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  1. For starters, you could have a """"""difficult""""" mode in there. In there you could also use a real scale juggernaut, not the minimized one that spawns in common missions. Also, why not refurbishing the infested cephalon ship golem-j3 in cetus. That and since Steve seems to be watching nausicaa these days, you could also come up with some nausicaa´s infested "god warrior" with death lazors ;D
  2. sir thats some S#&$posting level of in game rendering
  3. I was expecting something in the line of Startrek: new generation, if you take your time and watch the following video you may notice that it is basically what warframe already has plus some sort of free space exploration:
  4. the poeblem is that you cant actually play the "forward artillery role", it needs to be seasoned with some sidetask, one that i have been thinking about is controlling directional shields as in Macross heres the evidence:
  5. I want a Bokugou lich, and he would be offended if i dont try to kill him, etc
  6. Locking new players out of atractive features is a terrible idea, you say your friend that you can go fishing, minning, open world shooter and stuff, then you hit a #*!%ing MR wall, its just wrong, they need to get their ideas streamlined, its harsh to lock a newbie out of a spaceship because of a metasystemic parameter, what if he wants to get rekt by lvl 80 grineers, its his problem, if anything he would gain actual experience instead of simulated experience (MR)
  7. TBH they should have just delayed Railjack along with the rest of new war Edit: and Kuva liches
  8. Best bet seems to be Kasio s Rest + stealth In Both crew Ships and Against Optimistics, about 50 per run with Booster + Smeeta
  9. Nikana prime cant get off my hands she seems to like me
  10. Just be patient we will learn in 2029
  11. I loved this one, but it does less damage PER SHOT than cyngas, at this point i cant tell if the one lacking attention was Velocitus or Cyngas, maybe they just forgot to make cyngas useless too
  12. I agree, this is clear when one reaches the best RJ levels of stuff overall, archwing becomes very irrelevant, as a glass cannon mosquito it has nothing to contribute to a good RJ, and even in a bad RJ, archwing can help because of Amesha, AKA Ms.I.Take.No.Damage.
  13. it has so much flux it can flux itself out of my inventory
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