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  1. note I said fully new,So image them redoing things stale is subjective as well,so I won't try to change your opinion there,But let me ask,if less fully new content comes ,but we get damage 3.0 which changes armor,would that not shake things up? or what about revamping old modes,less good frames getting new reworks to help bring them up some Also did you mean to say you rather have rework over new content true,but it would be good to have one every so often Stonehenge,In some ways yes,but in others no,but to my point ,this would help warframe grow and allow DE to add things such as endgame modes in the future,to help retain old players among making the game better in many regards (such as making less desired frames better)
  2. Intro Howdy,welcome to what is bound to be large when it is all said and done,but anyhow Rahetailus recent video did get me thinking and I decided to post this. Actual start So far in 2019 we got a few good updates,nightwave in Feb,buried debts in march,Plains of Eidolon remaster,the Jovian Concord,Wukong rework ,saint of Altra ,old blood as well as rising tides (this more led up to railjack but I figured I would say it) and finally Empyrean,pretty good year in my opinion ,but I think it is time to step back from fully new content and have a year of reworks,bug hunts,balancing in general among other things to help the game.First off when I refer to reworks and QoL think Wukong's compared to Nyx's ,Wukong got a fairly large change to how he plays and how he feels to play compared to Nyx who had one ability changed (bolts of disarming/itching to the current one) along with her passive (chance to disarm foes when ability was used on them to enemies are less accurate towards her) and a QoL on her absorb making it deal damage types it absorbed,these changes in my mind are more QoL than a full rework and to the point ,a good few warframes could use reworks to try to balance them out as well as some due to how the meta changes (Think vauban's who made him from bad to fairly speaking good).Second off changing new and old systems alike to be a tad more balanced,fun or such ( Think Equinox farming) ,refinement to put it,since many systems could be redone.Thirdly Bug Hunts,simply put warframe did not get the meme of bugframe without some reason,more to the point,a bug hunt every quarter where the devs search for bugs in the game far more actively than normal,simple but helps the game overall.And balance,this one could be for example,lowering the Hema's costs,changing stats on weapons that are over or under performing heavily,changing riven mods,damage 3.0,etc.Hopefully if this is done ,it will help the game for a nice long while helping it in the future. Going to post more later
  3. Err Goyo does not play like Kaid generally in terms of gadgets,they do mix however Goyo only has his shotgun infact Ash and Amarlu are different in terms of gadgets and weapons (amarlu can always have a shotgun,along side a Machine pistol or such but she is slower at breaching walls and kinda of bad if you see her coming)
  4. Gauss is kinda great ,Grendel I will haveto argee needs work
  5. I disargee Magnus repair = Break in combo Life strike = No Break + works on the heavy slams and it even got buffed (no energy drain)
  6. Sees a chroma come on through with a saryn too They all look around spread the Mimisa around O a whoopity Do The percents so up high makes the enemies go Bye O this suits me a do In non joking form I image that would be a joke in terms of corpus
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