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  1. the war within is well done, but if you want to skip the grind without paying you are expecting this free to play game to commit an oxymoron, im afraid
  2. i dont think there will be a problem but still it would be kinda ridiculous and fun to see WB(tencent) trying to take something out from warframe(tencent), which makes me think that warframe wasnt at all the reason the patented their system
  3. i kept playing just so my clan wouldnt kick me, because maybe someday there would be anything worth coming back for, but now my clan actually kicked me for not grinding the last event and i have literally no reason to even open the game
  4. Well, at least you received something, i received nothing, wanted to refurbish that good ol drakgoon
  5. Mission Failure screen should be increasingly dramatic according with the dimension of your failure, i just died in a 100 minutes railjack/sentient solo and i felt like my failure wasnt properly reflected by the "game over" screen, some should go for defenses, survivals, etc
  6. This game´s fear of actually killing characters is a bit silly to me actually, theres several of them that should be dead already
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