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  1. Ok now seriously after playing only saryn for years its quite clear to me that the problem with the Spores is that it has no physics, its just a parametric thing, you could change its casting to be directed and affected by travelling time and that would improve both the playability and balance of Saryn by a lot, also you could make it so the spores have to be collected, "gathered" after they kill, that would make the poisoning process much more intentional, attended, interesting and less broken without deleting Saryn as a Dps
  2. Once i was minning underground in PoE, the thing was that when i went down it was a sunny day but when i got out it was so foggy that i believed it was some eastern egg, like i went into a secret area, however it was just an accident, the in game climate had changed, however it would be cool to have a Lost Woods thing in warframe wouldnt it?
  3. I dont understand, if im banned from playing saryn what im supossed to do in this game?
  4. This game´s openworlds are sadly undervalues by its own generous movement systems, in games like the witcher you would have a whole adventure in the distance that this game lets you travel in like 5 seconds.
  5. And now, the obvious demands to become real, but what if the game ends in a boring space faring simulator?, How are you gonna deal with this DE? "Its wonderful to watch you wrestle with these dilemmas" My grain of sand: DE should consider making those "random" encounters not so random, but actually a persistent spawn whose location is factually/nearly impossible to find on purpose, however, the Nav Coordinates items could now start giving actually a close location where one can start searching, so the RJ will be facing random spawns until he finds the important, "Lost Ship" that
  6. its a remnant from the pre bullet jump age
  7. dont know but we dont want to know the smell of Nitain since its basically cosmic farts
  8. well, your actions have consequences by example, wearing low lvl gear usually has a consequence of making the stalker show up
  9. At least you know you wont get it before trying, i grew tired of not getting any sevagoth parts, im not even bothering with missing it forever, just as i have with most of the content the last 2 years
  10. pretty much everyone we kill happens to turn into their final form instead of dying
  11. and my warframes like zanuka was supossed to do, does zanuka even exist anymore?
  12. im almost sure that formas are some of the endiest-end-game things in the game, i went over MR20 without really formaing anything out of necessity
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