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  1. very dissappointed that New War will be after tenno con. as it had already been stated to come before.
  2. Question, in an earlier thread it was stated that the new war quest would be released prior to tenno con and rail jack would be after. My question is since Tenno Con is only 2 months from now, New War. When?
  3. check out the last dev stream.
  4. Can we get Ordin Karis's outfit for Operators. as a completion reward for the Cephilon fragments.
  5. Will there be an explenation as to why it was postponed. Will any of the earlier quest such as Vor's prize be replayable. will the females operators ever stop looking like 12 year old boys. I mean if the female frames Garuda, and Mesa prime as examples are able to be as explicitly sexy as they are why not the female operators as well? will the Male operators ever mature to have facial hair. and can anyone explain why it is the that the game eludes to many tenno but the cinema quest act as if your character is the only tenno out there. I mean will there ever be a cinema quest where we can have a party in the cut scenes.
  6. alad v quest and jordas assassinate still glowing on star chart both have been completed.
  7. aladv and jordas nodes on eris still flashing blue for me and have completed them a way long time ago.
  8. Can we finally please get the dual nikana like Teshan has.
  9. will there ever be anymore custimizations for operators. such as more face choices, voices, and hairstyles. than what we already have?
  10. When will we get Railjack and will it be clan only ship or a player ship?
  11. will the Sacrifice be replayable after Tennocon?
  12. Spoiler [I found the Sacrifice quest was a let done. One we didn't get Lotus back. Instead she became and abomination. Two, yeah we got umbra but we didn't get the frame and weapon as a quest reward we got it as part of the quest so WHY no affinity earned cause it was an auto max frame. and Three. Still trying to figure out what we were suppose to Sacrifice as the name of the quest implies. ]
  13. so will anything be released before Tennocon? and what will be the next prime?
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