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  1. Polearm using Twirling spire for Heavy slam attack with Seismic wave, or I’m wrong and everything will be completely different.
  2. Aura Forma, Cunning drift, Steel Fiber, Blind Rage, Vitality, QT/Rolling Guard, Streamline, Stretch, Icy Avalanche, Flow/Primed.
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Intruder Loki with max Duration and decent Range for Switch Teleport with Decoy.
  4. One of the ways, if not only one, how to stop devaluation of Arcanes.
  5. We will probably get what we are asked for. So many players wrote about how OP we are or Enemies are weak, me included, so DE made decision to change it, but from opposite side. The rework is, imho, direct hit to Solo players spending tons hours in Endurance runs alone while they should play Co-Op.
  6. While I’m glad to see removal of “Autoblocking” , I will probably put Glaivesque Melees back to storage hangar thanks to Amalgam Organ Shatter change.
  7. Heavy attack looks nice, against 1 Enemy.How it will look like when surrounded by Enemies?
  8. Each player needs 2 of same type of Mod, excluding Corrupted mods, so what is this all about?
  9. Status effects are now somewhere where CC Frames are because Enemies are weak and can be easily OHKO with Raw Dmg, so there is no place to Proc Status.
  10. Conclusion: As always, it’s hard to compare two different type of weapons. Both are great for purpose I listed, highly depends on mission type and player’s personal preference. Edit: Autoblocking absolutely killing the usage, especially on Glaive, imho, worst thing implemented in WF since I started to play.
  11. I try to kill two flies with 1hand: To heal Beast and to stop Enemy to attack Beast which made decision to attack Enemy out of my range and there are no Enemies around me. Why those two: Quick attack speed, 100% SC for Blast, but maybe someone has better idea. Thanks in advance.
  12. Found the Tile I described, unfortunately still not able to scan, I hope it’s just because consoles are Update behind:
  13. Funny moments, friend as a Banshee went outside with dog for 1 hr while Nekros left with convulsions in his fingers. The birth of AFK timer in WF.
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