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  1. Will there be anymore proto skins, and if so is there any ETA? PS: Black box in railjack gunner seat is still not fixed.
  2. I use a controller for warframe on PC, I know, I know. I just find it easier. After playing a single mission, the second mission will break my controlls. I can't shoot, get out of the gunner/pilot seat, and no matter what I try, switching to my keyboard and mouse for example it deosn't fix, making railjack unplayable for me and most likely other that use a controller on PC. No idea if this is a known issue but I'd like to put it out there.
  3. These mods did not need a buff in the slightest. A nerf to blood rush is what was needed and done already, it was a 165% now it's 65% that's a good thing. I believe one thing DE missed is the fact that the 220% from Sacrificial steel is also buffed up to 275% with Sacrificial pressure. With just these 2 mods the Dakra prime reaches 135% crit, that's incredibly strong., this is indirectly making anything but a crit build obsolete A weapon with a 8% crit can be buffed to 30% with this change, I'd reccomend reverting this chance or atleast changing the numbers to be a little less impactful, seeing as the purpose of this change was to make these mods no longer obsolete, this is indirectly making anything but a crit build obsolete.
  4. "Help" clickes, takes me to a 101 error page lol, the help can't even help.
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