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  1. the grindddd oof but im lowkey missing all of it lol
  2. Yea, hi. Topic says all, I suppose. I joined Warframe I think a while before its 1st Anniversary (we got the Ak-thingamajig I remember, as a gift hahah, S#&$, those days) I was an active member of the forums throughout my playtime before, and I absolutely LOVED this game. But, as luck would have it, folks shipped me off to boarding, and i haven't played since. But Im (hopefully) back now after a good amount of years, and its tear-welling to see how this game I loved has evolved wow. I mean it was doing pretty good before as well, but now its going NUTS. And my beloved DE (Reb, Meg, that cookie guy [is he still around?], Himari [is he around as well?] and that dude with doge as his display picture oml hahaha) I wonder if Krash and Shy are still around here, and AGayGuyPlays, oof I adored all these people. So in these years, what'd I miss?
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