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  1. lavos and the energy change really make me wish we had subsystems energy mechanic where you can put a level into three bars or pips, Weapons, Systems, Engines. Weapons lowers heat accretion and ups damage, Systems increases energy regen and shield regen, then engines makes you more nimble and increases speed. Battle avionics would pull from a generalized railjack energy pool that regens based on systems percentage and such. spamming a skill could induce a cool down on the skill due to like overloading the systems or something with the gunners, and pilot would have their own separate energy po
  2. why not just have a thing where if it detects you're solo it switches how the mission works for solo then?
  3. I feel the missions really need some separation in who is on RJ and who is on away team... forcing the entire team to go to the objective really makes it feel kinda just tacked on when you could have objectives either RJ or Away team could do like in the case of volatile away team protects reactor while RJ team fends off boarding parties or pops heat vents outside the ship ( as an idea ) There is a lot more you can do to 'join' the RJ and Core Warframe but forcing the RJ as a glorified taxi just feels stale.
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