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  1. I have run missions repeatedly and had the "mow them down" reset mid mission every time and I have two instances of it in my nightwave set both at 0 progress after killing many enemies with the acceltra.
  2. When is Plague Star coming back? We've had reeats on others, but it's still MIA, MII (missing in inaction).
  3. Can we get Lotus's face back into a window on screen for the continuous dialogue? Covering over half the screen for the majority of the mission is highly annoying. I'd rather play nodes where I can actually see what's going on decently
  4. Any thoughts on when fog effect will impede AI unit vision as it does ours to make it something that is interesting rather than annoyingly one sided? Plus, I frequently have my sentinel die and not respawn, even if i burn a revive or three, in spite of having primed regen on the sentinel, in the first slot. Will this be addressed soon? I mention these as they have been going on for months through both steam and regular installs, reinstalls, and updates to the game. Otherwise I enjoy the game a lot, thanks for your time.
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