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  1. Funny, how Topics like this always uncover the fact, that lots of players don’t know how to Beasts, but it’s DE’s fail, of course.
  2. Don´t kill Enemies too fast, You will increase Outriders spawn rate, if it´s still a thing , of course.
  3. Uff, You’re killing 5th Mod with 1 to get better Armor more frequently with 3 other Mods. Is it worth it? Don’t know Your Frame and Healing method.
  4. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Sharpened_Claws
  5. Banshee max range Soundquake and Huras says Hello to all MDs. Absolutely agree with @(PSN)GEN-Son_17, we should play WF to not criticize but to figure out when the Abilities are useful.
  6. Except Mecha set, which is a Nuclear bomb, but it needs proper setup and doesn’t fit to every mission because not everywhere must be everything Nuked, somewhere is even counterproductive like in Interceptions, so Defense and ESO are my go to for Mecha. About help, I think highly depends how much effort and attention in mission You’re willing to pay, 1 band aid, as lots of “Beasts experts” call really helpful tools, should be enough. Sometimes roles changed Got stuck, Chesa not even withstand more then 2 waves she heals me until enemies were there. If I had Arcane Pulse we will probably make it till wave 5.
  7. Its not that simple. You should realise that Companion isn´t a single unit but a part of Your battle system. Whats Your Frame, Melee, Healing method, Arcanes etc. ?
  8. Iirc, Magus Arcanes are changing with Loadouts while Amps + Virtuos don’t, which is no big deal if You use 1 for everything.
  9. Take Octavia, You don’t need to focus on Your Arsenal, just throw 1st after Lich spawned and while he is doing self Dmg, You can collect extra Murmurs, Dmg is not enough strong, throw 4th to boost it. Keep in mind, Lich will stumble 3 times, go for last, it will give You extra time for Murmurs.
  10. You can insert mega millions of Companions EHP somewhere if You have 0 tools for Healing equipped.
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