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  1. While I don’t know Your play style I’ll give You few another tips for healing: 1. Pack Leader always if You’re focused on Melee. 2. Mending shot on Primary will give You 52 instead of 25 from Health orbs. 3. Energizing shot on Seconary + Arcane Energize, if Your Frame isn’t energy hungry it will allowYou to use Vazarin school. 4. Arcane Bodyguard works well with Detonating Glaves or Zaws with Arcane Contagion, You can put Ensnare/Larva for best result. 5. Master’s Summons: fastest way to get Beasts from Environmental hazards or from few Tiles away + fully heal them.
  2. Bite + Maul are like Serration + Split Chamber for primaries because: 1. Beasts don’t attack unaltered enemies only 2. Beasts mostly attack hardest enemy in Tile to protect their owner So Dmg is, based on “Attack is best Defense”, like 2nd layer of Defense, pumping as Dmg as possible will shrink the time Beast needs to kill enemy, which means less time to be an easy target. It’s easier with Mecha set on Kubrow where, with Status Chance over 100%, You can use fe “Flame Gland” for CC attacked enemy. Equilibrium, one of the most u
  3. Maul, Bite, Viral Quills, Hunter Recovery + Synergy with decent Crit primary, Venom Teeth, Frost Jaw, Sharpened Claws, Link Health, Panzer Devolution
  4. It could be https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Wolf_Sledge also, except it’s a Hammer.
  5. Is Warpframe a name of this game?
  6. Have no problem with that. Pressing Reload, while Overheat is on Max and Reload is set on Square button. Abilities set on Touch pad and Tactical menu set straight on D pad (left Cursor).
  7. Strictly follow @Voltageinstructions, keep in mind that I spent around 1hr daily on Deimos since this Topic release. Edit: When Jugulus enemies stop to spawn You should activate the Purifier or check the skies and destroy Genetrix.
  8. Mod must first meet You in mission to see Your Arsenal names to bann You. Why he will do that while automatic filter allowed You to use that name?
  9. Isn´t there a warning before You claim the name?
  10. This + Huras, kill Enemies hacking consoles only. Use Your Operator: Dash to kick them or Zenurik Void mode to attract them out of consoles. On Cerberus use wires, all Consoles under the control, and Sniper or Arsenal with Punch through.
  11. @DE_Saske response on Reddit didn’t changed my opinion that a lot of players are using Beasts as a Toothless Looters and don’t care about them in missions.
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