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  1. Well it's indeed a Veil drop, from this ship Problem is its drop rate is like less than 1%. If you don't mind paying 400p for it on the market you also have that option but since it's so costy you're better farming the mod. Also dem luck with reactors. I only got 50-ish/60-ish cap reactors so far. I want one of those 90+ cap already
  2. IMO Vidar engines are better, since boost multiplier is applied directly to base speed, so a decent to high boost + high speed (say, 600m/s for example) Vidar engine outperforms any Zetki engine
  3. Something to note about this matter: anyone can go to dock IF host migration happens, but also that would be the only thing you could do on that situation. I agree on the "only host has the rights to return" being annoying. Some of them don't even care when clients tell them they have stuff to do after a mission or they just had enough missions/loot. I think there should be a voting upon picking a new mission node, just like those on Defense/Interception, so each party member can either go to dock/remain in their current node, or accept the next mission, and those leaving allow others to join the ones that stay for more
  4. You could use it as a resser with Transfusion (has 2min CD though) but for everything else it's the same as the other 2 breeds without counting their signature mods
  5. Select the power you want to use with left click, go to the minimap from the tactical UI (with Tactical 5 you can use Tab to swap to other party member's current map, something like satellite surveillance) and left click on the zone. Also right clicking on the map works as the marking key ppl uses for rare mods/tell other ppl where to go when you're lost/etc.
  6. And still no plan to change Archwing/Razorwing again despite all the posts from ppl disliking all these messed up changes. It's as if you DEs think there's nothing wrong with all of it...
  7. Maybe you forgot about Penumbra being useful sometimes at open world Riven challenges where you need to be either undetected, at 100m+ of targets (coming together with headshots), or both. And also about Cosmic Crush being Eidolon hunts' Fetch cause bringing Companion's one is only a bother while you keep absorbing UW unconsciously, and probably slowing the hunts. But you're the one saying ppl ignores the rest of the kit right?
  8. No you aren't, but after 2 Hotfixes with ppl telling them it was better the old way and it's like this still... something's happening here
  9. Thanks. Now pls revert Razorwing to how it was before the archwing rework. IMO it was something that didn't need a change.
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