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  1. I have never received a Noggle from buying an accesories pack.
  2. well shoot .-. now I feel like a right idiot.... I thought they just appeared on the allies without me having to be near them... sorry sorry....
  3. Leahzar


    I have had this happen while using Nova+Itzal+skill2. Seems to be a visual bug only.
  4. Description: Baruuk's third ability, "Desolate Hands" attacks allies. Other notable details: Happens as client and host. About half the daggers attack allies, then it stops. The rest still successfully attacks enemies as intended. The other tenno cannot see the ability attacking them. It doesn't attack my cat (pet) or any operators. Please let me know if you need more information such as PC spec? Though I don't see how that would be applicable to this bug. ps sorry for choppy framerate - had to use free screencapture software. Turns out I'm a moron that misunderstood the abilities mechanics. Sorry...
  5. I believe it is because you linked your clan. If you'd given the name without linking it the bot probably wouldn't have triggered.
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