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  1. (PS4)Onder6099

    Warframe Usage Statistics. In a chart.

    Missing the point why Statistic was made during Acolytes event.
  2. (PS4)Onder6099

    I want to do sorties, any advice?

    Tbh, according to my Sortie playstyle: PuG every time, you’re missing Loki as @coralleinstated and Nova only. I’ll focused on Potatoed Frames only, so here we go. Mag: Survival, Defense, Bosses as Nuke and CC with Counter Pulse aug, in Electromagnetic anomalies Sortie, built for high Duration and Strenght Oberon: As healer and Armor strip in Defense and Armored Bosses Nyx: Interception, Rescue, Hijack, Deflection with and as @(XB1)A weedy Girlsaid MD and here I’ll use Absorb, Overextended decreases Energy drain per Dmg taken. Trin: As a Healer and/or Energy Generator to Defense Special guests: Nezha with Safeguard augment every time when Radiation hazard appears Limbo: Kela Assassination Primariers: Personal preferences Bow: Zhuge Snipers: Rubico highly recommend Shotgun: Other from Tigris serie Secondaries: Decent, few tips: Gammacor with Magnetic against Electromagnetic bubbles, Furis with augment to heal Operator in Def Melee: Lesion, Lacera
  3. Oi, what we have got here, another meaningless meeting of businessmen from Wall Street? Gentlemen, you should rather go and play the game then e-peen, about who know the best how DE and WF business model works, here. Because how long and how the WF will look like depends on players not on businessmen.
  4. (PS4)Onder6099

    Ivara Team comp

    It’s amazing Ability, isn’t it? Can you describe, as a well known Ivara main, to me why then is Ivara recommended just for Spy and 2 Riven Challenges since her release and after Infiltrate especially?
  5. (PS4)Onder6099

    Mag's Magnetise and weapons to go with it

  6. (PS4)Onder6099

    Multiple accounts and trading between them.

    I think it’s more selling and trading outside the game for real money, while, IMO, trading between Accounts on same IP can trigger the Ban alarm like: this Accounts should be monitored.
  7. (PS4)Onder6099

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (LIVE!)

    Wow, light speed Big thanks SONY and DE
  8. You quickly forgot that Lotus was probably your only Guide thru Starchart. Nvm, I don’t care, but don’t forget to remember this Topic in the future where the one of the reasons, why players complain about lack of resources and DE will continue with softening the content while players will scream for “Hardnodes”, can be that Individual Extraction was implemented. Just FYI, Enemies lvl50 on Ophelia started at around 40 min, while players already start crippling around min 30. Chears
  9. Just follow Lotus quotes for Survival. Pity that you probably forgot those times when Adrenaline was pumped into veins where timer was on 59:50 and last man standing was fighting at Extraction to hit 60 min and then all of the bonfire of happiness, when you was able to type into Chat: “I’m so proud on you”, if we failed nvm, because we got encouraged to become stronger and prepared for next 60 or more min. This is what i’m missing in Survival these days and reason why 90% of my friends already left.
  10. Could you be so kind and describe to me why Warframe should rotate around you instead to assimilate to her rules?
  11. Tbh, for what? Well maybe for MR, Sorties or Eidolon hunts but definitely not for Survival under 20 min. Emotions are pushed over the edge by Materialism.
  12. 1. Survival is not Defense, you must calculate where is best time to leave for whole squad and not for you only 2. Rotation A-A-B-C is still here, unfortunately is slowly disappearing, IMO, thanks to KtR (Keys to Relics conversion). Tbh, early Extractions are more about inpatient and little bit arogant players with mention: I already got what I need, so extract now.
  13. (PS4)Onder6099

    Those Eidolon bosses should be optional

    Tbh, one from the best options how to avoid Vomvalysts, if we speak about them, during fishing and mining at night is to take a Lure.
  14. (PS4)Onder6099

    Warframe rating

    So Rating M on main page is Sticker only, right? Now I have apologizes to childish complains because they are simply made by children.
  15. (PS4)Onder6099

    Warframe rating

    Is WF still rating M or as stated in “Terms of use” 13+ ?