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  1. I picked up the Edo Prime armor set not too long ago from the Prime Vault. I quickly started to notice a strange flap on the front of my Saryn's molt, and was wondering what was causing this weird effect. After a bit more time, I noticed that on occasion the energy effect will pulse across the entire front end of any frame I have the armor piece equipped on, but it doesn't happen all THAT often, and rarely if ever happens in a mission. It primarily happens in orbiter or in the navigation menu, but it is there regardless. Usually wouldn't be too big of an issue, but I borderline one-trick Saryn and seeing the 'effect' make molt look awful gets quite annoying. I only see this on frames that have specifically the Edo Prime Chest on them. Here are screenshots: Saryn Molt looking broken on front: Energy glow in Navigation menu:
  2. Cazzzz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Hi, yes, where the heck did all the Prime trailers go? Geoff been slackin'...
  3. Cazzzz

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Disappointed, but not surprised.
  4. Cazzzz

    Free Prime with Twitch Prime is Back!

    I was skeptical of the syandana being trash, but actually it's pretty lit, glad I picked it up. (Also why y'all mad about Trinity, did you expect them to hand out Zephyr or something? LOL)
  5. Im not sure if it's been covered by someone else, but how is the toxin spread from spores being handled? Myself (as a Saryn main) and a few people in my clan are concerned about the transfer of that damage. (Ie: A gas Lanka build can spread huge dps over a huge area, so it that damage spread being treated differently or deleted altogether?)
  6. I've always wanted to participate in something like this!
  7. Cazzzz

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    My biggest concern is that there are just going interfere with other drops that may actually serve some purpose. I like the idea of a good meme, but if it's going to take mod slots and time to obtain, as well as get in the way of other things, there's just about as much purpose for them in the game as there is for a sword made in the 1500s.
  8. Cazzzz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Please don't put off another Prime trailer please thanks
  9. Cazzzz

    This year so far...

    Too bad, cuz now we can't hold you to it for not getting stuff out 8)) Lmao im kidding but also not completely
  10. The Demon Dance - Julian Winding, pref starting @ this time:
  11. Cazzzz

    New Contest: Carol of the Tenno

    "Frost Prime the Warframe". Original: "Frosty the Snowman" (Ft the Puppini Sisters), Michael Buble Frost Prime was my first Prime item and I just couldn't help myself.
  12. Cazzzz

    September: A month of solidarity.

    Almost feel bad since we can't keep the little ribbon, but regardless this is incredible, and I'm not taking it off till I've got to!
  13. Cazzzz

    PC: August 23: No Updates planned this week!

    Thanks for the update! Can't wait for next week.
  14. Cazzzz

    Rising Tide Contest is Live!

    "By his will, become one with the waves."
  15. Cazzzz

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.4

    Wait, Harrow needed buffs?!