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  1. It is an unintentional release of the module, yesh. Already went through 30mil credits worth of transmutation trying to get it, to no avail XD The tenno in the youtube video clearly has it, though. So that shows it is possible. No telling if DE fixed it secretly or something. That would explain why i only result in transmuting [Perpetual Agony] modules most of the time, go figure T__T But yeah, unintentional release and all that. If you have one now, you're one lucky tenno. ^__^
  2. I've not seen word of the Dry Dock for Railjack mentioned for Update 26. Any word on that so far? Can Steve elaborate on that "sentient wall" thing he's shared on twitter.com?
  3. Call me silly, DE, but wouldn't the Sky fret for the shawzin be for the higher notes? The order from lowest to highest for the Strings currently is none-Sky-Earth-Water Wouldn't it make sense if it were none-Water-Earth-Sky? tell me what you think ^__^
  4. The Kogake didn't just dissappear from profile. Our very own built Kogake's were removed completely.
  5. What if there are also Thermia Raknoids, the opposite of Coolant Raknoids? I'm not sure how it would be applied to the Vallis, but tis a thought nonetheless.
  6. I don't have Hildryn, but a reliable tenno next to me did. He observed that you can't use Hildryn to power up the Power Drift challenge room on Lua. That's about it.
  7. ahhh, refreshing hotfixes, right on schedule ^__^ Will there be a script ran through for tenno that didn't get prime noggles from unvaulted access purchases? (for those that bought any pack with a Warframe involved)
  8. Any word or updates on Prime Noggles and Unvaulting packs? They came out around when Mesa Prime did, but no Mesa Prime noggle yet, and i'm not sure if there's a definite delay when it comes to the distribution of noggles during an Unvaulting. Just curious, is all ^__^ i did get the Ember Prime unvaulting, will be wondering if the prime noggle would come in as well.
  9. Be careful out there, the Lotus has commissioned the Stalker to "consign" tenno companions for her while she's away. also, x400 ducats is quite juicy for a twitch drop reward. This will prove most useful.
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