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  1. That's not even mentioned time invested. 1 nitain used to be 10 minutes tops, now we are looking at far more per nitain. Not even talking about cosmetics or auras.
  2. And then there will be a whole new batch of players that started playing a month earlier complaining about the exact same issue. There's absolutely no reason to put this timed grind wall in front of what used to be 5-10 minutes missions. In case people forgot, alerts were done mainly by new players, besides the casual nitain to build something.
  3. It's obviously a ridiculous comparison. The thing is, if you haven't started with fortuna's grind (which is very possible even if you've played for over a month now) you CAN'T get to the profit taker this week, see the issue? it's the first challenge that's absolutely impossible to complete in said week regardless of the time you put towards it, because you are daily capped. If you are something like MR10 you need over a week just for the final rank of SU, let alone the rest.
  4. Because they are here to do it when the challenge is presented? That would be like saying you can't complete the toxic damage challenge because you weren't here when elemental mods where released.
  5. Because maybe they haven't played for months?
  6. Skipping one? definitely not, but look around this very forum and see how many times "just skip it" gets thrown as an answer. If the answer to something new the game is offering is just "don't do it" then allow me to say it's not exactly well designed.
  7. "Just skip it" has to be the most ridiculous answer you can possibly give to these threads. "Gilded challenge, just skip it. Forma challenge, just skip it. Profit taker challenge, just skip it. One hour long survivals, just skip those" While we are at it, why not just play a different game where I can play the content without skipping 30% of the content? This is a feedback forum, those challenges are not exactly well thought and people are giving feedback about it, what's the point of coming in to say "just skip it"?
  8. I'll copy paste myself from the "make nitain purchasable" thread. I don't know if someone did the math, but nitain is now MUCH more time consuming to get, so much in fact that the difference is absolutely ridiculous. Before: 1 nitain per alert, a single alert was 10 minutes tops (slightly longer in some defenses, but also MUCH shorter for captures/rescues/spies...) so, worst case scenario, we are talking about 10 minutes per nitain, 15 nitains, 150 minutes, 2 hours and a half consumed. Now: Well, time spent doing challenges varies a lot depending on who you ask, but I'd say an average player can get most of them (not all unless you get carried, hydralist I'm looking at you), in something like 4 hours a week. Hey, first week, nice, you can get 15 nitain this week, but you are already sinking an hour and a half more than before to get the same reward. AND, after a certain point you get creds roughly at half rate, so we are looking at maybe 6 or 8 hours to get 15 nitain. Am I the only one seeing the issue? the reward is not appropiate for the time spent, 4 hours of time spent should be around 24 nitain.
  9. I liked the system at first but now it's feeling opressive. I feel like I have to complete the challenges, like the game is ordering me to do stuff, I don't feel like I have the choice of doing whatever I want to do, it just feels I'm wasting time if I'm not completing nightwave challenges. It's like there's an alert you "should" do, but instead of doing it and that's it, the alert is active 24/7 and you need to do it over and over again or you'll be behind the rest. Not only that, so far some challenges make you do stuff that's not exactly fun to do, fishing and minning? really? 8 damn bounties? have you never read feedback about how people feel about repeating bounties DE? an hour long survival after you've said you don't want to give extra rewards to very long endless sesions? The whole system feels like I HAVE to play WF constantly or else I'm #*!%ed, and I don't like when a game puts pressure on me for no good reason.
  10. I think it's a great idea to play with people. It's not something crazy hard to achieve and until it appeared I had never run the sortie with clanmates. It seems you haven't played with some players
  11. IGN: Kuldor Rank: 15 (EDIT: 16 now EDIT 2: 17...) Region: Europe (I play mostly during NA times) Type of Player: Competitive
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