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  1. except for odonata's and elytron's 2 (disarray and core vent) that are both made specifically for anti-air homing missiles (the things magically shooting you out of the sky) and amesha's warding grace and vengeful rush combo that make you basically immune, right?
  2. any chance this could come to bullet jumping as well? currently if you use Toggle Crouch bullet jumping will not work standing still, but will work if the crouch button is held (even with Toggle Crouch enabled)
  3. seems to be a bit of this going on to defend censorship, double standards around certain community members, and just the general shift from older laissez-faire moderation to chatbot banning trap memes, which as previously mentioned would have died out if not for the drama. it's cool DE wants people to be included in the game, but it's rated mature, there's an ignore option, a chat filter, and a good number of mods willing to be fair-minded. people need to toughen up, or if certain words bother them, blacklist them. enforce the CoC among players, community members and chat moderators evenly starting now as it's obvious that it hasn't been previously, and if anything acknowledge you haven't previously. if certain community members continue with their toxic activity, remove them. no need for pitchforks, but if the activity continues, it's clear they don't plan on following them and shouldn't represent DE. again, the whole issue here is DE not holding everyone to the same standards, all else is secondary to that main issue. you have rules or you don't, and there should be consequences for anyone that breaks them
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