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  1. Hey yall! I'm an avid fan of Saryn, and have been since her first rework. After the recent changes to her 1st ability augment, Venom Dose, I finally decided to give it a shot, seeing that I hadn't in the past. I very quickly noticed two things. The first being that I really, really, like the damage numbers it puts out. The crits from my Daikyu went from nuts to REALLY nuts. The second thing I noticed? The augment is outdated, and wasn't properly updated. Here is a list of both bugs AND complaints about the mod that, in my opinion, need to be addressed. Lets start with bugs: 1) Tap-casting while aiming at an allied unit (which should cast a normal Spore, and should NOT be activating the augment) will consume the energy cost of the ability, but have no effect on the selected target, or any other for that matter. This includes non-active allied entities, such as defense pods. This one is particularly frustrating when there is an allied target nearby an enemy you are trying to Spore who ends up catching the cast and resulting in a whole lot of nothing. 2) The visual effect often does not appear on or around the weapon of the user. This is VERY obvious on allied pets, such as sentinels (for example, the effect sits underneath my Wyrm Prime, unattached to it's body, like a strange fart of sorts). This poses a number of visual issues, but those are part of my complaints. 3) When tap-casting on some allied entities with an active Spore running, you can consume less than the full total energy required for the ability (ex. you can spend the 5 remaining energy in your pool to cast the non-effect). While I have not been able to 100% reproduce this one, It happened twice on the Uranus defense, specifically when casting onto any of those defense pods. Granted, this one isn't too big because fixing the first issue makes this one a non-factor. 4) When you have one ally with a fresh cast of the ability, and another ally with a different-timed cast of the ability, entering and exiting operator mode will cause the user's UI to display that BOTH allies have identical timers, despite not recasting the ability. This bothers me specifically because I like to ensure that all of my allies have the buff, and are on synced timers (for energy efficiency), but this bug results in some allies not having the buff at all, even though it will tell me that they do on my UI. ...And this is exclusively what I wrote down today. I've been noticing bugs for a few weeks now, so this may or may not be all of them. Moving on... Some general complaints: 1) The visual effect of this augment is absolutely AWFUL. And this really isn't that much of a personal opinion. The effect is, visually, loud. It takes up a large portion of the area around where it displays, and is not all that transparent either. This is especially atrocious when trying to aim down sights, and it is still viewable when aiming into sniper scopes. If you are aiming down sights and walk in on direction, the effect literally clouds over your aiming window and prevents you from seeing forward. Now remind you, this doesn't just affect the user. This effects all allies that are hit with the ability. Remember how I was complaining about the effect being positioned UNDER my Wyrm Prime (for some reason)? That effect also is viewable while playing, and can ALSO cloud up your aim, and is ALSO seen while aiming down a sniper scope. 2) The effect is not altered in any way by energy colors. With the recent changes to some status effects, and the less-recent changes to emissive/energy, there is NO excuse for this augment to be hard-locked on a vomit-green color, especially when it is opaque and capable of preventing you from seeing. I could understand in the past needing to know what type of damage was granted to you if you were a receiving ally, but there is a clear UI indicator as to what buff you are receiving. There is just no reason this augment's effect shouldn't be inheriting color. I do hope this augment, and likely the other +elemental damage augments, get fixed as soon as possible. I really do enjoy using it, and its a very useful augment for giving you and your team some much needed extra damage, but it does not behave like any sort of "new" augment would.
  2. Pretty simple change/complaint, but why are helmets that I've crafted not hidden when the "Hide owned" Option is selected? It makes the offerings menu SUPER cluttered, especially since I own 99% of the alternate helmets. And since these blueprints aren't available to trade, there is no function to showing them. This goes even further because its not like having a spare blueprint serves a purpose, you can't craft more than one of them. I feel like this is a simple change that just should be taken care of. (It would make it 100% easier for me to find the 2-3 helmets I dont have, if I havent gotten them all lmao)
  3. Hi, yes, where the heck did all the Prime trailers go? Geoff been slackin'...
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