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  1. I bought it thinking of the lenz and the brahma, since what other bow can stack 4 hits in under 2 seconds? then to find out after that even though it says doesn't apply to crossbows (though it'd be great for the zhuge and might make that fun to use) it also doesn't apply to the only bows that I can see justifying the 15 point cost of the mod? I would like my prime parts back that i traded for the ducats specifically to get this mod. Of course I didn't screen shot the before and after of the transaction so I'm screwed anyway. How about you take the mod back, refund the upgrade costs, and give me plat in place of a ducat refund as there was literally nothing else I was remotely interested in. Or, make it work on all bows instead of simply being an over-priced hunk of digital junk like covert lethality has become?
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