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  1. My theory is that Umbras were the "beta" 'frames, back when they thought they could command or control them w/o Tenno. Ballas might have intentionally picked people that ticked him off, but I think they were still expected to have some sort of personal agency. After that, I figure the Orokin picked "volunteers" whose psychological reaction to what had been done to them was to become catatonic. Aware, but trapped in their minds unable to act outside of extreme circumstances. Though I do sorta wonder about all those After the Fall-type lore stories that mentioned Warframes (Like the Ancient Healer Simaris codex, or the stories for Gara and Titania.) Even after the Second Dream I thought they might be Tenno that were never put to stasis, but now I wonder if they were in fact Tenno-less Warframes acting on their own.
  2. So, on more than one occasion I've had a friend or acquaintance try Warframe for the first time and, while trying to figure out everything with upgrading their warframe, accidentally buy out the exilus slot on their starter frame, effectively wasting some of their starting free plat on something they will not even need for probably dozens of hours in, when other ways to spend plat, particularly slots but also Reactors or Catalysts, will have a much larger impact on their starting experience. I suggest that a new, MR0 player should be unable to unlock, or perhaps even see the Exilus slot until later in their game experience. either require some MR ranks (perhaps MR2, when you might have a friend giving you enough extra mods that you would *need* an Exilus slot to fit them all) or just require that the 'frame already have an installed reactor before you can unlock the slot, similar to how an Archgun needs a Catalyst before you can install Gravmag. Just seems like a little thing that could be done to make the already overwhelming new player experience a little less frustrating.
  3. MR rank is a rough correlation to how "good" the weapon is in terms of damage/crit/status, +/- a bit based on accuracy or RoF, but the truth is even some of the worst guns can be made awesome with enough forma and the right Riven mod, regardless of where it is rated. As for that chart... my years of experience have taught me that in 99% of startchart missions and most sorties (specifically the ones that don't have "enhancement," "armor" or "shields" in the description) all you really need is at least 2 of the following 4 weapons at any time: 1.) Corrosive + Heat/Cold raw damage/crit weapon - arguably the most All-around elemental combo you can find. Heat is better vs. Infested, Cold vs. Corpus. Blast works too, but you might not want to use that many mod slots for ele damage. 2.) Corrosive status with high RoF- For armor stripping Grineer in Sorties. 3.) Rad + Viral crit or status weapon (preferably status)- For Heavy Grineer and Corpus. 4.) Toxin raw damage/crit or toxin/Gas status - Corpus Crewmen killer for Sorties. (Shields? What Shields?) Gas damage is also amazing vs. Infested. On top of that, add Slash status whenever possible. Keep an eye out for a Ghoul incursion on the Plains of Eidolon, and when one shows up, do their bounties until you get Hunter Munitions; that will let you get slash status on your crit primary weapons. The "best" status weapons by many people's accounts are the ones with high slash damage, since they will proc it more often, but IMO that gets into "what feels best" territory unless we're talking Arbitrations or marathon endless mission runs. After that, a couple more tidbits I've picked up: -With Shotguns (actual ones that have pellets) and anything with innate multishot, it's pretty much 100% status or go pure damage/crit; Before you hit 100%, the status chance is for *a* pellet to get a status proc. Once you do hit 100% status though, *every* pellet will proc. Unfortunately one of the best status shotguns (Tigris Prime) is vaulted, so if you started fresh on Switch you'll have to wait for a Prime Vault. Also, with the exception of the Strun Wraith (which is obtainable, parts are a possible reward from Grineer vs. Corpus invasions) you won't be able to hit 100% status anyway without a mod that's sold by Baro Ki'teer. -Once you've done Second Dream, you will always want a weapon that does a different set of elemental damage than the rest of your gear. Why? Go play Second Dream. -The best +status chance mods (well, really except for a couple melee mods the only +status mods worth mentioning) are the dual stat +ele damage/+ status mods. Heat and Cold versions are rewards for Spy missions, while the Electric ones are sold by Baro now and again. The Toxin mods drop from a special enemy that shows up in the final set of void missions, but you might be able to get them cheap through trading or asking friends, as anyone who does those missions regularly probably has a ton of them. -When it's the choice of adding more crit chance or crit damage, +crit damage will almost always result in higher DPS overall.
  4. Foefaller

    Fixing Mesa

    All I want to see is for her 1 to be made more interesting/useful. Maybe instead of bonus damage for a single shot, you are instead charging for a period of %damage increase and improve reload speed/instant reload/infinite ammo? Would probably need a cap and/or timer for the build phase to balance, but I would probably be using it a lot more often than I do now... which is never. Well, until you equip the exilus slot augment. Granted, that doesn't give her the mobility to be in Peacemaker *all* the time, but there is a reason that was what everyone wanted the augment to be. I wouldn't cry if Mesa's kit got tweaked so that Peacemaker got used less, but at the same time, there are probably two or three other 'frames that need a loving tap from the nerf bat before you come to her.
  5. I think it's a bug regarding having to use a one-size-fits-all grip on all weapons. From what I can tell, the exact angle for the gun is pretty much set when idle, so it's up to the arm/wrist to adjust as necessary to hold the gun in the places that are set up as where it is suppose to be held. This means weapons that are especially large or long will distort it, causing frames to twist their wrists in improbable ways to hold the weapon in the places their stance requires. In some cases even dislocate a joint. Notable example for me is Mirage Noble holding the Arca Plazmor; her elbow bends in a way elbows are not suppose to bend for her to grip the Arca where she is suppose to while still having it at the angle her stance is set for.
