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  1. Could catch-up be separate between regular and Elite weekly challenges? I.E. doing all the reg weeklies let's you do miss regular weeklies, while you need to do all current elites to do previous elites.
  2. Is there any possibility of taking another look on some Warframe passives in the near future? Ember in particular has a passive that, while very appropriate thematically but in practice is difficult to impossible to benefit from because of it's reliance of taking damage on one of the mo re fragile frames in the game.
  3. While I respect your opinion, it personally had the opposite effect for me. Orb Vallis was a place I happily spent time in, knowing I was going to see rewards quickly, but PoE is a place that I pretty much never tried to grind for anything, because get that thing just took so long. There is a reason that the only complete arcanes I have outside the ones from Tridolons are from Fortuna. Though I'm not excited with the implications of "everyone" having Magus Repair, I'm still glad that it's now something that I feel is achievable for me.
  4. Three issues I have with the idea: 1. Carrying coolant around isn't solo or small group friendly. Probably need to have enemies drop the coolant used, or a way to "stack" coolant ala Spy 1.0 so one person can carry all the coolant you plan to use. 2. You don't say how it would make it quicker. I understand that the actual answer is "whichever way we think works best in the end" but it would be nice to know which way (extra progress, speed up progress, fewer fractures) the devs have in mind. Personally, if I'm still having to do four fractures, it's still too long and boring. Especially as it would now be for just *1* diluted Thermia. 3. The thing that actually made it boring for me was the fact I ended up soloing all of it, because getting a group for one was a mess. I do hope you plan to add a fractures bounty for them the same way you added an Eidolon/Tridolon bounty for people who wanted to quick group for that. As for burps, maybe you could have different types of fractures with different burp effects? And doing a different type of fracture (rather than the same "safe" type) on each step (assuming you're going to insist on three or more fractures) improves how effective coolant is for speeding it up?
  5. Regardless of who was in the right in the instigating event, this is a good thing that will hopefully keep prices low and fight against people getting unknowingly scammed.
  6. Is there any possiblity of adding backup melee weapons in the vein of Garuda's claws for older warframes? Will Rhino finally get the ability to punch bare-handed like he does in one of the original trailers? Could the Whip Exalted Weapon that was planned for Khora show up again in this way as well?
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