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  1. After You’re done, stay in mission and collect everything possible: Avionics, wreckage > https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dirac, resources with Itzal Cosmic Crush For Intrisics gain use Stealth style in “on feet” side goals.
  2. Prove it for yourself, if you expect that I will describe how Masters Summons works, You’re wrong because I’m done with all You Beastmasters, unfortunately on paper only. Nothing got so many changes in WF then Beasts. You got most what You complain about: Fetch, Animal Instinct, static survival mods, Plat costs turned into Credits, Incubator removal and several ways how to heal, but You still cry for Invincibility which is, IMO, removal of WF basic called Modding and exclusivity between games with Companions.
  3. No, we don’t. Choice is yours: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_random_number_generators And, of course, DE can have their own Algorithm.
  4. Isn’t easier just to start release press X for win Frames only?
  5. Exactly and specific Stances combos, of course.
  6. Depends on weapon. You can have sky high Crits but it will no matter if You will use weapon with low percentage of Slash Dmg and Status Chance.
  7. Did You Claim “gens” in Foundry? Dumb question, I know.
  8. Reminder: Equipping Lure will show You Call points of specific animal on Minimap.
  9. Until there are players willing to pay and here is second purpose of players, more or less experienced, not willing to pay, play in PuGs to holding players, willing to pay mostly newbies, in game as long as possible. Unfortunately the trend is go to Solo, while nobody is useless then player playing Solo with 0 money spent. As I already stated few times ago: Who is more important, You who made Spy Solo under 3 min, with 0 money spent, or whale which left the game after entering Spy with Rhino several times and gave up because nobody helped? Question also is: How many active players worldwide al
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