically a code made by the rich and powerful to delegitimize means of attack against which their wealth and power are ineffective, and to further entrench its innate advantages) is rightly ignored.
  6. You are not going to like, I think it was 12 either. Or what ever the rank I am presently at is (which was not updated when they updated the stealth AI). Its less a difficulty curve more a frustrating difficulty WAV file of spikes and troughs.
  7. Given Death rode a pale horse I think my kill count entitles me to a techromantic one. I mean I have, installed, at least 2 games where I have hover bikes. I have 0 games installed where I can ride a high tech necro-hourse. What is with people wanting to make warframe like every other dang shooter?
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