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  1. anyone with 2 working brain cells could think of a real life hack for invisible humanoids
  2. the autoblock is the part that i deeply dislike about it, yeah
  3. i think its all a problem about a control configuration, however having a limited set of accesible fingers for buttons, this simple problems seems to become a hard to catch one
  4. thats a cool idea, but it would be more fitting to the game to actually channel the ones of us who would love to see main characters dying, like being able to join the betrayer´s betrayer´s faction, i mean, the lore could resist some tennos who actually want to kill her after all
  5. Just ran a kuva sabotage on earth, at the end of mission there was no kuva to be seen in the rewards list, we started the sabotage objectives during the kuva clouds stage.
  6. i expect you to ask for solar rails to come back with wall running and mechas, what the hell just happened :(
  7. Seems like you are missing my point between the past discussion you have had in here, it is that you cant really AFK the mission out just because there s a saryn in your squad, someone has to be "manually" killing things during the spore spreading
  8. Whats the idea behind this answer? You use your 4 and as a result your whole spored targets usually dies at the same time, that sends you back to square one where you have to spread it again, then the only way to spread it is by having someone actively killing minions.
  9. i have played mostly saryn since a long time and i can tell that spore is too good with max range, however if you literally had nothing to do that means that somebody else was doing the killing job because if you just leave the spore kill the enemies, it(the spore) fails to subsist
  10. gotta love how almost every submission compared to the original video gives anthems downgrade vibes
  11. im kinda tired of the power creeping in this game and this sounds like more of it, why dont you look at the boring part of stomp and sound quake instead of making it more trivial to use
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