  6. Ironically enough, it's this sort of thing is why I usually *only* do endless as fissure missions. My experience is with a random group most are there to crack junk for traces, so I'm usually able to get a full rotation before they leave. Plus it's the only type of endless that actually rewards you for staying pass the first wave with growing affinity/credit/resource drop bonuses with each relic cracked. Why they haven't done something similar, or at least change up the rotation pass wave 4 or 8 ala Arbitration for normal endless I have no clue. (helps that I've played long enough now that almost all my syndicate standing goes towards relic packs, so I always have something to burn)
  7. I see Mars as being the most likely candidate for the next Grineer open world. I can see us befriending a faction of treasure hunters and/or archeologists; Nearly every space-traveling sci-fi has Mars as one of the first off-world colonies and I suspect it's no different in Warframe. Could he lots of ancient Orokin artifacts (and older) buried under that sand. Plus, after get a chain gang song with the Solaris, it would be a great excuse to do a shanty next 😛
  8. Considering exalted melee weapons usually have their own animation set, I'm not sure it's lazy. Anyway, if there is one past frame that needs a Garuda-style exalted, it's Rhino. He punches barehanded in the original trailer and it's about time he can do it in game too. 😛
  9. Shields could slowly build up DR when at max, faster if they have overshields, start to decay once shields are down to a certain level, maybe 50%, and reset when shields are removed. How much the DR caps at could depend on the 'frame (so Mag would have a higher-than-average DR at max shields, and Valkyr would have little, if any) Even if the average is only 10-20%, there would be several warframes where Redirection is now better or at least co-equal to Vitality in terms of adding EHP to the frame. Another possibility is that they are multiple types of shield settings, that improve protection against specific damage types at the expense of other, but that might be too min-maxy, as one notable reason Vitality is better is that you don't have to adjust for enemy damage (i.e. not going to suddenly die from Toxin because that's what all your EHP is made up of) There is no cooldown for Elevate, so you can just spam Transference as many times as you need to heal to full, any time, any where. Pretty sure that would get you more than 75 a second. And most importantly, doesn't require you to first not get hit for a while. There is also Life Strike, Healing Return, Hunter Recovery, Medi-Ray, additional Arcanes that add Regen to damage, headshots, finishers and staying in Operator Mode, plus an Entire Focus tree devoted to keeping you alive. Better or worse, there are enough ways to recover health that shield's automatic regen isn't the big drawn it was when Life Strike first came out and was a big massive deal. Shields really do need something that makes them objectively better for certain frames/scenarios at keep you alive under fire, not just be the simplest one to recover.
  10. My RL friends and I call this the Warframe Cycle: Install Warframe, Make it your life for 6-8 month. Burn out and leave for another 6-8 months. Hear about some new update. Repeat. The game is at it's funnest when you can bounce around between several things, never disappointed that you aren't making the best progress on that thing you want because you are still making progress on *some* thing. If you feel like bailing at this point because the one thing you are interested in is too far off to be worth it, I won't blame you. Anyway, enjoy the sunshine and Fresh Air! And maybe we'll see you again three new 'frames later and when New War is out.
  11. Is there any possiblity of adding backup melee weapons in the vein of Garuda's claws for older warframes? Will Rhino finally get the ability to punch bare-handed like he does in one of the original trailers? Could the Whip Exalted Weapon that was planned for Khora show up again in this way as well?
  12. Can't help but think about all the massive hate nullifiers and Combas/Scrambuses have gotten over the years, at least until they finally tied the former's bubble to a drone and made the latter's disabling ability a non-passive effect. When Fortuna first arrive, I was actually chalking up all the complaints about difficulty to people that had previously avoided anything Corpus to not face those things and didn't realise Corpus excell at Puncture damage which wrecks ferrite armor... which is what warframes have. Infested already have something similar with ancients, but I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of rage if the Grineer finally got something similar. I've always let the alert level go up for the kill x of y bounty steps. In my experience it is the best way to ensure you finish it by the bonus objective time limit, especially if it is for a specific enemy type and not just any Corpus.
  13. I like the idea of Frost bubbles taking damage from Nulifier bubbles. With Cataclysm the shrinking bubble makes the most sense, because that's what the ability already does over time.
  14. One frame cannot be the best at everything. This self-damage link thing was making the frame that is arguably the best support and healer the best damage dealer as well. ...and before you go "but, she couldn't do that all at once!" Yes she could. Negative Efficiency and positive duration means jack when you have EV and can 1 shot whomever you tagged with it regardless of level, and you passed the power strength.threshold for max Blessing DR about 74% ago.
  15. Still reading through all the comments, but first impressions is that I really enjoy all these changes. Spores being Corrosive means I no longer have to run 4CP if I want to be effective v Grinner on any more difficult than the first 4 waves of Heircon, and the fact it has truly infinite duration (rather than effectively infinite)means duration is now the dump stat for Spore builds. Why care that you now need to spam Miasma for viral when it costs 25 energy? Molt having Iron Skin like scaling is great news. Now when I cast molt for the augment, I'm no longer having to hide in a corner so that it would last long enough for the full duration. I always felt dirty using the spore platform trick with molt as well, so I shed no tears now that it's gone. I NO LONGER HAVE TO RUN GAS STATUS WEAPONS ALL THE TIME WITH SARYN! WOO! Sorry Pox, you were good, but I never really enjoyed throwing weapons. Miasma *finally* having 100% status chance is great. That said, I am with some wishing it had a proper stun rather than a stagger... but silence-like stagger means that when I run my net-duration spore build the fact miasma lasts a sec won't affect the CC at all.
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