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  1. With update 25.6.0 released, the augment changes have introduced new bugs, one of which is with Titanic rumbler an augment for Atlas's 4th. When using a controller on PC (which I do, don't shoot me) Using your 4th a second time would usually detonate your 4th, giving you the option to recast them, since 25.6.0 however the augment gives your 4th's recast the ability to make your rumbler taunt and knockdown all nearby enemies. This augment unfortunately prevents using all other abilities while your 4th is active while using a controller for some reason, you can switch abilities but not activate them. If you use your keyboard however this is no longer a problem and you can cast abilities freely, this is an uncommon issue I'd imagine as most PC players play with keyboard and mouse, but I thought I would let it be known.
  2. I really hope they charge the effect to something more visible with a black/dark coloring. A pitch black laser would look amazing IMO.
  3. I noticed in-game my abilities barely had any visual effects when colored black, I'm not sure if this is intentional or a bug. Shouldn't you have a strong black color rather than barely any? I could have sworn this was fixed a long time ago with black energy colors, you know when we used to color things black and it would be a very dull white instead. I don't see why making an energy color black would make it barely visible, rather than you know... black. An energy transparency meter could be pretty neat for people who don't like flashy/bright powers, but having no option to have defined black colored abilities isn't the best option IMO.
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