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  1. gotta argee,but I am trying to a extent keep Nyx similar (Only Major changes are to absorb,which is mainly taking the augment and improving on it as well as adding some extra damage and trying to keep her to a extent unique when getting compared to rev and other frames) also doing some editing due to thinking this over some more
  2. Goal is to keep Nyx a frame similar but raise her effect Starting off,her passive is currently enemies miss her more often ,personally changing this could be done in several ways to improve it 1.a damage reduction aura of sorts (Could be explained as telekinesis of sorts) 2. Enhances some attribute of her weapons (so example a passive reload) 3. Passive buff to all allies and Nyx Mind control - post rev it is to some degree worse than enthrall (allies can't kill the guy immediately is your main reason but rest is worse for most part),suggestion,allows it to bypass ability nullifying effects on most things (So example Nullifiers,Not saying control bosses or field bosses) and make the mind controlled target rather large in terms of aggro (So pretty much taunts in a range of 30 base,no mods) and when you use your 4th it gains a shield similar to your,with increased damage conversation Psychic Bolts - good ability but let power strength increase number of bolts per volley Chaos- good ability again And might as well end it on a bang. Absorb - name changed to Psionic Storm,think of this as a exalted weapon and buff,Nyx wields a Psionic Spear which has good base damage,High Crit,status and Reach,before you go this is over powered,it is a spear thus you are limited in angle,but you are precise and it can hit through targets(Range mods help the distance and pen) (moreless a weapon like the gram and such have wide angle attack,the spear can at best hit 3 enemies via punchthrough of sorts on it)(Small side note you can use your secondary now with the spear),all abilities to some degree get increased (Cost reductions,extra effects and such) and you get a more mobile version of absorb (Bullet jumps,running,sprinting allowed) and team mates get a buff of some form ,Tradeoff Extreme energy use,between 25 to 40 energy per second base,this is a channeled ability still (So duration and efficiency effects your cost per second) but remove the extra cost per 1k damage.
  3. Some words,from a 2000 hour casual (4 years) You do not become a veteran through time alone,I will admit I have no meta builds,I don't have all corrupted mods and such,A veteran is different based on opinion,I personally believe that you can be a vet in 6 months but that is based on the person.I say casuals should know the mechanics and some advanced,Vets should know anything functional in use But to answer,Potatos drop from a good number of sources as others said ,every month is one alert for free potatos at min generally,you also can get more via events(Razorback,forminions,and so on),Quest rewards(man of few words gives one to my knowledge)invasions and nightwave,When I started you had alerts,dev stream,less common events and such. Final notes ,Nightwave as of now offers a lower max but traded potential for consistency
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