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Lets see where does this old man start.

Well I started with an Atari 7800 and from then on I was hooked to if not chained to video games, lol.

then as we all do at some point I migrated to a super nes. and then to the playstation and then the ps2. and from there it was pc games.

I mainly like rpg games, and yes i'm a gamer in the extent that I started with 2nd addition D-N-D. and also Shadowrun. and loved it. I mostly play fantasy rpgs and mmorpgs. and this is my first tps. and I'm loving the hell out of it.
I also like fantasy novels and movies. As well a few days ago I started become active wth the rpg forums here. Can't wait till I get the courage to start my own thread there. But I'm a player not a runner when it comes to that. But, I do have an idea and it may or may not open a new door to Tenno lore. but its all make believe and fantasy I would never want to take away from the Warframe game it self. But its an Idea and I hope I can do it if I can find the right Game Master to run it.

other than that I'm a pretty easy going laid back guy and player.


If you visit my profile page. please drop me aline.

p. s. who knows we may run into each other in game.

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