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  1. Mach 2 Melee speed build thru Escape Velocity: Exchange Overextended with Blind Rage R4-R5 to choose Enemies speed. Mecha set should be full. Melee? I recommend something with Syndicate Augment and probably higher CC for Berserker besides Fury.
  2. Basic Slow Nova, You should change Flow and Continuity for their Primed versions. I´m using another 2-3 builds, like Speed and *Nuke, which is imposible after You lock Frame with Umbral mods.
  3. This is a boilerplate response. Same as Topic
  4. Bind Tactical menu to D pad separatly thru General control settings. My friend has same issue so probably a bug,.
  5. Maybe, but the mission success still rely on RJ. Let’s take a look how I, as a RJ owner will play Scarlet: because Event Leaderboards were removed I will get everything what I need, 7 new Arcanes, few Stance formas, exclusives and then I will stop which also means I will cut off players, without or with weak RJ not using it, from possibility to get rewards and I’m afraid I will not be the only one.
  6. The whole mission rely on RJ, what I understand 7 players + 1 RJ owner. How many RJ can withstand attacks of Sentient ships? According to my experince, 4-5 missions per day during 2 months, it´s around 25% of whole playerbase and I´m affraid it´s not enought to let Scarlet begin.
  7. Anyone, melee oriented, tested Arcane Bodyguard? Maybe Shepherd aura?
  8. 1k Players, 1k tastes. I don’t even understand why players are making this infantile “I, me, mine” posts with mention like they are better devs then DE.
  9. Can We use Umbral Formas on Operators?
  10. Are players prepared? Because strong enough RJ is probably must, I don’t think so.
  11. Mag never was bad, it was just players bad decision to build her for Magnetize.
  12. Answers are: if You selling no, if You buying yes.
  13. May there can be possibiliy its colide with Khora´s keybindings.
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