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  1. If You just started, Helios can help with Animals without full Codex entries.
  2. Blood for Life, Blood for Energy, Equilibrium, Synth Fiber, Arcane Energize and Pulse
  3. Wiki: The cloak will break when using a weapon but not when using a Warframe ability. It should be more specific: Abilities using weapons, like Peacemaker or Exalted Blade, will break the Stalk also. Wukong is, let’s say both, while You stay cloaked clone is visible. Abilities using Strength to kill enemies like Virulence or Tentacle swarm will not break the cloak also. Kubrows are very useful, they are just underrated, sure, not everyone fits to every mission. My goto are: Chesa, my favorite: Excavations, none of Companions will give You extra Power cells, Defense + ESO with Mecha set Huras: Interception Sunika: Still trying to find her place
  4. All, on Redeemer p, problem is that both, Redeemer and Stropha, have low base SC on Ranged attack, while for best result You should use Arsenal able to hit min 100% SC. Absolut synergy: Increasing SC on Primary will increase Kubrow’s SC thru Mecha Overdrive.
  5. Smeeta is just overrated by Forums Mainstream.
  6. You will loose “Functions” based on Dmg like Hunter Recovery, Sharpened Claws, Synth Deconstruct, 3 Kubrow have + Finisher Dmg Precepts, etc. You will probably increase Your Hit box, min for Beast, which will not resolve problems with Beasts dying. You should try Masters Summon. Edit: Pressing Interact key, in Orbiter, near Beast still let You interact with him.
  7. If You’re a fan of Beasts, throwing Shield on Agendus is nice ability to heal them thru Pack leader.
  8. I don’t use Fetch, so I can’t confirm that, but it looks similar like situation when Your Health drops and Your Beast has Hunter Recovery equipped, so he immediately starts to attack Enemy to fulfill it. When there is no needs and You’re “AFK” the Beast is right near You, doing nothing, except casting Precepts, of course.
  9. In this case i would like to recommend Energizing Shot + Arcane Energize as You can see in Defense I posted. You can also combine it with Equilibrium, Synth Fiber. Edit: Reason I took Chesa and because Energize has delay No Fetch
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