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  1. Bastille's armor strip also adds armor to Vauban if he's inside it. Seems like the rate is just based on # of enemies, not their armor or lack thereof and power strength, and caps out at 1000 regardless. Thing is though, while it does persist after leaving Bastille's AoE, the duration for afterwards tiny; I think it's even less that the duration for Bastille, and Vortex doesn't count. For all intents and purposes it might as well not be there. I sometimes wonder if just allowing that to last 2x or 3x Bastille's duration, or having a decay effect ala Atlas that would take a few minutes from max to get through would be enough.
  2. Are we going to get an option to toggle whether we want to trigger heavy attacks by holding melee or not?
  3. I would think Dome charge capacity would be wonky as F considering how Railjack consumables work, i.e. how do you deal with someone taking off the intrinsic when they are already over the base limit, or then putting the intrinsic back in before starting up a new mission with their railjack? And do it bug-free? More mission variety, and therefore more reasons to use the big gun would go a long way. As for avionics, my vote would be to see it and the ordinance avionic merged, and probably have them effect battle avionic damage too.
  4. Sounds like you need Void Cloak. That way you can stealth your RJ as you slingshot (yes you can take shield damage, but you should never take actual health damage/die in flight) or line up for a forward artilery shot (the real issue in my experince is hitting the crewship engines rather than the ship directly, because apparently the engines are their own thing and not part of the Crewships's health) so it isn't getting swarmmed when you aren't in it.
  5. I think it's a pretty interesting dilemma to have. At least when the choice between houses is something like Polar Coil, where yeah Vidar is the "worst," but the gain per rank means that in a Rank 3 slot you get way more per drain point than the Lavan or Zekti versions, which might make it ideal in some loadouts where you can save more capactiy for your Zekti Hyperstrike or Hullweave while still having some amount of heat capacity buff. But there can't be anything like the Vidar Hyperstrike, which is straight up worse than the Zekti version in all conceivable scenarios, with the same drain value and ranks, but less bonus per rank.
  6. I find that most beast companions work best when they are paired up with with a warframe loadout that maximizes the benefits from them. For example, I often use a Huras Kubrow with Ivara for spy sortie, which gives me a "fast" stealth that lets me run pass enemies without having to give up the prowl augment to EZ mode the vaults. I'm also a big supporter of using a Raksa Kubrow with Hildryn (to the point that Mecha Empowered is the aura mod I use for her) because the regular shield recharges are basically energy recharges that are almost enough to keep my 4 up while spamming her exalted weapon indefinitely as long as the enemies are getting killed (as the drain on her 4 goes up with every enemy it's lifting.) I find it better than Guardian for ability use, though obviously that mod is better if you're leaning on her shield gating for survival. ...and of course smeeta when I'm farming for rare resources. There isn't really a Carrier or Helios of beast companions though, i.e. that "take it with whomever and it will always be useful" Closest might be the Smeeta, but otherwise if you're looking for a kubrow or kavat that you can bring with any frame for any mission, you're kinda looking at it wrong.
  7. Pretty much. What little justification for bringing the Pulsar dies once you're no longer able to kill things in 2-3 direct hits. Similar issue with the Photor. When the enemy is tough enough to survive the bombing run and the pilot is drifting to avoid damage, the pinpoint accuracy makes it harder to hit things, not easier.
  8. I believe the devs mentioned that "banishing" an unwanted lich is something they're working on. Would it be better if it was "in addition to" rather than "in place of?" Most things that are not as good as the best way to get X usually has something else you get from them on top of X (like Profit-Taker doesn't give you credits faster than Index, unless you can stack multiple credit boosting effects, but it is also earning you Crimson Torids for Vox Solaris) That said, even in that case it would still basically be a consolation prize. Maybe you can use them to increase the % bonus of the element of the gun you already use? Would probably be basically nothing at least it would mean no lich is worthless (at least until you have 60% on whatever they are carrying.)
  9. Might be in part because there is equipment that also boosts your shields, when there is no such equivalent to armor or hull. I've also noticed that most of the "lesser" avionics are often superior in a per-capaciry basis rather than a max possible basis, especially when you factor bonus levels from the grid. That said, I believe the costs for both Maximas that I have are the same, and one is just simply worse than the other... maybe an oversight?
