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  1. Tranquil in my opinion is the better of the two. I don't like decisive judgement because it involves jumping, which makes the sword nerd in me cringe. However it does have better coverage for flying targets and has better lunge attacks. Still, you can use tranquil while sprinting, which I believe is not the case with its counterpart. I may be wrong there.

  2. I think you misunderstood the latter post, and the sarcasm within.

    Shields are not useless against the Infested, they are useless against Disruptors and Toxics.  Disruptors disrupt your shields, Toxics bypass them.

    Disruptors and toxics make up a third of the infested

    When I say noobs, I am referring to those who think that Ancients need to be nerfed, because when they get to the point where I am, they will ask for the same Ancients

    to be buffed.  End-game Warframe becomes a game of CC and insta-kills, as I'm sure you know, judging by your mastery rank.

    You said, and I quote, "Haha noobs". There's no coming back from that. Anyone can come to the point where you are, but the fact that you think that point even existing is a good thing is the heart of what's wrong with this game. CC and instakills shouldn't be the endgame. Players should not be okay with that.

    In addition, you really only need one mod, that being Vitality.  Armor is overrated on everything but Valkyr.  Without health, you get instakilled, hence the thread in the first place.

    So you contradict yourself

    Also, I didn't say that the only way to go was with high armor and health, I said that's ONE way to go, ie the one I use.

    Do pray tell me of these other methods of survivability- oh wait, I already know. CC and instakills.

    I'll have you know my Saryn is extremely capable of taking on ANY faction, all with the same build, and with a skana if need be: high leveled and modded melee weapons are not necessary, but are expected if going into the later waves of an ODD.

    So basically you're saying low level warframe, i.e the warframe played by the "noobs" you mentioned, is completely fine. Which means you play the broken part of the game.

    I understand that you were trying to interpret my comment, because your attempt at "picking it apart" failed miserably.  In my post, I simply said Life Strike and Health tanking with Rage is better than shields... I don't see how you got so much out of a simple statement.

    You called people noobs. You then told them what they were supposed to do. You offered no potential alternatives.


    As for the former post, people do say this about the Corpus and Grineer, maybe you just haven't heard it yet, or you choose to ignore it.

    links pl0x

    Also, four *'s could mean a number of things.  Maybe you should expand your vocabulary to better convey your message?

    My vocabulary is more than sufficient, as is my censoring.


  3. Well guys, call it annoying, but how do you think they feel?  We're running around with upper level weapons tearing them a new one, so they need to evolve to survive.  The Infestation wouldn't be so scary if it was weak, right?

    Why does no one say this about Grineer or Corpus? And side note: Lol at the fact that you said we're tearing them a new one, they're literally walking ****s anyway.


    Haha noobs.  You're supposed to make health tanks so armor actually means something!

    Trust me, Life Strike and Health tanking with Rage is much stronger than shield tanking.

    Oh how fun. Another silly post to pick apart. Shields are useless against infested, and only a combination of two mods with a powerful melee weapon are relevant against the faction. You are only supposed to armored frames with high health totals, because that's the only way to not be a noob. Yay!

  4. The entirety of the kubrows' implementation was obviously rushed, untested and and half-baked. The devs failed to account for critical problems ("What if a free player wants to master all four kubrows?""Is there sufficient information to indicate that a kubrow out of stasis will die if left for long periods?"etc) and they clearly cut corners to meet the deadline.


    Scramblers were one of many mistakes. The few who won the gamble would probably be the only ones happy about their decision.

  5. Okay. Imagine you're a game developer at what is essentially a massive PR opportunity. You have a scheduled event that you have taken much effort to hype up. Your audience is large, composed of existing players, potential players and games journalists and possibly corporate execs looking to shake hands and sign deals. You flew a bunch of people across an ocean for this. People who actually make the game. They're not trained to drop buzzwords and blather on about nonsense that no one cares about. Heck, one of them wears pink shorts.


    They have a time limit of around 45 minutes to an hour.


    You want them to tell you about fixes?



    ...C'mon, that's what patchnotes are for.

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