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  1. Same, if you bother to bring it at all. All the 'lysts are immune to status effects, so the Vectis' status chance is wasted. The weak points aren't technically headshots AFAIK, so the zoom buff is no good either. Rubico is all Crit chance and crit damage, goes to 7.1x Crit damage bonus at full zoom with Vital Sense (zoom bonus is additive and doesn't benefit from crit damage mods, right?) and with Point Strike and Covenant will be critting every shot. Plus you increase your sniper combo multiplier with each hit. (which you can maintain through reload with Harkonar Scope) Vectis
  2. Pretty much what the title says. Here's a pic to prove it (Warning, not for the faint of heart) It's there with regular Mirage too, it's just harder to see because of her thicker gauntlets. Upper arm actually moves forward when wielding the Plasmor, which seems odd. Quick fix cheat might be to have Mirage Noble hold the gun on the side while idle (like with Boar Prime) and she just shifts he hand under when aiming/firing. But I'm pretty sure her arm is long enough to reach under there without having to make anyone cringe.
  3. It's the expanding stagger area that really makes this ability w/ augment so broken. Yes you will eventually get to a point with sorties or marathon endless missions where the damage isn't killing the enemies effectively, but that Banshee is still keeping everything in range completely helpless in their spawn rooms ready to be off'd by any teammates still around happy for the chance to feel somewhat useful. You still have a no-risk scenario, you're just finally at the point where the other players actually have a reason to be there. If Banshee isn't going to get the rework, DE should real
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