  10. I feel like the Tactical View and the info it has could use quite a few UI and QoL changes. First is that I think some of the info there should be accessible outside of tactical view, I mentioned this in the main feedback thread but I think icons for representing what other players are doing at the moment would be a really big improvement for keeping track of what's going on without having to essentially stop whatever you're doing at the moment. Second is the ability to get Cy to nag people on your behalf. While it's pretty neat, it's really clunky to do, to the point where by the time you tell someone they should be doing X, it's no longer relevant, and there are several things were you want pretty much anyone/everyone to do, and having to tag multiple people at a time is a chore. So I suggest a way to broadcast to everyone, and for there to be a way to respond. Perhaps by holding down the tactical view button, you go straight to the order wheel, which will have Cy nag everyone, and then those players might be able to hold down to respond nay or yeah that they are doing it. Obviously making it this easy would require a countdown timer between uses, but I think it would help a lot to quickly comunicate for players who do not have or want to use a microphone. In fact, a Hold L radial menu would be pretty good for tactical avionics and, once unlocked, to quickly shift camera to other players too. Might be an either/or thing, or one of those would require extra steps, but I think it would make it much faster and easier to use. (EDIT: In fact, maybe go even further, and have much of the tactial view info be part of expanding the map and make all the comands/abilties/etc done by the radial menu?) Tactical Warframe abilities are also a little cumbersome to use, but I'm not sure of any way to reasonably address that due to thier nature, beyond, again, maybe having a radial menu setup. Best I can think of is that they all "target" a player, but those that are suppose to target an enemy end up targeting the baddie closest to that player. Would make things simpler to use, but it also would make several of the AoE tactical abilities (some if which, like Nidus's, are useful to the point that it's already worth having to go through the current tactical menu) less useful since you couldn't center them o a specific point for maximum effect. Finally, I genuinely hope that the reason the Railjack map in Tactical View isn't always centered and focused in a way that the entire interior is viewable regardless of where in the ship you are is because there wasn't enough time before the holiday break to make it work like that.
  11. Maybe it would be a tactical intrinsic, but I think there should be an icon next to players names (sort of like the icons that pop up when you buff other players) that show what they're doing, i.e. on thw railjack, piloting, gunning, archwing, away on a crewship/away mission, etc. I know it's already viewable in the Tactical Menu, but atm the moment that's kinda clunky (other thing; using the tactical menu is clunky) and you can still get scenarios where nothing is getting repaires because everyone is assuming someone else is getting off their gunnery seat to do it, or everyone is dropping whatever they are doing because they can't be sure that people are going to get to it if they don't. Having that sort of at-a-glance icon would help a lot.
  12. Carinnox or Apoc for me, so long as it isn't zakti. Cryophon's pretty good too, but *only* if the pilot can keep me close enough to actually hit things. Photor was my prefered nose cannon for a while, so I'm okay with it, but most aren't. Pulsar will see me wasting all your ordinance and possibly flux, partly out of vengeance for having me use such a terrible gun and partly because I it's the only way I'm killing anything in the gunner seat.
  13. Worst is when the side turrets are cryophons and the pilot wants to show of their mad drifting skillz playing keep-away. Probably the only time in the veil when you *are* better off just jumping out and try to kill fighters in archwing.
  14. She's a jack-of-all trades frame in the vein of Excalibur or Ash: you have a problem, she probably has a solution to that problem. However, Prowl makes her slower than those frames, and her Exalted weapon takes a bit more skill and effort than Excal's Exalted Blade or Ash's 4 to clear rooms, so she isn't quite as well suited for anything that doesn't let you set your own pace, which unfortunatly includes most co-op activities. She does have her niches though. As mentioned, her Prowl augment makes her pretty much objectively the best spy frame (which makes base Ivara's acquisition method ironic), and on demand, energy drain stealth with no sense of timing required actually serves her well as the away team in Railjack, when she can just disappear to take out the crewship reactor without having to worry about adds (especially in the later missions where there is a shield that needs hacking first) and the CC potential of sleep arrows helps with boarders too.
  15. I usually solo non-endless missions because it gives me the freedom to approach it however I want. Loud, Stealhty, tactical shooter, big explosions, melee monster, meta builds, fun builds, silly builds, whatever. In a group though, there are exactly 2 apporaches to non-endless missions: Bullet jump through the entire mission killing everything in the most efficient way possible, or bullet jump through the entire mission ignoring everything but the objective(s) and maybe some of those that you can off without slowing down. Granted, sometimes that's what I want to do, like if it's a sortie or invasion I just want to get done, and so I'll group. I also group for pretty much every endless mission because they're frankly tedious without others there (though I will occasionally do a solo surival or SO/ESO if I think I got a good murder build I want to try out) and void fissures for obvious reasons. But outside of those things, I'm usually a loner. Being in a group also clashes with my whimsical, "do whatever" approach to open world or collecting medallions in syndicate missions, so unless it's Eidolons, Orbs or a syndicate mission that doesn't spawn tokens I solo those too.
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