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  1. That’s correct but I thought about Necramech Repair.
  2. Vizier Predasite, healing mod isn’t on Consoles yet.
  3. If You like Slow Nova, use it, but decrease the Duration to around 100% to not hit Enemies spawn points. For example, nearest spawn point in Hydron is behind the "office" 30m, MP speed is 5 m/s, 100% duration is 6 s, which is exactly 30m, You can also use Scanner to set the distance in other Tilesets. You should pump up free slots from Duration with Strenght and Range mods, rest Abilities, Warcry included, higly benefit from them.
  4. PS5: 4K Yes, 120 Fps No, atm. Reason why i stopped to search for 4K 120Fps TV, because its about a TV also, good TV can upscale picture input to 4K but not Fps.
  5. Yes, Alloy armor vs Proto shields. It’s more visible on HP then Shields, HP > Shields, so Alloy armor is more universal and I will recommend Proto Shields with high Shield Frames like Hildryn, with Redirection or with Ability to replenish Shields Frames only.
  6. It must be hard to take both in Simulacrum and let the Enemy, I tested that with HG lvl 20, to hit them, unmoded. PS: Sorry, I forgot that the Simulacrum is for demonstration of our Strenght against Paused UI only.
  7. Kavat gene codes Mining and Fishing, counterproductive if you’re looking for Ores also Farming, as @Wyrmius_Primesaid, because efficiency drops down with Rarity of resource from Common to Rare. Example #1: Mutagen Sample is better to farm on Deimos then on Eris because while on Eris it’s Uncommon on Deimos it’s Common drop. Example #2: Steel Essence, dataminers hit Drop Chance around 3% without, if they will continue and add a Blue booster they will hit 6%, which is barely visible.
  8. Why not Speed + Helminth subsume ability like: Silence, Radial Blind, Lull, Thermal Sunder etc.?
  9. Reminder: It’s a Scan not Drop, after your Helios fulfilled the Codex entry he stop to Scan and You must do that manually.
  10. Give DE time, vibrations are made by completely different mechanics based on sound like Subwoofer, so probably everything must be overwritten in Studio, I guess.
  11. Reminder: Systems were added to Rot B, Rot cycles every 8 squad rescued: Rot B: 6, 14 etc Rot C: 8, 16 etc
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