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  1. 1 minute ago, DiabolusUrsus said:

    I can play the reductive ad hominem game too.

    The issue with that right there is: your underlying argument is "But I LIKE my OP DPS and I WANT to just nuke the map because it's convenient and I don't really CARE if YOU'RE not having fun! You can go play somewhere ELSE. I EARNED this, but you somehow DIDN'T earn your right to play."

    Which is quite selfish. Let your teammates actually play too. If you can't play nicely with others, play by yourself.

    "Eh, but it's a PUBLIC match, can't I do whatever I want?" Well yeah, but then people will complain and eventually your frames will be nerfed. Relax. Play with friends who actually want to leech off of you. Everything's going to be okay.

    Funny how that cuts both ways, huh?

    Oof, ya got me. I knew someone would come around and ignore the top half, for the bottom.

    Earned is a strong word, tho. I'd never be so egotistical to imply that I earned the right to deny others kills or gameplay. I just played the game how it looked like it was generally meant to be played. I'm really not one of the jerk-offs that sits in pubs and nukes everyone's day away, because I started my campaign on this game playing with friends, and generally still do. Like I said in my above post: half a sense. My life on this game is with friends and clanmates, not in pubs.

    In the end though, it always comes full circle. This community's always been divisive, and nothing much can be done about that.


    My friends and I leech off each other all the time tho, ngl. The idea being, when one's behind, grind the other up. Friends are nice.

    When we get bored, we race to see who can nuke the hardest.


  2. 6 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

    One time I had an Equinox accuse me of stealing their kills while playing as Oberon. And they still killed more than me and for far less effort.

    Really? YOUR  kills?

    Just to add though: yes, there are (curse word)s out there who act like this. Us meta-builders generally dislike them too.

  3. 6 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

    Even with that build, Saryn, Mesa, etc. can still outkill me by a long shot..simply because of how broken they are. Now that should tell you something.

    Old Void vet here to throw in my half a sense.

    Way back, when void defense and survival were the rage was when frame roles and meta were really getting determined and ironed out.

    You had your kill frames (Saryn, Ash, Mesa, Equinox), your support frames (Trinity, Nekros, Loki), your CC frames (Mirage, Nova, Vauban, Nyx, also Loki), and your room holder, Frost. You generally had one kill, one or two supports, and one or two CCs, Frost if non-infested defense. Even though DE blew up the void, most team players from that era are still here, and still play the way they always have. They're not going to give up their prized ultra-murder farm builds for the sake of you getting 10-20 kills on a widely known and used EXP node. It was their job for so long, and they're into it for life.

    Either that or they're stat crunchers. In which case, good luck convincing them of anything. lmao.

    6 hours ago, MirageKnight said:

    I play Warframe because I want to kill stuff in different ways with other people - not to have someone else do it for me...

    Te everyone that's pretty much said "leave my 'Frame alone"...bravo, you just revealed how selfish the motivations and intentions behind your counter arguments really are.

    The issue with that right there is: your underlying argument is "I want kills toooooo! Save some for MEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAH I'M GONNA BEG DE TO NERF YOUR FRAMES!"

    Which is quite selfish. Let us play how we want to play. If you don't like it, don't play with us.

    dab jury GIF

    "EH but you play in PUBLIC GAMES, how can I AVOID you?" My guess is you only get a few of us once in a blue moon. Calm it down. Play with some friends. Everything's going to be ok.

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  4. 1 minute ago, AdvisorZ said:

    They dont care. Nerf is a "great thing". And it is better to listen to the cries of "imbalance" and make a nerf, than to improve or leave it as it is.

    It is one thing - when the ability of the Vukong makes the zenistar "Machine of Destruction". The other - the mechanics of Trinity's ability, which has worked (worked) for a long time. Not a bug. Mechanics.  The first - nerf. The second - leave as is / improve.

    But this is an adequate view of things. And most people do not care about him.

    When something is so obviously broken and abused, do you really think it could be improved? Do you think people will suddenly switch and try something new, when this broken "mechanic" is so superior to anything else? Does that incite variation in gameplay?

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  5. 1 minute ago, Harsol1 said:

    Learn the new controlls they are so much better. You just dont like change. You might as well ask DE to stop updating warframe.


    This gross projection. What if maybe he just liked the old one better?

    No, you really aught not to ask DE to stop updating Warframe. Where'd this inference come from? Who are you?

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  6. 8 minutes ago, AdvisorZ said:

    Thanks to these "geniuses-heroes" who cannot keep their mouth shut, and spoil the pleasure of other players, reporting "imbalance methods / abilities."

    For them it is better to envy that they did not come up with this / cry that the favorite Frame cannot do the same / perform a "good deed", demanding more and more nerfs.

    With such "nerfs", soon, many people will choose an operator, not a Frame. I've already met such people, they all say only one thing - "Because it's better."


    Can't tell if sarcasm, or high-nose.

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  7. Is there any chance the observation deck tile in the Dojo will ever have the functionality of the navigation segment? It would make playing with clanmates way more efficient. Setting up parties in the Dojo and such.

    Also, please give an option to turn the Tenno dialog off.

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