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  1. What if there are also Thermia Raknoids, the opposite of Coolant Raknoids? I'm not sure how it would be applied to the Vallis, but tis a thought nonetheless.
  2. I don't have Hildryn, but a reliable tenno next to me did. He observed that you can't use Hildryn to power up the Power Drift challenge room on Lua. That's about it.
  3. Simulacrum seems to be boosting the stats of equipment. Some fellow tenno found this before i did, they had things like x2 the magazine, the fire rate, the critical chance even. I join them and swing my Tatsu around and found it unbelievably faster than what a +50% to attack speed should give. It felt more along the lines of +100%, which is also x2 like these tenno shared with me. Even threw 6-7 Talons in one throw when it's supposed to be 2-3 per throw. Might be an arsenal related bug, or simulacrum, can't seem to figure it out clearly. Tarock throwing knife skin has a few bugs. One keeps the right hand's weapon default energy, for at least the Talons. Another makes Fusilai have both the glass blades without handles and the tarock skin combined, as well as making the tarock skin dissapear if the knives are in mid-flight. Holstering of Despair with Tarock equipped sinks the holster into many warframe thighs (not as much for Excalibur). Hikou Prime shows it being held, but once thrown the skin doesn't appear on flying or landed knives. The assigning of Channeling as a button/key binding is iffy, but you're all aware about that. It's like picking a very crazy lock that is both loose and tight, i can sometimes assign Channeling to very weird things like Place Marker / Captura. Took a while to reassign Secondary Fire, thought my night was over T__T Tatsu two-handed nikana seems to have some offset finishers. Particularly the ground finisher: it stabs very far to the left of the grounded target, missing entirely. It might be by design, not sure, but the range of the blade feels really short as well, particularly for slide and aimglide attacks. Very nice to see the long jump with wall attacks though, hope that's something to look forward to in the future of movement ^__^ Found a mining spot that was waaaaaayyyyy underneath the coolant inside a cave. I barely managed to tickle it with my mining laser, but i was almost completely under the coolant XD
  4. ahhh, refreshing hotfixes, right on schedule ^__^ Will there be a script ran through for tenno that didn't get prime noggles from unvaulted access purchases? (for those that bought any pack with a Warframe involved)
  5. Any word or updates on Prime Noggles and Unvaulting packs? They came out around when Mesa Prime did, but no Mesa Prime noggle yet, and i'm not sure if there's a definite delay when it comes to the distribution of noggles during an Unvaulting. Just curious, is all ^__^ i did get the Ember Prime unvaulting, will be wondering if the prime noggle would come in as well.
  6. Be careful out there, the Lotus has commissioned the Stalker to "consign" tenno companions for her while she's away. also, x400 ducats is quite juicy for a twitch drop reward. This will prove most useful.
  7. I've had this issue since the U23.0.0 Chimera update landed and i optimized cache right after the download. Roughly the same time as the majority of you, November 2018 or so. Went through 2 support tickets and a hell of an adventure to still find no plausible solution. - We've went through settings for Nvidia and opted out of automatic settings updates (something like that) - We've cleaned out %localappdata%/warframe folder (for those of you wondering what files to remove, it's this folder and those long name random letter files are the settings.) - We've run the launcher as administrator and hoped that the read/write permissions were resolved - We've re-optimized cache a bunch of times - We've re-installed Warframe entirely a few times, both steam and website versions And still no solution. My temporary solution, until a fix is found, is to: - equip a loadout with non-Legacy colors equipped before logging out - upon any login, immediately refavorite Legacy colors to favorites palette - enter any instance other than Orbiter (relay, dojo, etc) (return to Orbiter optional, but safe) - happily equip desired equipment that's currently using the troublesome Legacy colors It appears to me that the equipment we put the Legacy colors onto does save the colors to our selections, and can put the colors on when they're on the favorites palette, but for whatever reason upon turning the game off it doesn't want to save that choice. I do hope this is resolved soon enough. I'm getting the feeling the game is trying to force us to not use Legacy colors or something T__T
  8. Hoping for controller fixes soon, mapping and button assignment are iffy since U23.10 launched T__T
  9. Endless Capture missions, since the last two changes, you shall be missed T__T
  10. 1] Will Channeling remain a feature in some way, shape or form? 2] What are the chances of having an arcade machine in the Orbiter? to include Komi? 2 player or co-op orbiter arcade action? thoughts? 3] Will stances be heavily edited to become more fluid with choices and branching combos? 4] Where is the devteam standing at now for Scythes and their changes? We know they'll be larger, but not entirely sure if they'll be Heavy Blades, and the editing of the current stances if not HB. @[DE]Rebecca
  11. You seem to not know about the 4 cephalon fragments for Plains of Eidolon in the Codex then. That's what i was talking about, not the Thousand Year Fish. Which were not suppose to be there, and were removed as of this update.
  12. So i ran around the Plains looking for cephfrags for nothing T__T . . . . . . oh well ^__^
  13. Good! I can build my new table before the update lands, yippy!
  14. funny enough, i ran into the t-posing Zephyr bug recently too. not sure how it happened, but hotfix says it's was from switching from Equinox to Zephyr in Arsenal, something i remember doing and can believe ^__^
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