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  1. so you're arguing that axis should be easier to grind so items are cheaper? why would DE do this then, that affects plat sales
  2. okay. now could you attempt to explain what that means to my point?
  3. title. need 10 total. willing to buy or trade for radiant Neo R1(same rare drop)
  4. seriously though, try explaining your thoughts again, that made no sense XD
  5. honestly this sounds like a non-issue. axi relics being just as hard to get (4-5 minutes per axi) before void caps is fine, since farming every other relic has become trivial (1 minute caps). if you're lazy, trade chat's selling em. in other words, just because t1-t3 relics are common now doesn't mean t4 should be too.
  6. yeah except calling them unimportant. to be clear, i don't agree with his point. i think any mr25 that hasn't maxed all the syndicates/factions is spending too much time in ESO leveling weapons the easy way, but i wouldn't call them unimportant. just wrong in their expectation of a looter shooter's grind to lessen over time. but dismissing his point like that instead of having a civil argument it is a good way to create an undercurrent of toxicity in the community
  7. you gotta stop being toxic on all these feedback posts. don't speak for the devs while you dismiss veterans. they have an opinion, and if you brush it aside with "no one cares", or "you're not important enough", why should we respect your opinion? stop using ad hominim man, it's a waste of time
  8. so you'd like to grind 1 boss fight over and over and over again? might want to rethink that, this game has a variety of game modes for a reason. beyond that, they already mentioned in the devstream they were thinking of adding more loot to the fight.
  9. this has been argued about so much already, there's tons of other posts you can go to, but have the bullet notes you need daily standing caps because people will burn through the content too quickly otherwise you need daily standing caps on syndicates because otherwise no-lifers will flood trade chat with relics/syndicate items and hollow out those markets best suggestion: make standing caps weekly, with soft daily caps so people who can't log in every day can still get their weekly standing now about fortuna grind. you need 41k standing and have ~5 days worth of standing to go. at 19k a day you can easily get to old mate in 3 days. you already pointed out you should have farmed rep in the 4 months(which were, as far as major releases go, pretty stable in a week or 2 after release) you've had so i won't say anything there. so then the question that comes to my mind is what makes you think the main issue here is standing caps? if the issue is you can't get an elite nightwave challenge, then say that. there's at least an argument about whether elite content should be accessible to newer players or those that aren't up to date with the content within that week. but nesting it inside "remove standing caps" muddies the issue. so, if given the choice, would you rather de remove standing caps or replace the nightwave elite challenge? which is the bigger issue to you, so we can address that first before the other
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