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I'm Taxio, Taxi, Zaur, Alex, and whatever more!!


The MOST EPIC Space Dinosaur of ETERNITY!!!




Since you are here i presume i have caught your eye with something i posted somewhere or you just want to stalk me cuz im the best senpai evar.



There is a lot i can say now. I´m one hell of a weirdo, a weirdo that also runs a clan. And that clan is now recruiting. We are called "Tenno inc" and we do some fun stuff sometimes.

Our dojo is hella cool and I´m working on making it even more cooler with all the decorations and colours.


Now then, back to "about me".


I am a nerd, otaku, bookworm, the IT guy and whatever else comes to your mind with these aforementioned words. sooooo.... yeah.

I DO some role-play from time to time, but i like being the bad guy in most cases, since otherwise all the baddies would have been exterminated by now.

I also do help out newbies with all experience i have at my disposal. Since guiding Tenno is quite an important job if you hit the ceiling and are bored ,otherwise i would be just doing whacky builds like one other person i know who is also in the clan..... although i do that at times too (and sometimes even more extreme)


Tzx. signing off.

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