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  1. why isn't this a priority to fix...? There's a massive amount of content locked behind getting these toroids...
  2. Unfortunately there's little the warframe support can do from their side. It has to do with port forwarding and internet settings. I'm afraid I'm not technically savvy enough to help you figure it out, but it is an absolute pain. Warframe support will probably just point you to the already-posted help and guides on strictNAT. There's literally nothing they can do on their side to fix it for you 😞
  3. It's just the vent kids drawing graffiti in places. Doesn't mean anything unfortunately. Would have been cool to make a hidden achievement for finding all of them but oh well
  4. Just reached Nightwave Rank 30 - Finally! My one word feeling on nightwave: Work. Nightwave feels like work. Work is not fun. I HATE having that fear-of-missing-out clinging in the back of my mind, forcing me to an extent to complete the nightwave acts. As soon as you're forced to complete something it's not as fun anymore. My recommendation to change it: 1. Give us two options per nightwave mission: ex. "Survive 60 minutes in survival with a friend OR Survive 40 minutes in a survival alone" This would be my ideal system. Give us an alternative for those really annoying missions (I despise the "Find all caches in Sabotage missions" mission) 2. Completely remove the prestige tier rewards. Give us an x amount of wolf creds for every tier, and allow us to purchase any and all rewards right from the get-go. So if someone only wants the wolf armor, they can do 2 tiers of nightwave, buy the armor and forget about it.
  5. I'll admit I didn't read through the posts already made. An alternative to just outright removing the "1hr survival/defence" and "Play with a clanmate/friend" challenges, may I suggest giving us an "OR" option. So a challenge would read: "Survive 1 hr in Kuva Survival without using life support OR Make 20 perfect conservation captures on Orb Vallis." Reward 5000 reputation. This way you provide an alternative way of achieving the same reward, while still allowing players that like the challenge to DO the challenge. This could be limited to "harder" challenges, and not to the sub-5000 rep challenges.
  6. I feel like already unveiled rivens should remain unchanged until traded 😕 I mean what's the point of me hunting for a fantastic riven if it's just going to be (possibly) nerfed later on? Another option would be to give us a new item - a disposition "lock" of sorts, that locks a disposition in place regardless of any future buffs or nerfs, at the cost of not being tradable at all. I'd pay plat for something like that (if the cost is reasonable)
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