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  1. Chesa isn’t for Farming, Chesa is for support in missions like ESO, Excavation and Survival. I’m absolutely satisfied with results.
  2. Would be nice if Guardian derision and/or Electromagnetic shielding will work. I tested, unfortunetly Enemies die by Nukers too fast, so i can´t clearly say they work or no.
  3. Slow down, join Clan, take Volt and you will see. Definitely focus more on Mandatory Mods and their maxing.
  4. Imho, we got Rivens not to kill Grineer, taking a rest behind corner, with mega million Dmg, but to get spare Slots for Utility Mods.
  5. Put Mag, Nyx, Ember and, for example, Banshee and you don’t need Shield gating. Problem: Players playing Solo or headlessly jumping into PuGs. Recruiting doesn’t exist, except Tridolon hunts and Radshares, like it’s some kind of shame to recruit for another specific missions. Solution: Recruit, set your Frame, Arsenal, Operator and Companions and Communicate, for best result.
  6. While this is F2P, Devs needs monthly money income to satisfy monthly money outcome. Exciting new players are willing to pay more often then bored “ veteran” already has everything ingame. Because lots of “veterans” are not willing to help new players, Devs are giving them “helping hands”.
  7. Try to set Matchmaking Ping in Options to “No limit”. I can help if you wish, I’ll be on in around 4hrs.
  8. Looks like DE took a lesson from 2 previous events and for reason to avoid to all of rants and complains from One man Clans make the upcoming event that way.
  9. Who else? Just tried to help, but with your attitude I rather shouldn’t have cared.
  10. I will try to Relog on console and then check WF Inbox messages.
  11. Why should I run High difficulty forced to Polarize Frames while I can run it at Low without Polarize?
  12. K, just tried to save your time if it is. Asked few friends and we can put Efficiency based on Reward/1hr. Salvage, Defection and Excavation are around 10 Vitus essences/hr, Defense 5, Survival is clear, unfortunately I don’t know about Interceptions, I stopped, as Nova, to play them.
  13. Or, as @SirTobestated, pure disaster, Corpus especially. We can also put here another element called Risk. Salvage and Deception are pure Infested and you can run them with any frame with lowest risk to fail. According to @sleepychewbaccafrom Interceptions to Defense is time to recruit for best result. I must also disagree @(XB1)Cubic Clem because Arbitrations are one of those missions which are showing players that the WF isn’t just running Tank with highest DPS, you should have min 1 Frame from each type. Are datamines allowed by DE?
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