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  1. never said gauss was bad. my original point was that de struggled to balance WoF ember, therefore it shouldn't surprise anyone that they struggle with walking clear frames. as far as all those other clear frames (other than baruuk, no idea why he's on that list of nuke frames) yeah, not a huge fan of them either, but then i guess we should just count our blessings they aren't still getting weird buffs and nerfs on them. it's like when DE suddenly mentioned they disliked that everyone was camping in a safe spot in survivals with comps built for it, but then releases nidus and octavia right
  2. not sure. but it's weird to have a frame like this exist in a game where a similar playstyle was nerfed to dust for similar reasons. and that's not even considering the power creep when compared to original frames. eh, just feels like a lot of new frames these days, where the abilities are cobbled together from ideas discarded from older frames. which would be fine if they hadn't complained about those exact abilities and playstyles
  3. i'm saying his builds usually boil down to "run around while clearing rooms with ease". you can argue it's a more active playstyle to do it if you want, but it's functionally the same, and DE failed to balance that build to the point they had to rework her. just doesn't surprise me they can't balance this one either
  4. gauss is just WoF ember with 2 new abilities, so it's no surprise they can't balance him correctly
  5. DEcouple from tencent would be my hope. maybe the quality will improve when they're not owned by a chinese company. new war, add more quests and events, LORE (trainman really shouldn't be putting out better quality lore than you DE, cmon) more work on mandatory weapon mods (maybe just add intrinsics to modding, where you spend endo to increase serration on your account. take out some slots and lower mod potency to account for power creep, and there you go, you get to have a milestone of improvement but not force players to have at least 2 v slots before a weapon can shine) railj
  6. you can actually contact support about old accounts with names you want
  7. couldn't have said it better myself, always nice to see someone taking the time to explain for the millionth time why an auction house is the downfall of every in-game economy
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